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2016/07 July babies

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by swu, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. KWL

    KWL Well-Known Member

    I nursed my little one in carrier to coax her to sleep when we went overseas.

    It’s kinda weird cos she is oversized and head cannot be fully covered and I run the risk of exposing myself with a fidgeting toddler. But still... that was the only option

  2. Elm

    Elm Active Member

    @redvel Thanks for timely reminder, I will miss holding my girl so much when she grows up :)

    Anyone considering baby no. 2?
  3. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Yes. But body can’t make it. Haa.
    Am way beyond that golden age.
  4. KWL

    KWL Well-Known Member

    Jiayou redvel! Hope to hear good news soon
  5. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Redvel yeah next trip Australia !!! Very soon.. haha
    My boy also drop his afternoon nap most of the day, morning nap around 2hours on normal day, 1.5 hour on bad day and 3 hours on good day. Night time still same 8:30pm to 6am
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  6. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Any music n dance class recommended ? Coz I going to withdraw my boy from heguru n looking to enroll him for music & dance and swimming class
  7. verluv

    verluv Active Member

    I totally forgotten abt this forum.. oh so bad of me.
    My gal now only naps once a day. If lucky will be 3 hrs but most of the time will be 2 hrs nap. At night she will sleep at 9ish and wakes up ard 7plus. However she still wakes up for night feed.. don’t know when will she stop her night feed.
    I have not bring her for any trip.. she so poor thing. Coz the tot of lugging 3 out at the same time really terrifies me.
    Redvel: jia you! Hope to hear some good news from you soon!
  8. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Ha thanks.

    Any of your baby experienced viral diarrhea before ? How long did the loose stool last? Today is 4th day. Seen a doc on tue and it seems like it may last for a week or even more, as per doc and googling. She also lost appetite. Trying to give her loads of fluids.
  9. Elm

    Elm Active Member

    @redvel Sorry to hear about your baby being ill, we mummies most heart pain when our baobei is unwell :( I think just lots of fluid and more plain food like fish porridge for example since she surely has no appetite. Hope she gets well soon.
  10. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    @redvel yea emkjr that time diarrhea 6 times a day for 1 week also lost appetite. Did pd give u the orange fluid to keep them hydrated?
  11. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Thanks elm and emk.
    She is well now thank god.

    Also LS 6 days and even sent her stool to lab for culture test.

    By the way are all your LOs baby starting symptoms of terrible two? These days ah super niam tni tni to me. See me already almost impossible to let other people carry. Abit abit throw xiao jie temper and very impatient.

    maybe she is following the traits of her dad la haa.
  12. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    What are terrible two symptoms ah ? I haven't go read up leh haha
  13. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    It’s when our little angel turns into a monster lol!

    Yesterday was like that too. Sticky to me like 99% of the time.

    Tomorrow I’m going to take time off to go shopping on my own. I need a break
  14. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Ooo being sticky is one of the sign ah ? Haha I didn't know leh.. my lo will pull my hand to the place he want to go over.. I though I'm his good friend, so he wanna me to be with him wherever he go leh Haha
  15. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Other than stickiness, she is chanting to every other person no no no when they are just sitting next to her. Will use her hand to push them away. Don’t allow any other person to shower her but me. Etc la. But today she had a good 3.5hrs nap and suddenly mood very good.

    Haa I’m just guessing it’s the Terrible Two. I’m sure her nonsense will pass someday which I hope soon.
  16. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Hahah so cute, my lo have selective people to share his toy, he will push my nephew away when he come close, but he is ok to share with my niece haha
  17. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Anyone start potty train? My lo will pull his diaper with both hand when he wanna poop, so I though this is the sign that he ready for potty train. I put him on potty seat but he can't poop with sitting position. He prefer to stand n bend his body forward n poop. When is the right age to start training ?
  18. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    We have been attempting since she turned one. But not consistent so she is still standing to poo. Actually it’s a good time for you to start now.

    My gal has a fetish for helmet. Even a bowl/cup sometimes she will imagine them to be helmet and wear over her head. So you can imagine what she is doing to her red potty lol. The potty fits her head nicely where she walks around the house. And no, we never had success of her pooing inside so it’s still clean haa!

    I need to buy another “model” of potty to hopefully let her differentiate the new potty is not a toy.
  19. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Haaa so funny, luckily it's clean. Have she back to cc?
  20. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    She is going back on 1Feb.
    How’s your boy doing in his school ? Do you notice any changes in his behavior?

