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2WW - for those TTC-ing

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by volf20, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. volf20

    volf20 Active Member

    Hi Ladies

    Thought I'd start a new thread mainly for those TTC-ing, and stressing out during the 2WW to find out if your are pregnant! Share your symptoms, and worries.

    For me, am 2 days late for my AF. Tested this morn, but it seems am not preggie leh. Will test again end this week if AF still dun report! Anyone in similar situation as me?
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  2. val1977

    val1977 New Member

    hey Volf,
    ur fren here, Val ,hee....hope to hear gd news frm u okie?

    gal, go and buy the digital pregnancy kit from clearblue brand, watsons having sales at 19.90 for 2 kits
    usual price is 29.90, it is straight forward saying 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'
    update me yeeah?

    see you in email!

  3. fion

    fion Active Member

    hi volf,

    My last AF is 15Nov and AF jus visited me this am. will try harder this mth!
  4. volf20

    volf20 Active Member

    Jia You BabyCupid [​IMG]!!!!

    Val - ya will go get the Digital Kit later;prob will test wkend if AF still dun appear ..hahah
  5. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Hi gals,

    Any good news here?

    Me in 2ww but think AF is coming. Got feeling it's coming already.
  6. maplebabies

    maplebabies New Member

    Hi I also in 2ww but today only DPO1, too early ... hmm, getting bored as well.
  7. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Hi maple,
    so, u taking ur bbt?
    got use opk?

    why bored? cheer up.
    tink positively. [​IMG]
  8. volf20

    volf20 Active Member

    hello ladies - my AF came super late this mth.. so gotta have more fun again next mth..hahha.

    hang in there... hopefully gd news!
  9. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Any good news from here?

    Me in 2ww again....
  10. alien77

    alien77 Active Member

    hi Mrs Chew,

    I am Mrs. Chew as well [​IMG] hehehe..
    Am in 7-8DPO now. Wat abt you?
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  11. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    hello Mrs Chew [​IMG]

    Me today CD1 again. Got to count down once again.

    hope u got good news soon.
  12. alien77

    alien77 Active Member

    hey mrs chew,

    i am in 10dpo now. waiting for AF to report soon cos i think i am out this cycle...
  13. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Hi Alien,

    Any good news so far?
    What are ur symptoms?
  14. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    hi all,
    I am now in CD19, not sure O yet or not, but test O over last week is negative.
  15. roxyz

    roxyz Active Member

    me in 2nd cycle of 2ww liao.. last cycle not successful...

    so far now it's 5/6DPO... but no symptons at all
  16. yuki_ko

    yuki_ko New Member

    Today is my 7 DPO... also dun feel anything... but think this mth no chance got only BD once...
  17. bonnie

    bonnie Member

    hi all,
    Today is my DPO6. I feel like vomitting just after lunch... not sure if I am too sensitive over this... hope more to show up this few days.
  18. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Hi Jas,
    U got take ur temp?

    Hi Roxyz, Yuki, Bonnie,
    Hope to hear good new soon.

    some pple strike at the 1st and only try. So, dun give up yet. But relax more.

    My doc told me that human mind is so powerful that we tends to have all sorts of symptoms which might not be true.
  19. bonnie

    bonnie Member

    Hi all,

    I normally have a 29/30 cycle and for the past few month I ovulate at around CD16. For somehow for this month, I ovulate at CD21, in this case... does it means that for this cycle it would be 40???
  20. tub

    tub Active Member

    hi anyone still on this thread? I just had my SO-IUI last friday and am now in the jittery 2ww. Trying not to think about it but hard. Anyone care to share methods of keeping mind off the matter? what are the symptoms to look out for?
  21. choccake

    choccake Member

    Hi, new to this thread. Been TTCing for abt 6 mths now. Still very blur on all the terms (OPK, DPO, 2WW etc). [​IMG]

    I have made an appointment w a gynae next week.

    Got a qtn to ask you all tho. Intend to have a general checkup and same time see what advice gynae can give on TTC. This is my first time visiting a gynae. Dunno wat to expect. Now thinking AF might be here next week on appointment date.

    Do you think I should reschedule my appointment?
    Seems queue for this gynae is quite long, so hoping not necessary to reschedule.

    What do you gals think?
  22. orbitmummy

    orbitmummy Member

    Hi all.

    Been TTCing for only 1 mth.
    I've been reading all the different threads.

    Can someone help on those short forms (which ChocCake is asking).

    only know TTC is trying to conceive
    BF is breastfeed..
    so CD is count down issit?
    and there's alot more..

