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Hello my mother is an experience confinement nanny that has more than 20 years of experience in Singapore. She used to took care of my 2 babies & my sister's babies too in 2013 / 2014, when we just gave birth. She is very very good in taking care of newborn. I heard a lot of compliments from her employers before. They're all satisfied with her. She is quite an open-minded auntie so don't have to worry having trouble living with a stranger. She is semi-retired now but she still can help if happen that you are looking for a realiable confinement nanny.

Do call or whatsapp/sms me if you are interested. Eury Wee / 98160846.
Hi, any mummy here who is interested to be part of a photographic project that includes your baby (it will be a free session), please PM me for further details.
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Would like to ask anyone know about:-

1) how long is stomach flu Contagious period ?

2) If the 1st child got it and pass to 2nd child, will the 1st child got it again from the 2nd child?

3) if not, within how long that the 1st child won't get stomach flu?

4) if yes, how long should both of them being separated?

5)When will newborn create their own antibody?
Anyone using Hegen milk bottle? If any mommies here have used it before, I hope I could have some review here before I buy for my baby which is going to be due soon. :) thanks in advance!