    I hope she will learn to let other people carry after going school :)
  21. introvert521

    introvert521 Member

    Happy 1.5 years old to all tods here!!
  22. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    First few days he cry coz during holiday he stick to us 24hours/7days lor..now suddenly need to separate then he cry lor.. today he is ok already but sigh .. running nose, Soft stool
    , coughing all come back again
  23. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Oh no. That’s why I decided to push her school-start to feb rather than Jan as our vacation is in Jan (next week). Don’t want her to fall sick (if) before the holiday.

    Hope LO will get better soon!!
  24. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Haha after so long she didn't attend school maybe she won't get used to it ? Her school keep a slot for her ah ? So nice. Cc really very different from ifc leh.. I follow him to school for few days and realize cc teacher is more for teaching than care taker type. However ifc is more nanny style
  25. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    @emk because our LO grown up liao. The PG group now treats them like big kid but to us, they are always like babies :)

    They will learn to be more independent at PG lor.

    Now her great granny says why not March then start. Because Feb is CNY don’t fall sick haa.

    My deposit of IFC still at Agape. So the principal still keeps a space for her.
  26. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Oh i though your girl went to Cherries heart ? Agape got serve porridge for dinner right ?
  27. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Emk, way in the beginning I visited both Cherie hearts and Agape. Decided on the latter as it has better vibe (comparing both the Centres and the Principles).

    Actually I haven’t asked how’s the day schedule like. We do prefer to put her half day only. At least Yeye can have a break in the day and pick her only after her lunch.

    Does yours need school uniform ? I also haven’t checked if she needs one.
  28. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Yea two type of uniform, one in the morning and change to PE attire after shower. Maybe u don't need Pe attire since u only put for half day.
  29. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Btw how tall is your lo? Coz everyone said my boy look tall.. some even said he look like 3yrs old leh ... hmmmm i see he n his classmate height about same same leh ..
  30. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Can’t remember the measurement. She doesn’t belong to big/tall girl I guess. A few strangers comment “wow so small can walk so well!” So I guess she looks small for a 1.5yo haa.
  31. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    By the way we survived our Phuket trip.
    I concluded that half of our plan will better off unplanned. As she became quite unpredictable in terms of feeding/napping time. She just wants to play and play. Refusing milk and naps most of the time. But she enjoyed herself for sure.
    We are ready for longer flights!
  32. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    Hi all, would like to recommend our driver if anyone of you going to Taiwan..

    He is very kind, patient, responsible person.. most impt is he cares of passengers’ safety! We have a wonderful and safe trip with him..

    My son vomit in his new car but he didn’t complained at all but helped us to cleany boy first with pack of wet tissue then clean the car!

    Here is his contact:-
    Line id:canko650929
  33. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Hahaha nice, I think travel with kid will be much easier if we not that strict over their meal. Haha some of my friends will bring rice cooker, mineral water to oversea n cook porridge
  34. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    I’m quite qincai also la. Ya got thought of bringing cooker there before haha. But then anyway in SG we let her eat pretty much what we eat. At Phuket she lost interest in food/milk. She came home lost some weight haa. We gave her everything at the buffet but she only keen on cornflakes. Her fav food.
  35. gan1972

    gan1972 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like me when I brought my number one for trips bottled water from singapore, cooker, rice etc.

    With number 2, we are more relax
  36. imie

    imie Member


    It will be my first time leaving a comment here. My boy edd was 1st week of August ended up came out early by 5 days.
    Have your lo started talking yet? A bit worried mine hasnt.
  37. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Haha mine also haven't start talking but he can understand what we said, can follow simple instruction.. dance along with his fav songs. I think for boy usually quite slow in speech
  38. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    From observation, girls are faster in speech than boys. I know of a friend whose son spoke only close to 3yo. Now at 4yo he is always di di da doo doo. Lol. So I think will catch up eventually one.

    My gal is picking words relatively fast. Her longest sentence is “see you soon office”. Haa. Because we always tell her when someone/something leaves, they are going to office.
  39. JJade

    JJade Member

    My 20months old boy also haven't start speaking now , same that he can understand simple instructions. Lately i am getting concerned too, just hope that he can speak soon.
  40. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    My gal started school on 1March. Half day where we pick her at noon. She is refusing breakfast n lunch there. And cries when we drop her there.

    As mummy, so heartpain. Can I know how was your toddlers reaction to school and please tell me this won’t last long.
  41. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    Mm... ya, will be very heartpain, but no choice... and for sure will cry as they staying with the people they know since born, but now they going to new environment by themselves to learn to be independent.... is a journey....

