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(2010/01) January 2010 mtb

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by cladi, May 26, 2009.

  1. elynntan

    elynntan Member

    Bbin - just found out that sambucol is not available on retail over pharmacies. Hence, have to either buy through online, forum or through doctors. Guardian pharmacy may only consider bringing in the stock in future.

    Jessie, I think Arwen is just showing signs of reliance and comfort which she will outgrow eventually. Give her some time since you guys just move back to France.


  2. lsntyl

    lsntyl Active Member

    bbin>should be the same lah. just that the one I get is US version and the one vitakids sell is UK version. price diff really quite big wor! no prob about the code. if you need it, just pm or message me here. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] according to hubby, it tastes like prune juice. the kids version is sweeter than the adult version. I got hubby the adult version cos he tends to fall sick when the weather turns colder here. I don't take it as I am still nursing.

    Ayden is only quiet with others. Alone with us, he can be v noisy and likes to scream. :p

    bigfoot>me too! I'm never one for supplements. Don't have the habit of taking multivits etc. Heng hubby has the habit since his mom train him to take that from young. Now, he will take out the calcium and krill oil for me in the morning so I will be a good gal and eat them. Otherwise, sure forget. wow, I didn't know sambucol must get from doctors in SG. Its sold on the shelves in the pharmacies over here.

    Hubby and I are quite confused over Ayden's "condition". Our ex neighbour here who's a retired PD and another psychologist here says there's nothing wrong with him and that children develop at different speeds. Oso that he just needs time to get used to all the changes. But other 'experts' (another child psychologist and speech therapist) claim he needs the sessions so we ok them lor. A special education teacher will go to his school for 2 hours every day to 'teach' him to communicate/play better and the speech therapist will come to our place in the evening for speech therapy.

    According to the child psychologist, Ayden should be speaking in sentences now. We know he knows the words but he won't communicate to us in a meaningful fashion. He will point and grunt and maybe say some words if he feels like it. Anyway, its free so no harm oso. Let him take the sessions for a few months then evaluate it. If Ayden is like Bryan, we will be more relieved lor.

    Jessie>that's v good of Arwen's teachers to give her more personal time! I'm impressed. The school system there quite good leh. Ayden is quite independent. He can play/read by himself. But oso refuse to potty. We don't have an ahyi but think we spoil him too. :p

  3. bbin2010

    bbin2010 Active Member

    big foot,

    tot its available @ vitakids? i'm planning to go check out tmr @ united square...


    yeah, definitely buy from iherb is cheaper... sg vitakids online selling @ $24+ whereas iherb is US$11+... somemore got further discount if buy in 4 or 12... but tot i shd try out 1st n see... definitely gona ask u for the code if confirm buying...

    its like tat for own children... 'misbehaving' ard familar ppl only...

    wow seems like schools overseas are much better than sg... nvr heard of these, whether if its more personal time or speech therapist for free... sg everything is $$$$$$$$...

  4. lsntyl

    lsntyl Active Member

    bbin>back home, we will just say Ayden is shy lor. but over here, they quite worried say he needs help. We're not sure if he really needs help but no harm done bah. Its paid for by the state here and not the school. they call it early intervention.

    but hor, childcare is v expensive! so got pros n cons lah

  5. cocomama

    cocomama New Member

    lsntyl> At least Ayden is making slow progress. With YX, we always seems to be taking one step forward and then 2 steps backward. At times, he just wants to play with the potty and monkey around. Sometimes I just don't have the patience. The 2 kids also just had a bout of running nose, cough and fever for YX. It is indeed very tiring.

    xin> jia you... this morning YH fussed and YX patted her and asked her 'why, sweetheart'. made me laugh so hard.

    jessie> hope you are adjusting well to life in France.


    So qiao, I was also thinking of getting it for YX since he's going back to school but have not got around to buying it.

    bbin> i saw it being sold in Four Seasons Organic shop. I think you stay in the East too? There's an outlet in PP.

