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2016/07 July babies

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by swu, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Hahaha nice, yeah when this happen u will start to miss how she hug u tight n refuse to go school haha. Recently I follow my hub car to send my boy to school... oh oh crying again haha when my hub send him in, he walk in without looking back. When I send him in., haha cry, scream and ask for hug

  2. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Haha baby really knows how to 看人的。

    Hey you all planning to go vacation again soon? <2yo flight privilege is over soon!
  3. MistyCloud

    MistyCloud Active Member

    That's good news! I hooe mine will adjust to cc fast too.
  4. starview

    starview Member

    hello mummies, so glad to see this thread still active!

    my girl still will "eh-eh" on and off when we send her in to cc but the teachers said she is adapting well and can follow their instructions in class.

    we will be bringing her to hk next week. it will be her first plane ride and hope everything goes well like no high-pitch scream / crying in the airplane.
  5. Elm

    Elm Active Member

    Me will be bringing my girl to Tokyo just before her birthday too :) Looking forward to it!
  6. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    My holiday 泡汤了。we haven’t book flight and now it’s too expensive to book. We will be doing staycation instead.
  7. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Haha we will be bring my boy to Sydney just before his birthday haha
  8. Elm

    Elm Active Member

    Australia is very child-friendly so you shouldn’t have much problem there. Have fun :)
  9. bee lee

    bee lee Administrator Staff Member


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  10. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Haha last dec went to Tasmania, very nice and friendly place but their high chair at cafe not as good as the high chair here. Next month first time go to go Sydney .. city area.. hopefully not so crowded like Sg Haha
  11. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Wow I assume yours also July baby.. will be during summer ? Very hot right
  12. Elm

    Elm Active Member

    Actually mine is September baby hehe but only this thread is active so I join here.

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