    She will be better when she start to make friends there..

    My gal cried for two to three mths and my boy slightly better... usually after we left, they will stop crying at later stage..

    My boy on and off still cry even now.. :confused:
  42. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Indeed so ouch for me but more so for her :(

    I found this link to get some tips to making her feel better

    This morning drop off the teacher told me she is quite good already as some kids can’t stop crying when inside. She is still consolable. That makes me feel abit better.
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  43. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know how it feel, when my boy start ifc he cried for one month .. after that change to new cc in jan..also cried on first month and now on n off will still cry especially on Monday haha Monday bluess for him. No worries, They will outgrow this stage :)
  44. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Emk why changed CC?

    She doesn’t wanna eat breakie and lunch there leh. Emk jr got appetite when just started ?
  45. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Oh looong story ah .. initially we no plan to put ifc then we go registered for cc once he is born.. towards end of my maternity leave I find that I can't communicate with my mil on how to handle my baby as she just got her own logic. So last min quickly go register for few ifc around my place but didn't find any suitable one until he turn 1 yr old then finally the one near my house call up. And we feel that it's right time for him to sociable around too since he love to play with other babies haha. Before he turn 18 months I'm headache again.. should let him continue from this school or go to new school which we already register for him .. in the end my hub prefer new school so we withdraw him and enroll to new cc. So far I see good result from this cc haha I'm glad that we have choose the right school for him :)
  46. emk

    emk Well-Known Member

    Awww my boy very greedy one... food is one of the thing can cool him down from crying .. he got good appetite but maybe sudden change of food menu.. he very soft stool for a week plus
  47. candymoshi

    candymoshi Active Member

    Harlow everyone! Just realised it's been months since I logged in. Am now trying to lose weight and get fit. So came back to read my comment about SkinnyMint Coffee or TeaTox.

    Started exercising one a week (little but better than dun have) and eating less (more than prepreg but less than preg/bf-ing) still gaining weight. Every few months see the scale jump up one number. Sighpie!

    Weight Loss journey aside, Didi started from IFC so transition to PG is quite smooth, plus IFC teachers appears in PG to help out. So familiarity is there. Still cried for 2 weeks tho, only walk in happily recently.

    Now Didi also do all the Terrible Two stuff, sticky to me, rejecting other caregiver. Korkor wants to fight with him (jealous?) so I end up doing everything for both kids most of the time.

    Singing along for nursery rhymes is super cute, together with actions! Speaking sounds more clear than singing, and tune wise abit off sometimes haha! Woke me up at 4am once to sing 泥娃娃 and 两只老虎。

    Haven started potty training, Korkor is 3.5yo also failed potty training in CC. Duno how to start with limited time w the kids (nights only 1-2hr).

    Didi also went thru sleep "regression". Last time sleep alone in cot and STTN (mayb I ignore him TTN) but in Jan switch him to floor mattress. wakes up EVERYNITE and I have to sleep with him on the sofa bed. Body aching and not enough sleep.

    How's everyone? And our babies 2nd birthday coming liao!!
  48. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    I guess everyone is too busy to log in now

    My gal returns to play group last week. Still in transition phase as in the moment I get her ready in morning, she will chant go-home liao. Step in school will cry but the moment she joins the children inside, she stops crying. But can see she is getting better each day.

    She refuses to sit on the ikea potty leh. Always ask papa mama to sit instead.

    Her milestone lately on longest sentence in one go is Teacher Jen bao bao xxx-xxx (her name) at school.

    She still needs her night feed usually ~ 1230am-3am.

    No luck on baby #2; hope she won’t grow up too “lonely”.

    Planning on a short holiday soon before she turns two.

    No plans on second birthday party yet. I guess will be just a simple one at home.
  49. MistyCloud

    MistyCloud Active Member

    Hi Redvel,

    Babydust to you!

    I don't intend to start potty training so early although my child wants to follow her older sibling and sit on the toilet bowl. Reason being i find it less stressful letting them take the lead. Haha...

    My older one is 3.5 and almost toilet trained now. Her cc helped and we also let her take the lead at home.

    Have dropped her mignight feed for some time already too.
  50. redvel

    redvel Well-Known Member

    Thanks Misty.

    Today my gal had a 180degree turn. She was eager to go school. No resistance, no crying, no lugging of Chou-chou when leaving home, full cooperation with teacher when they did routine check. She even did the bye bye to me when she joined the class Im shedding happy tears lol. So this does come true haaa, after 2.5weeks of starting school.

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