  6. bbin2010

    bbin2010 Active Member


    guess tats the 'price' to pay for such 'service'... can observe n see if there's improvement to his interactions wif the teachers n classmates...


    i went united square vitakids n bought it at $24.90.. ex manz... it'll better work! lol... cant expect miracle wif juz one bottle hor...

    haha hw did u hv the impression tat i stay in east? i used to but nw nope... nw at yishun...

  7. shanghaimummy

    shanghaimummy New Member

    bbin : Ex right.. heart pain siah when I bought it! Lucky it works for my kid. But do give it a go fo 2 months at least. Now anyway it is consider cold season. For me, I like it when Arwen caught a cold which always ends in asthma attack, instead of giving nebuliser for 7 days, she needs it for 3 days only and recover much faster!

  8. elynntan

    elynntan Member

    Bbin, thanks for letting me know that it is available elsewhere. Thought it sounded common, but was shocked when I couldn't find it in the common pharmacies. Will go look for it this weekend... Long weekend!!!

  9. bbin2010

    bbin2010 Active Member

    gd morning!

    jessie, tot my gal's runny nose prob improved after 2nd feed (ya, i noe it cld simply b juz me imagining...)... then again, after less than a mth, tink my gal's nose prob is coming back... juz hope tat it can help to shorten the period...

    big foot,

    juz to let u noe, i saw Unity also selling tat @ the same price as vitakids... somemore can gain linkpoints if u buy from unity... u hv another option nw....

  10. chuaeil

    chuaeil Member


    Any feedback on the enfagrow milk? I relaised that aft switch to EF for about 3 months hor she keep farting and is very smelly. Last she drank Nan.

    Will like to hear your sharing. TIA

  11. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member


    I cannot get onto FB so I just wanted to check on you over here. I've seen the photos of devastation from Hurricane Sandy. The city's half submerged!!! Are you guys safe now??? Do respond ... am a little worried.

  12. lsntyl

    lsntyl Active Member

    lamb>we are fine, thanks! Our place is lucky and no major damage at all.

  13. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    Oh wow! Glad to hear that. Am relieved. The photos were scary. So i guess you guys stocked up as well?

  14. bearbearwife

    bearbearwife New Member

    Hi all, there is a 3rd birthday bash comimg up on 27/1/13(Sunday) at Kidz Amaze@Toa Payoh (Time is 6pm to 9pm for our little ones.

    Name list as follows:

    1) Josie

    2) Stephanie

    3) Loo-Foo Rina Shi Yuan

    4) xin

    5) Edith MindyMindy

    6) Megan Lee Bee Wah

    7)shu wei

    8) Jasmine Wong

    9) Joanne Pon

    10)Yang yang

    Pending booking because we are trying to get more mummies here. But will book by Monday(3/12/12) Worried only slot will be gone too.

  15. bearbearwife

    bearbearwife New Member

    Price is for package is as follow:$420 (Safra Member) , food is $300. Now is $72 for each mummies in the list.

    Party Package at Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh

    1. The Galaxy/Marine (NO FRILLS Package)

    •Party for 20 kids (the room can accommodate a total max of 50 kids and adults)

    •20 FREE admission for kids to play maze

    •3 hours use of party room and unlimited play at the play maze

    •A fully themed room and clean-up

    •Direct access to play structure from the party room

    •25 party invitation cards. Additional cards can be purchased at $0.30 each.


    •Additional child chargeable at $16.50 per child

    2. The Galaxy/Marine (FRILLS Package)

    •Party for 20 kids (the room can accommodate a total max of 50 kids and adults)

    •20 FREE admission for kids to play maze

    •Goodie bags for 20 kids

    •3 hours use of private party room and unlimited play at the play maze

    •Direct access to play structure from the party room

    •Party facilitator to help in organising the flow of events

    •Party facilitator to conduct games with the kids

    •A fully themed room and clean-up

    •Party finger food and drinks for 20 kids

    •25 party invitation cards. Additional cards can be purchased at $0.30.


    •Additional child is chargeable at $36.00 per child

  16. anewmummy

    anewmummy Member

    Hi mummies

    Anyone can recommend good private violin teacher for young kids? Please kindly pm me if you have one to recommend.


