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Congrats! And ur boy got such big eyes! Sweet... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Rest well.



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HELLO! Wah so many new babies! I cannot believe how long I did not post. The past one year is ridicously busy. Been working till 4 am every day now but leaving on the 25 th August to France liao so YEAH! I will have loads of time to read forums and catch up on FB and all.

Really miss you bunch and am glad to see you guys are still here. Ok, back to work, talk to you guys soon and will try to read past posts to catch up. Hugs~



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smalldreams, lsntyl, lin> thanks for the well wishes. they are ok now. YH did get it from YX but in a much milder form. i'm glad that it's all over now.

firipy> what is didi's name? he looks like kor-kor as a baby. take care.

jessie> haven't seen you here in the longest time. have a safe and good journey back to France.

lin> did you have a hard time weaning little T off BFing? and he takes FM without any issue?

lsntyl> which sippy cup did you introduce to Alden? i'm thinking of trying that too cause' my nanny says that YH fusses a lot when being bottle-fed. she said it would be better for me to stop BFing, but I want to continue BFing as long as possible or until I get sick of it. it would be so wasteful to stop BFing when I still have sufficient supply. also, with the latest bout of HFMD, i am convinced that BFing has helped her to recover much faster.



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hi all, thanks for the well-wishes. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] getting abit more excited as i see the baby growing. lost 1kg though. :p

firipy> ur boy is so cute. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

jessie> nice to see u again. have a good trip. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

everyone do take care. weather very hot. usu HFMD will be on the rise.



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Hi Jessie, was thinking abt u! Cocomama, thanks, didi is called Cleytus, alot of ppl tell me the brothers confirm fr same factory... Haha! Xin, all the best to u n take care, I m so bz with Cleytus sticking to me cos this time rd I m going for total breastfeeding



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cocomama>we're currently using munchkin sippy cups. this is the one. http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Mighty-Trainer-2-Pack-Colors/dp/B001QXCF12/ref=pd_sim_sbs_ba_1

we actually went through all the bottles and nipples we had. tried similac (they have bottles in the US!), avent, pigeon. he rejected all. In the end, resorted to sippy cup and he took better to it. Now he can drink 8 oz from it. but of course need to slowly train him first. Lucky his papa so patient with him. I don't think I would have been so patient to train him to drink from it.

Gambatte with the breastfeeding. I'm sure its helping YH too. Don't give up breastfeeding just cos the nanny is grumbling about it.

xin>oh dear, eat more! take care of your health, k?

jessie>enjoy your trip! post more pix of pretty Arwen [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

firipy>yay. hope you have so much milk your freezer groans with the EBM. :p

When Alden came out, he also looked a lot like his brother. But now, they don't look so alike [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Hi Mummies...

My #2 is born in Jan10 and #1 in Jan09.

Just wanna know beside going to cc what other enrichment classes you sent your kids to?

I'm a working mother hence only left with weekend available with my kids. Untill today I'm still undecisive on where and what to enrol my kids for. And partially it's also due to the high costs...

After reading so many things in the forum, my kids seem to be lagging behind and not catching up with the modern bringing up. Will this affect their future?

We're just an average income hsehold, any mummies out there can help to suggest any budget enrichment classes?

Many Thanks. Cheers [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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firipy> how is Ayden coping with the new didi? you take care.

lsntyl> thanks for the info. wah.. Alden can drink 8oz already. YH will only drink at most 4oz. sometimes cannot finish also. she is a lightweight 6kg at 4 months. is Alden sleeping thru the night already? Your DH is really good with the kids.

AJFamily> my boy is not in any enrichment class. can't offer you any info here.



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Hi AJFamily

I may not be the best person to answer your questions because like cocoMama, I also don't send my children to enrichment classes.

I've also seen a growing number of young mothers home-schooling their children. I take my hat off them because I know I'll never have the discipline to do so.

But actually children don't need fancy enrichment classes to thrive. All they need is our attention, our time, exposure to concepts, etc, to be spoken to regularly so that they would be able to catch on their language skills etc.

My advice is not to fall prey and never let yourself believe only enrichment clsses can help children thrive and grow. Perhaps the difference could be seen when they are 4-5 yrs old but eventually they'll level up except the exceptionally bright kids of course. Seriously, I'll be alarmed if my 5-6 yr old kid starts learning multiplication.