    Pls help! tks
  23. maplestory

    maplestory New Member

    Hi Orbitmummy,

    if you still around, check the following, i got it from another thread.

    AF ... Aunt Flo (menstruation)
    BBT ... Basal Body Temperature
    BD...Baby Dancing (Love Making)
    BCP ... Birth Control Pills
    BFN...Big Fat Negative (Pregnancy Test Negative)
    BFP...Big Fat Positive (Pregnancy Test Positive)
    BOB...Baby on the Brain
    B/W, b/w ... Blood Work
    CB ... Cycle Buddy
    CD ... Cycle Day
    CL...Community Leader
    CM ... Cervical Mucus
    D&C ... Dilation & Curettage
    DH... Dear (or whatever other D word seems appropriate at the time) Husband
    DI ... Donor Insemination
    DPO ... Days Past Ovulation
    DPIUI ... Days Past IUI
    DTD ... Do The Deed or Did The Deed
    ET ... Embryo Transfer
    EW...Egg White Consistency (related to CM)
    EWCM ... Egg White Cervical Mucous
    FET ... Frozen Embryo Transfer
    FSH ... Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    GP ... General Practitioner
    HPT ... Home Pregnancy Test
    HSG ... Hysterosalpingogram
    ICI ... Intra-cervical Insemination
    IF ... Infertility
    IUI ... Intra-uterine Insemination
    IVF ... In Vitro Fertilization
    KWIM...Know What I Mean
    LAP ... Laparoscopy
    LH ... Luteinizing Hormone
    LMP ... Last Menstrual Period (start date)
    LOL ... Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Love
    LPD ... Luteal Phase Defect
    MC, m/c, misc. ... Miscarriage
    NP ... Nurse Practitioner
    O ... Ovulation
    OB/GYN ... Obstetrician/Gynecologist
    OMG ... Oh My Goodness!
    OPK ... Ovulation Predictor Kit
    OT or O/T...Off Topic
    PCO, PCOD ... Polycystic Ovary Disease
    PCOS ... Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
    PG ... Pregnant
    PID ... Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    PMS ... Pre-menstrual Syndrome
    POAS ... Pee On A Stick
    RE ... Reproductive Endocrinologist
    RI ... Reproductive Immunologist
    ROTFLMAO ... Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
    SA ... Semen or Sperm Analysis
    STD ... Sexually Transmitted Disease
    TTC ... Trying to Conceive
    US, u/s ... Ultrasound
    UTI ... Urinary Tract Infection
    *IL ... *(whatever) In Law
    2WW ... 2 weeks waiting
  24. sunnie28sun

    sunnie28sun New Member

    Hi Maplestory,

    You are such a darling...it is really fantastic. ;-) Thank you so much
  25. orbitmummy

    orbitmummy Member

    Hi maplestory,
    that really helps alot....

    so 2WW is waiting for the implantation??
  26. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    Hi, I'm new to this thread....

    I have been to TCM for 3 months or so already... 1st 2 months there, my TCM gave me some pills to so called regulate my menses cycle as well as clear the clogged blood around my womb.

    For the 2 cycles, i have been on a 24 days cycle...I thought the cycle would be regular as the 3rd cycle, i started TTC'ing as my TCM gave me pills to get me conceive easily.... In the end, the cycle din get regular and dragged for so long till 36 days cycle which initially i thought that i have missed my AF.

    And with all the symptons that I suspected pregnant. But now in the end, my AF came. I got so disappointed.

    I dunno whether izzit becos that the medicine that my TCM gave is not effective or what leh ... When I first knew that my Ovulation day is on the 21st day instead of what my TCM predicted, which is 12th day.... I felt 'gosh, i tot it's on the 12 th day ... Now another time of ovulation on the 21st day again?' And I thought couldnt be 2 ovulation days one mah...
    When i realise my mucus was tranparant like egg-white and sticky, then i thought about it. haiz... my ovulation is on the 21st day. Of cos, on that day that i realise it, the few days before i din have any with my hubby... till the 21st and 22nd day, we had it....and waited until the 37th day that my AF came. And there were even symptons i thought i was pregnant.

    Now I'm not sure whether should i continue to see my current TCM or what should i do? It seems like not easy to get preggy leh ...
  27. blueglacier

    blueglacier New Member

    Hi Maplestory,
    Thanks for the great effort! It really help me to understand what they mean now. [​IMG]

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm new to this thread. I've been TTC for almost 2 mths.
    Only mid of this mth, I've just started taking my BBT. Looking at the temp data I've collected, my lowest temp is at 35.96 degC and after this my temp has increased to 36.11,36.21,36.39...and now it has been fluctuating around the range of 36.4 to 36.5.
    When my temp is at the lowest, me and hubby have BD...so now hoping there's gd news! [​IMG]

    I've heard that if BBT is high for more than 20 days,the chances of getting PG is there. So anyone know how high is consider high?