  17. anewmummy

    anewmummy Member

    WTS: NEW 书法水写布 Magic Cloth for Practicing Chinese Calligraphy or Kanji


    * Ink-free water-writing paper for practicing your strokes of Chinese calligraphy or brush painting

    * Simply write on the surface with water and your strokes will come to life in dark.

    * Then, as the water evaporates, they will magically disappears leaving you with a clean surface - ready to be used again.

    * An environmentally friendly product. No worry of mess or ink stains while you do your drills and exercises.

    * Dimension 70cmx43cm Grid size: 62cmx37cm

    特点: 清水显墨 万次书写

    I like this as I let my kids learn Chinese writing or drawing with water/brush, and it never mess around.

    Selling at $9.60 including one free brush (毛笔), self collection. For delivery, please add about 3-4 dollars (I'll check with Singpost).

    PM me if you're interested. Attached the picture at http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/449183/7891776.html?1355455655

  18. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    it's been really quiet in dec.

    Happy New Year to all! Have a great 2013!

    And Happy birthday to all the Dec and Jan babies! [IMG=http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] They are already 3!!!

  19. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    Hi girls,

    Today is one of those days where I came into the forum, reading archives and think back of the days when our preschoolers were mere babies/toddlers. I can't believe how they have turned 3, experiencing school, some becoming good older siblings etc. Oh how time just flew past us. I am still stuck in Shanghai with some days of bad air and now plagued with a river polluted with dead pigs?! (heard recently that the number has increased to close to 12k dead pigs?!) Despite all that, I missed chatting in here with you girls and am wondering how is everyone getting on with their lives.

    It has been a good few months where this thread was stagnant. Hopefully some of the moms can come back in here to chat again. Some updates of Nat here. She is already halfway through Nursery 1. Her teachers have been giving me feedback about how she's progressing in school and I am very happy to hear how well she's thriving socially. She has already had her own BFF and is able to show great empathy to her classmates.

    Her mandarin sometimes still has an ang mor twang (LOL) but has otherwise improved and is able to respond to us in sentences. Embarrassingly, she sometimes speaks like a Singaporean mixing english and chinese in a sentence. We were previously reviewing some enrichment classes for her and have kinda settled for piano and ballet. She is taking a strong interest for piano. As for ballet, maybe coz' it's a drop off program, she is still uncomfortable. When I first took her for trial class, she was a little sticky to me as I went into the studio with her.

    But towards the end of the class, she told me she wanted to continue. Well, I don't know if she's ready for drop off classes yet but I'll let her do this for one term and see how things pan out. We wanted to sign her up for dance classes coz' she performed really well during her CNY performance, being able to follow instructions, to the rhythm and no stage right etc and so we felt she had a flare for it. Hopefully in the classes to come, there'll be some improvement. How about the rest of the kiddoes? Are you mommies sending them for classes too? Do keep me posted.

    And maybe some tips on how do we overcome their fear for dropoffs? And also most of them would be in N1 now? How was dropping off for them so far?

  20. bbin2010

    bbin2010 Active Member

    hi little lamb,

    i've always wanted to let my gal learn piano but not sure if she's receptive abt it... so how did u manage to decide tat its piano for Nat? i've got a fren who tink its better for LO to learn violin but i've got reservation coz its a string instrument which i tot is harder to master...

  21. mstan8888

    mstan8888 Active Member

    Hello everyone !!!

    Long long time didnt come in here becos super busy with work & LO.

    Didnt manage to read all the above comments juz the last few....;p

    Who talk abt piano ?

    Juz happen that my HB wat to expose my LO to piano class too.

    So recently I happen to bring my LO for a trial piano class which is held at someone's hse (pte big hse with swimming pool).

    He is a professional piano teacher & now started his own piano classes with some teachers to help him.

    Class is held at his big pte hse @ binjai park.

    Anyone keen to try the 30-45mins trial class can PM me for his contacts ? Only $8 for the trial class.

    Actual class is $40 for 30mins (I think).

    Actual Class size is 2-4 students to 1 teacher.

    Actually he is finding someone ard my LO age to form a class on every sat ard noon time.

    If hv 2 students then the class can start.