When my son was 3-4, I didn't really push him so much. Actualy i didn't push him at all. I did some reading with him, bought lots of books every now and then. And to my surprise, at 5, he can read simple words and also spell things out. He can count pretty OK (for me), so I guess kids will eventually learn to read, count etc if u let them grow at their own pace.


How are you doing? so fun hor 2 boys!


Yo! I've lost track on which part of the world you're at already now. U're such a traveller! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


You too! How's it like working there? Ayden goes to school right? How much does it cost? Singaporean mommies seem to be complaining about high cost of childcare all the time.



AJFamily - For the last time I was considering enrichment class for my lil man, I have decided not too after seeing his progress in full day childcare. I think it is enough for now, and I rather let him spend the balance of his time play and run around. School life is tough enough in the very near future and I am not able to stress them at this early age as his CC teachers reminded me that they learn best when they are happy. So you can actually do a lot of activities at home at no or minimum cost to you too. In fact, I just recently found out that the Sports Council actually conducts classes for educators of pre-schoolers known as "Fun Start Move Smart" and they allow parents to partake in the courses too. This is also a good way for you to learn and teach your kiddos yourself too.

Smalldreams - I have NEVER dare even thinking about home schooling Bryan cos I think I will literally throw him down the bin for my lack of patience and discipline. Hahahaha!!! Jessie should already be back in France. Let's wait for her to settle down and give us more updates then. And yes, I was chatting with one of my younger colleague yesterday about childcare to realise how much we spend each year for this. Gosh, I was truly shocked by the amount even though Bryan attends the cheaper range facility. Let's see what the govt has in mind when they present the white paper in Jan for boosting the fertility rate. Hee...



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Has Bryan finished up his babybonus already? our is running out. and yes my kids also don't attend high-end childcare. About $275 per kid for PT childcare.

More and more mothers are homeschooling their kids. But I wonder how they do it. It doesn't have to be too structured lah, but they take every opportunity as a learning opportunity. Then afternoon is outdoor time etc. So fun hor. but too bad, im a FTWM, it's impossible for me to get home before it gets dark most of the days. I shall try to work from home more often. So busy lately [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

How are you liking your new workplace? where's the location?



Hey Smalldreams, we have not really touch the baby bonus except used once as the deposit for his childcare since deposit is a full amount without subsidy. We decide that we shall keep it for his use in school later on when things get more expensive, like school trips, enrichment, etc. For now with only 1 and both of us working, it is manageable for us to dip directly into our pockets. I find PT childcare really expensive and I really cannot understand the rationale for that high cost, so yes, Bryan is in a full day at $300+/month. While there is nothing to wow at the curriculum, but since Bryan is happy there and is learning well, I will keep him there for a little longer.

I guess you are right that every opportunity is a learning opportunity for home school kids. It's how we send that message across to them and how they pick up at different stages. I have to agree it can be super fun with a little planning, but we as FTWM just can't afford those little luxury in time. By time I get home, the earliest is about 6.30pm and I have to cook and get dinner served by 7.15. After that is a mad rush to eat and clean up. Play time is a luxury before we head to bed at around 10+. It's just so little time everyday.

My new workplace is opposite ITE Simei, at the industrial side. I am really neutral with this job cos I took a big pay cut to get something near home and the workload is much heavier than my previous. Ultimately, I don't see it as a job that I will stay longer than 2 years. Kind of sad to say that.

Hey, let's try to see if we can meet up with the kiddos one of these weekends for some play time fun. See if we can get Xin (before she pops next Mar) and a few of the east mummies along as well.



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Agree w ur tots on not overloading d kids.. Yes and let every opportunity be a learning one for them. I did consider enrichment classes too but $ is an issue at this point and I'm not sure if it will truly benefit my girl.

On homeschooling.. I'm also a ftwm, with v little time now tt no.2 is 6mths, he is demanding more attention than ever.. It's not possible.. But I guess we jus gotta make d most of whatever time we hav before bed to play, read & teach them. Now is d golden period for them cos they soak up info do quickly..

Anw thanks for d tip on d Sg Sports council programme. Shall chk it out.. And thanks AJfamily for bringing up this topic. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Hello Mummies..