    Since I've been trying to TTC for 2 mths, I've stopped exercising . Worry that it might affect the BB if I've got PG. But without exercise, I feel my body not as healthy as before. And also I've started to put on weight.Can anyone advise me whether can I continue with my exercise? Is it safe?
  28. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    Hi BlueGlacier,

    actually I thought that it doesnt matter whether u exercise anot when TTC mah....

    If you are those who normally work-out and now dont work out becos of TTC'ing, then not so healthy leh....

    Until the time when u found out that you are preggy, then stop exercising loh...
  29. winx

    winx New Member

    Hi, hope someone can help me here.
    I'm using the ovulation strips bought from a mom here and start using it recently. Is it negative or positive when i see a lighter line below the control line? Previously I was using clearblue stick and it is very easy to read the result, but bcos it was ex, therefore I changed it to the strips...
    I tried on my those days which was supposed to be positive as my cycle is quite accurate, but the test line was so light or its lighter and it was suppose to a negeative result right? I kept trying daily and yet see no darker testline till today, there's no line...... What had happen?
    Does it mean that I do not ovulate this month? Or something is wrong with the strips?
    Pls help
  30. orbitmummy

    orbitmummy Member

    hi winx,

    when positive, u can clearly see a line appear.

    on my 1st month trying, i thought a faint line would mean i'm ovulating, but i was wrong.

    coz on the 2nd month when i tried.. i used it everyday even when my supposed ovulation day was over like for about 4 days.
    you can see a very very clear (for my case is dark)line on the strips.
    and it works for me.

    Good luck! but it's possible that you would not ovulate for that month too.
  31. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    Hi Winx,

    orbitmummy is right. You have got to see a clear test line appear, then u would consider that you will be ovulating within the next 24-36 hrs.

    Hope this information helps u ... [​IMG]
  32. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    Winx: Let me share my experience with you [​IMG]

    I didnt track my BBT and the ovulation kits/strips didnt work for me as I had negative test results for EVERY single kit/strip I used. I had the feeling I was ovulating because of my EWCM(egg white cervical mucus). I went with my gut feelings and went for an ultrasound and v-scan immediately even though my ovulation test results were negative. Through the scans, the gynae saw the enlarged follicle, which is also usually present when one is ovulating. Although the enlarged follicle does not always means that you're ovulating but chances are rather high when there is one. So hubby and I BD anyway after the checkup and I successfully conceived [​IMG]

    I guess my advice is not to trust your ovulation kits too much, esp when you get negative results. I realised that many who are TTCing rely on the OPK results very heavily and are affected by the results. If you have EWCM or that nagging feeling that you're ovulating, go see the gynae to check. You can also request ur gynae to do a blood test to check if you're ovulating as it is the most reliable when it comes to checking ovulation but I didnt do the blood test as I wanted to wait first and only do the blood test the next cycle if I did not get pregnant.

    I am one MTB who had negative ovulation results but managed to conceive so I think its important to listen to your body and observe the changes too [​IMG]

    All the best and good luck!
  33. bellsbells

    bellsbells Member

    hi gals, i have problem conceiving after miscarriage. can anyone help ? my body temperature seems very low.. 36.1 and highest only 35.9 which is making me worried. alot of the readings are only 36.1 - 36.3 can anyone help ? i tried tcm and it seems to have moved it slightly 36.3-36.4 but still have tried for almost a year now but still no news sigh
  34. howblur

    howblur New Member

    hihi everyone.. me new here... now also my 2WW... so tired of this period.. been through this for some months... wondering when can receive good news....

    any new gals here also 2WW... let's chat while waiting..
  35. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member


    have u considered that option of seeing a specialist dr ?
  36. bunnygal

    bunnygal New Member


    I am in my 2ww too. Today is 4dpo. This is really a very tiring wait....so afraid that it will be a failed cycle again. I have BD on the day I detected OPK +ve and the following 2 days. Really pray that I will strike this cycle.
  37. howblur

    howblur New Member

    hi SarahFaith7.... me also waiting... ya, unbearable 2 weeks...today only the 3rd day wor... let's pray hard together...
  38. bunnygal

    bunnygal New Member

    Hi howblur,

    lets keep each other company...how long have you been ttc? I have been ttc for 1.5yrs. really hope we will have good news together. [​IMG]
  39. howblur

    howblur New Member

    me TTC for half a year liao... but feel quite disheartened leh.. dunno why... maybe too anxious liao, that's why each time menses came i felt very disappointed...