    Sambucol : Oh I also let my LO take sambucol too + those gummies multivitamins & gummy vitamin C too.....;p....better to let her take to build up her immunity as she is in CC & can get virus easily.....;p

  22. geraldine82

    geraldine82 Member

    How is everyone?

    My #1 used to be such a obedient gal... until hubby pamper her during the past 1 yr (since i delivered #2)... Now at times she really gets on my nerves when she is very stubborn and used her crying power to demand things to be done in her way...

    Hubby now sort of know what he have done wrong BUT problem is he doesnt know how to be constant in his educating... told him if he is constant, #1 will not know what he is thinking exactly, when he is serious & when he is not...

    Yesterday for the 1st time, he used the cane (bought by him) on her... Haiz... i'm ok with cane (since that is how i grew up too)... But i really think that he is more of his fault and he shouldnt put all the blame of just #1... like not fair to her lehz...

    What are your education methods in terms of charactor building?

  23. Hi Mummies..

    havent been in here for yrs...

    my #1 was Jan 2010, #2 was Jan 2012 baby...


    anyone has started enrichment classes for your kid?? my boy seems to be very bored during the wk ends...

    is there any face book group for Jan 2010 mummies?

  24. chrisstan

    chrisstan Active Member

    Hi Geraldine.

    My hubby n I dun believe in caning to make child behave. Our parents dun used on us too.
    If u can turn back e clock, would u want caning from your parents too?
    Dun use back the punishment on your child, just becos your parents use it on u!
    Your child next time will use it on her own child too....so forth..Bad karma! :(

    Caning is just a quick way to end a argument or behavior instantly. But it is of no use at all.
    The child knows she get punishment, but dun know why she gets it.
    She obeys in future becos she scared of caning...but not knowing why u discipline her.

    The only way is to have patience in enforcing your authority n at the same time keep nagging your child what is a right behavior n what is wrong behavior.

    Never give in to her demands if she cries for it. Stand your ground.
    Only reward her if she shows positive attitudes.

    My hubby n I play the "good cop, bad cop" thingy...we both rotate the roles.
    Example, if my boy never listen to me, I show angry face, while my hubby tells my boy why mummy is angry n his behavior is wrong. Keep telling him till he understood n apologizes n say he never do this again. Of course both parents will make up with him.
    Next time, if my boy never listen to my hubby, he shows angry face n I be good cop n tells him why his behavior is wrong till he understands n apologize....etc.

    U can be a fun parent as well as a strict parent - all in one.
    Just need to be correct in executing the role...fun times, be a fun person with your child. When child misbehaves, stand your ground n be a strict parent. :)

    Long process...but patience is really needed in order to teach right behaviors n values.
    Believe me, it is worth it. :)
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2013
  25. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    hi all,

    so happy to see some activity here. :) havent came in since no.2 was born and this place so quiet :p. came in to look for weaning stuff for no.2 and dropped by. hee.

    I've stopped working and is now a full time mom. :)

    geraldine and chrisstan> we also use the cane but for it to be effective, must be really consistent and cannot be angry when using. i find that i can't do it. so stopped using. now i trying the cold shoulder method and also talking in opposite. instead of nagging him to brush teeth, i'll just call him once. if he doesn't respond, i'll say: ok, i need to attend to something else, if you don't wish to brush your teeth, it's ok. you'll just have dirty teeth. Mattias would be quite scared as we read many stories on bad teeth. but i also scared he has a phobia of dentist. he watched me do teeth twice and he is quite afraid.

    now they are really getting more and more challenging. Having a mind of their own. i have to try many many methods.

    on piano, someone once told me better to start piano about 5yo as the child's fingers not strong enough for the piano's keys. not so good for development.

    i just started mattias on gym class. coz he likes to do acrobatic stunts with daddy at home.

    on dropoffs, he'll usually want me to watch him from a distance at least for 5 mins. when the class starts and he's having fun, he'll forget about me already. the hard part is usually getting him into class.

    littlelamb> nat goes to school which is dropoff right?

    darling_princess_wife> there is a jan 2010 fb but not very active too. :p
  26. chrisstan

    chrisstan Active Member

    Hi Jazxin.

