(2015/07) Jul 2015 mummies

Hi mummies, congrats to all!!!
I've also tested positive last wk, waiting excitedly to see Gynae two weeks time later. Feel impatient. My no#2 also.
Congrats lili, wow your number two is only 8mths! That's very quick!! Super mummy! Mine is 4 this year. I may end up an end June bb, so I also joined the June thread, lol.
@tanli_li my #1 is 2yr+
Saraiii my edd is 3rd Jul too based on lmp. #1 i was earlier 11 day than EDD.
I was thinking should i join Jul or Jun thread?
Jj-Jj hi five! Same as me 3rd jul!!!

Lili yar it's god's gift! I've been trying for second one for two years and had an mc earlier this April. Really overjoyed to test positive again now. Waiting first first appmt.
Yeah we tried after my boy turn 1 yo.
But not very active , let it to the fate coz i still bf-ing #1 :)
My gynae appt will be this 8 Nov.
Cant wait to see the little one.
I'm with Dr.Fong Yang now at Mt.E novena.
Anyone experience MS liao?
Jj, ooh 8th is next wk. exciting!! I am tempted to bring forward also, mine is 15th nov coz I was counting wk7. But now I m so impatient, maybe bring forward.
Hello all, my edd is 4th July and my 1st appt is 3rd Nov. I think a bit too early but this is my #1 thus better go see 1st.. very nervous.. hehe
@jj_jj I dunno if it's MS but I'm feeling nausea this morning and vomited twice. Went to see doc and gotten MC to rest at home. Feeling really tired.
Good morning, TGIF
Happy ~mian MS can start as early esp when hormone start to raise.
Wk 5 go see gynae usually using intervaginal scan, usually can see sac like a small bean.
Wk6 more possible to see heartbeat.
This time round i'm not sure if im more aware or early MS.
For no1 my MS if evening time.
Hi jj_jj, my pregnancy was confirmed at the polyclinic so they arranged for some test on the 6 Nov but my hubby also booked a session at KK on 12 Nov. BB will be 7 weeks 1 day. Do you know if the gynae will do an ultrasound for our first visit then?
Beanie mum, yes usually gynae will use intra vaginal ultra sound scanner to search for the little bean :).
If normal scan on lower abs will need to drink alot of water. But coz too early might not be able to find anything.
Hi All, I tested positive this week as well... But doc was unable to give me an EDD as yet. Did my Maths..shld be a July baby.. :)
HI all!! im a first timer here.. hehehe just tested positive with clearblue digital two days ago.. play ard with last date of mensus shud be ard in july 15... Am so excited... congratulations to all :)
morning all mummies here!!...
my first appt with gynae is 5th nov.. with dr aziz... anyone have been with him before?..
i heard all the reviews abt him are good
Hi fae, since this is my 2nd. Will most probably go back to the same. You can just go for visit first and then decide if you want to continue. Usually, if there is package will only start from 5 mths onward if I recall correctly. Most importantly, you must be comfortable with him and trust him. I am not a very particular mummy, I chosen dr phua from gynae health as I used to stay at hougang.
HI nicokin...ohh... im a first time mummies so quite lost actually heheheh... the package that start from 5mths onwards consist of?... thn which hospital u delivered before?.. are all hospital medisave claimable after delivery?... me n hubby thought of parkway east since we living in tampines... :)
Last time my first kid era got quite alot of my friends gyane got package. Basically is like instead of paying per visit, they ask if you want to sign a package of consultation that covered you till birth. But understand that now some clinic prefer charge individual visits. I delivered in mount a. Sometimes, the hospital wull depend on the gynae too. Like mine can only go Thomson medical or mount a. Better check with the clinic.
Hello all, I tested +ve with an expired test kit (expired in 2009 :D:D) yesterday. Re-tested again this morning with a guardian test kit and shows +ve...

Will be my #3 ;)

Am not feeling anything yet, coz just about 4 weeks only..
Congrats @Caitlin80 @Fae Hanez @sasa_xie @nicokin19
Package wise You can check with gynae on 1st visit. Some they have package from subsequent visit till delivery ,some 12 wks onwards, some after detailed scan approx 20wks. Basically it cover monthly visit + U/S other test and supplement might not be included.
Fae Hanez, I used the app and it states my edd is 4 July. So I'm 5 weeks 3 days now. But gynae did a scan and the heartbeat shows baby is about 3.3cm, so abt 6 weeks. So I'm a bit confused. Maybe the app is for 28 days cycle and mine is less than that when I conceived. The edd on my scan is 28 June 15 which I think will change during my next scan in 3 weeks time. Let's see...
The doc asked for my medical history and date of last period etc. then proceed to do the scan for me. So I was quite happy but was worried that he can't see anything. He said can see can see! That's the heartbeat!! =)
MOrning all mummies!! just taken my folic acid and my spirulina tablets too hahahaha... So happy for u sis happy mian!!... hopefully today i can ask the doc to do a scan too and hopefully can see.... :)
I have to wait till nx week for the visit. Although I am a second time mummy but haven see gynae just dun feel secure. Lol;)
Happy~Mian, when was your LMP? I calculated, I should be around 4w.. was thinking if really 5w+ can see heartbeat, I can start making appt to see gynae already...

Shan8080, this will be my #3 :p I already have 2 boys..
nicokin19: Agree!!! Everyday I'm wondering to myself if I feel preggy...

Worse thing is, I'm coughing my lungs out. Went to see GP already, given some mild cough mixture. But i don't dare to take too much after what GP said (she say all medications, there are side effects, so if I can tahan it, don't take med). But i'm coughing very terribly :( each time I cough, i wonder how is my baby in there
Hi everyone! Am joining this thread, expecting my rainbow baby in July after a loss in April. Wishing for a happy & healthy pregnancy to all of u! anws, am also looking for reviews or sharing on gynae and costs. Hope anyone can gv a heads up. Thks! :)
Just got back frm gynae dr aziz... doc say must really control my blood sugar as im diabetic and its miracle that i can be preggy... do a scan.. he say still new.. abt 4 weeks old... so must go back n see him again within 2 days..
Fae Hanez: 2 days?????

Mrs_Fiq: Congrats! All will be well this time round. I lost 2 myself. Now i have 2 lovable boys and am expecting #3 :)
thanks jj_jj. Will do so. Feel like making an appt to see gynae to take other med.. but i know, now I go, will be waste of $$.. only can see sac. still too early to detect any heartbeat

Sasa xie, do tk care. Weather not good.i also restrict myself from chips etc.
Fae, how come need go back 2 days? Cos wanna have a better scan?