    ya.. let's keep each other company during this "critical" period... heehee.. let's hope we got good news this round...
  40. bunnygal

    bunnygal New Member

    Dont be disheartened, you have only tried for half a year. I know and understand how you feel. TTC is really very stressful and frustrating when it is another failed cycle. We must really learn to relax. So you have any symptoms? My breasts are kinda of pain but before AF come I also like that one....haiz.
  41. howblur

    howblur New Member

    sian leh.... tho i TTCing for half a year only and considered short period... think a lot of people when they see me they aim at my tummy wor... eg. grandma, friends, etc.. very stressful lo...

    then will keep thinking how come other people so lucky, within half a year or just after wedding strike jackpot liao!!!
  42. howblur

    howblur New Member

    sarahfaith... breast pain also one of the sympthons of pregnancy??

    me dun have this kind of sympthons.. but do you have v discharge as per normal??
  43. magpie2

    magpie2 Active Member

    Hi howblur

    I am in the same boat as you. I also ttc for 6 months le, started in Dec 06. I become more obsessed as each cycle fails. Did many readings. I always wait in anticipation during the 2ww but it fails. But somehow in May, I got a faint positive on clearblue yet AF came shortly. I was having sore breast and high temperature. It is very different from my normal cycle. Well, it is just not meant to be.

    Now, I am still having my AF. My fertile period is next week. Will have to work extra hard to hit the jackpot.
  44. howblur

    howblur New Member

    magdalene.. i read higher temperature and sore breast are sympthons of pregnancy leh... shortly after that you got your AF...did you check with doctor to confirm is not bleeding??

    ya.. must wait lor.. me now still waiting... just like you keep surfing internet to find informations on how to speed up to fulfil my dream...

    btw.. you got read articles like drinking grapefruit juice?
  45. magpie2

    magpie2 Active Member

    Hi howblur

    It's bleeding. Confirmed cos it's full flow.

    I am also doing lots of research. I intend to read baby books now to get prepared.

    Grapefruit juice ah? I didn't see anything on that lei... I am currently taking EPO and folic acid. Hope it will help in both the CM and the baby growth. Are you also taking them?
  46. howblur

    howblur New Member

    what i heard is bleeding = threatened pregnancy.. so must have good rest and cannot walk around (last time my colleague also same situation and this is what she told me lar)..... means for your case is miscarriage?? cos you said is full flow...

    ya.. EPO i read.. is Evening Primrose Oil rite.. but i think when pregnant cannot eat leh.. means during 2WW cannot eat... the article said to eat during AF till ovulation... you read about this?

    i am taking Prenatal Formula from GNC.. but now kind of worried.. cos the salesgirl said TTCing also can eat tho the description stated for pregnant and lactating mothers... she said is something like multivitmins for women but has got 800 mg folic inside... good for bb growth.. but then i not yet pregnant leh... yet she said is ok to take also... how can i suspect her words.. but then i feel unconfortable on the words "for pregnant and lactating mothers"...
  47. magpie2

    magpie2 Active Member

    Hi howblur

    I think what I was having was chemical pregnancy. It was common to have. some wo't even know that they were pregnant and AF came. My AF lasted for 2 weeks so I think all clear le. I am not pregnant definitely cos negative result aftet that.

    Instead of taking prenatal formula, if you are not comfortable with it, why not just take folic acid? You can get it from NTUC Unity. You just need to take it everyday. It will be sufficient.
  48. howblur

    howblur New Member

    magdalene.. that was my initial intention.. just taking folic acid.. then the sales at GNC keep recommending this prenatal formula and confirm TTCing can eat.. then we thought if got other supplements to build body system also good lo.. instead of eating folic acid which is just for certain areas...

    btw.. what is chemical pregnancy? how come AF is 2 weeks... not around 1 week meh?? AF = menses rite?
  49. howblur

    howblur New Member

    sarahfaith ... you got any sympthons of pregnancy?? me nope.. but seems like got sympthons of menses coming.... urghhhh
  50. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Hi Howblur,

    When is ur AF due date? Mine is this Thursday. Till now, not much symtoms. Except tired(which I feels everyday) & nausea.

    Something is missing which is boobs not sore this mth. Praying hard now.


    Maybe can try to drink or eat carrot to increase CM. I read from another forum.
    It really increase my CM. Before & during O, really see a lot of EWCM.

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