    I agree that we need to use plenty methods in guiding n discipline the kid to listen to us n be good.
    Not easy being a mum. But since i brought him into the world, I must do my part in making him a decent person.
    But I won't use harsh,hard method (eg. Caning, forcing him against his will)...becos it will affect the child psychological mind n behavior -> Dun want him to have phobia or turn psycho! :p

    My boy need not excel in everything...just be a happy person will do...Freedom to choose. :)
    So i won't enrol him in any enrichment class. Unless he say he wants to learn something. Example: taekwando or drawing class etc.
    If he is bored, I just take him go swimming or nature park strolling/cycling, picnic, library, playgroun, beach sand digging...etc. :)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  27. febie

    febie Active Member

    nice to see this thread being active... :)
    wow i'm so bad... I really use the cane on my boy.
    but will always used it to threaten him unless he throws his temper...
    after everything we will sit and down and chat. he knows that if he's too much then he got the cane...

    hi Xin, I tried Gym session with Shayne but he was crying so badly for the trial class.
    thus whenever I asked if he still keen to try, his reply will always be no.

    He is asking to go for bowling session but all balls seems heavy for him huh... :)
  28. ssybaby

    ssybaby Active Member

    is our thread still alive? its been ages since i logged in to our thread :p
  29. fen9983

    fen9983 Active Member

    Hi all, am also a Jan mummy but not active on thread.. jz wanna check how many of the childrens born on
    1st JAn 2010 and which class are they attending now? with the 09 childrens or 10 childrens :)
  30. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    Hello mommies,

    Just came in to this forum and had a pleasant surprise to see members coming back to chat. Can't really say I love this new layout but I guess we'll have to adapt. Nat was out playing with Arwen today and I must say it is very heartwarming to watch the girls play together, even if it means to tickle each other or to lie down on the couch together. Gosh, our kids have grown so much and I am in a way 'relieved' to know that Nat is not the ONLY one with discipline issues!!! I agree with some of you here that our kids are at an age whereby we have to deal with such issues delicately. There are a lot of ideal discipline methods but it varies from kid to kid.

    Nat is very easily embarrassed, so if I were to scold her in public, she'll get really embarrassed which can be very bad for her self-esteem. I have also stopped using cane. Because violence begets violence. Like a mom says, they have a mind of their own now and can make decisions for themselves. Good and bad.

    Good is self-explanatory. Bad coz' more often than not, they wouldn't know what is best for them and might end up making decisions that harm themselves. As much as I would love for her to explore but I need to be cautious and know when to draw the line. So, it is really a very challenging phase now. Not forgetting she is going through such a bad eating phase for more than a year that it is driving me mad!!! She will only eat when she's being fed!

    How is she gonna handle eating her lunch in school next time?! There will be no one to feed her! I just hope that she will pick up good eating habits when she watches her classmates eat. Gosh. Am just wondering what do you mommies do with your kids during their free time these days now that they're in school? Are most of them in childcare or nursery classes now?

    Nat will be starting full day school soon. Actually while I have more time for myself, but if I have a choice, I'd prefer for her to go to half day school and spend the afternoons with me. Coz the extended time, the kids do lunch and nap and probably some light activities only. Not very useful for her I feel. But it's compulsory, so we don't have much of a choice for now.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2013
  31. chrisstan

    chrisstan Active Member

    Little lamb,

    My boy is attending half day at a full day programme type childcare.
    Of course I am paying full day fees...people may say waste money.
    But no choice, they dun have half day programme.

    Anyway, I prefer to take care of him myself...spending time with him.
    Kids grow up fast...I still want to hug him more! When he grows up, he won't want mama any more...got friends liao! :)

    if u dun feel "lugi" about full fees...then u can just arrange with the school to pick him up half day. :)

    About learning to self feed...
    Dun worry, they learn to feed themselves in school. The teachers will have their methods in getting them to feed themselves.
    My boy learned that in his school and came home & show that he can feed himself. :)
  32. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    chrisstan, thanks for sharing. School fees in Shanghai very ex to take her for half day leh. HHahhaha. But I will still keep her in full day because I want her to have that 合群 feel. Ask you, do they feed your boy in school if he doesn't wanna self feed? Just to get him to finish eating? Coz' in Nat's school, I don't think they will feed. If the kids really refuse to eat, they will take away the food after a while of encouraging them to try. I really hope she will be open to eating the food they serve in school because I like the menu. It's really a balanced diet.
  33. chrisstan

    chrisstan Active Member

    Hi lamb...

    I am not sure whether they will feed him or not, if he refuse to eat/self feed.
    Coz I am not too particular about pursuing whether they do or not. Anyway, I can feed him at home.
    When he comes home, I will ask him if he is hungry or not.
    If he say he is, i will give him some cereal w milk or bread w butter or milk feed. :)
  34. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    febie> mattias also dont liek his gym class. haha think 1hr of physical activities is too much for him. gg to stop him for now and hope to start swim lessons.
  35. febie

    febie Active Member

    xin, I bring Shayne for swim regularly.... so swimming is no issue for him... but did not intend to start him on swimming lesson...
    with the float he can kick and swim from one end to the other...
  36. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    febie> oops sorry, forgot to reply you. Shayne can swim not bad leh. :)

    mark's gg to have his mass baby bash soon. n i really miss the one we had for our jan babies.

    Hope all of you have a good 2014 as our babies turn 4yo. can't baby them anymore? :p
  37. ssybaby

    ssybaby Active Member

    OMG ... this thread still active ?

    Dolphin here :) surprised to see still got updates.

    How is all the buds?
  38. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    Yes yes, still very much alive. Hhahaha. I've just delivered my #2. We have relocated back to Singapore for good and Nat is now doing N2. How are you?
  39. ssybaby

    ssybaby Active Member

    wow #2, congras :)

    Yes i am doing fine ...

    #2 turned 2 in apr :)

    Still used to it?
  40. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    Wah, so fast 2 already! Yes, 2nd time round being a mommy somehow more experienced and also relaxed I guess, compared to first time. Sorta know what to expect and I hired a good CL to help me, compared to previously asking inlaws which was a big mistake.

    More time to rest and also enjoy good food prepared by CL. But still going through night feedings. More bearable now because I tell myself it's a phase and I try to sleep when baby sleeps also.

    So can get enough rest.
  41. ssybaby

    ssybaby Active Member

    Wow great :)
    Lucky u to hv a great CL...
    My maid played me out during 2nd week of confinement, leaving me w my newborn & #1..
    Super tiring & i gave up breastfeeding @ 4th mth..
    Though my mum help out but running here & there tired her out..
    My wound took 6weeks to recover & i finished 30 tabs of panadol ...
    Anyway am glad the phrase is over & i am a happy mummy :)
  42. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    So nice to see posts here. Our no.1 growing so fast hor. Really not baby anymore. Now mark is 15mths. Missing his baby stage alr. Haha
  43. little_lamb

    little_lamb Well-Known Member

    Wah so fast mark is 15 months. When I saw him last year he was still a baby. Time really flies lor. Now going through baby stage again. CL just left so am trying to cope. Really very different when we have 2.

    But when I watch nat interact with baby, it really brings so much joy.
  44. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    yes. so nice to see them interacting. :)

    meet up one day?
  45. febie

    febie Active Member

    wow this is active still...

    Hey Xin, both Matthias and Mark really look alike. :)
    So fast our bubs turning 5 next yr... Haven seen most of you for a long time...

    Congrats little lamb on your 2nd bundle of joy.

    Oh ya Xin, I signed Shayne for swim class in sch.... can see that he pick up fast. :) more to build up his water confident too...

    dolphin, both your boys very handsome too... :) one look like u one look like papa Fred. :)
  46. jazxin

    jazxin Active Member

    haha this thread is moving at one post a mth!

    shall we have a 5yo get together? many of us having 2 alr. :)
  47. bbin2010

    bbin2010 Active Member

    it'll b interesting to hv a 5yo gathering...
  48. ssybaby

    ssybaby Active Member

    I din see your post till now :)
    Tks for the compliment :)
    Bth ur boys also so handsome..esp didi..
  49. Jonathan Kyi

    Jonathan Kyi New Member


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