M back.. m mindy.. Just have to come in with another nick now.

i guess most mummies here are popping their #2 already. Guess is soon to be my turn! 4-5 weeks to go! Woohoo.. But i have prepare a single thing yet! Guess that's the different between the first and 2nd child. Before Isaiah was born.. Before m 7th month pregnant.. most things are prepared.. n m going into week34.. i just bought new bottles only. hahha still cannot find space for my lil' girl who is coming very soon.. sighz.. wanted to pack.. but look at the mess.. very sianz liao hahhaa

Enrichment program.. i feel that whole day childcare is good enough for the education side. haha We brought him to library every week too.. let him run n pick his books.. n we will read to him at night and also let him do some activities book that we bought. He Love it! tracing the lines.. joining the dots, coloring and also using stickers. i bought him a glue stick n color papers n paper plates.. that will keep him busy for awhile.

But something we wanted to let him attend is the Gym class. I guess he is learning how to "exercise" in school.. everyday come home n running and jumping around n doing funny gymnastic

stunts n saying that he is exercising!

Is there good gym class around for them?



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Hallo mommies!

Yet been a couple of months passing by after I last posted. And ever happy to see this thread still active. We went and left Singapore. Ha. Even though it was lik 1.5 months but it really just felt like 1.5 weeks. I really must say I envy you moms in Singapore.

There's so much to be done back home to occupy the children, and to spend good quality family time. My DH was back for about 2 weeks with us and every single day, we had something to do together. Nat has started nursery 1 (in Singapore probably called pre-N classes) over here in Shanghai. It has been a month. I was so anxious in the week leading up to starting of school. Wondering how she'd fare in school.

A little voice in me also wondered if she'd cry because she hardly cries. And yes, she did. Whether it was out of anxiety, out of fear or mimicking her classmates, or expressing her emotions, she did. Cried for a good 1 week. Really, I don't know how you all do it having to put the kids in childcare very early because it was just so painful for me to send her to school every morning and watch her crying into class. I had to keep telling myself it was but a phase.

I lost sleep at night over it too! And then just one day, she just decided that she won't cry anymore. Henceforth, she was good in school, thank God. And thereafter, of course brought much relief to me. Nat is definitely thriving after she entered school. And mommy here has her little couple of hours break from her. So now ... next challenge ... to potty train her.

Oh yes ... Nat is still on diapers! By this age, most of her peers are already trained. I have heard so many people tell me to just let her go diaperless and she will figure out. Thing is this. She knows how to wee and poo in the potty when we take her to the potty at intervals. But she simply refuses to SAY!

Yes, probably coz we put her in the diapers so it's a comforting thing to her that she can do it in there. And probably she is still not ready? I will probably work something out with her teachers to see what we can do to help train her. Oh boy ... So how are the mommies coping right now? A lot of you must have been busy with number 2s. I am still on the crossroads between wanting another one and not.

I am actually comfortable with my life now and I cannot imagine going through the whole process all over again even though a lot of moms have told me that it is way easier with the 2nd child. I enjoy the time I have on my own now. It feels like pre-Nat days, which is something I didn't have for quite a while. Having a 2nd child would mean financially quite a load for my hubby too. So really ... gotta think a bit there. Mommies, keep me updated on your LOs.

Wanna see how everyone's doing.



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How's it being back to FTWM life now? Did Ayden cope well with childcare? So it's a full day thing? It should be turning cooler over there now eh? We are having temps in the mid-20s to low 20s now. Such awesome weather and hardly rain and SMOG.

Great to bring the children outdoors. So what does Ayden do in childcare? Do they teach the children? I have always been curious between a nursery and a childcare concept. Are they the same?



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The 1.5 months fleeted by and sorry I didn't manage to contact you. How are you coping with pregnancy and work and Mattias? You should have moved into 2nd trimester now? I am very impressed with the kinda things Mattias can say now. He's definitely very vocal and the homeschooling really pays off. I, for one, can never do homeschooling.

As it is, getting her to cooperate with me at home like keeping her toys is killing me. Reward charts don't seem to work with her!!! And every morning, it's like warfare. We have an hour or sometimes a little bit more time to squeeze in shower, wee/poo, breakfast and she will whine and say No. She basically just wants to do everything at her own pace. And no, we don't yell at her.

We tell her nicely or when time gets tight, we get stern with her. I have come to realize that at this age, they don't take to yelling anymore, don't you think? Because when we yell, they yell. When we smack, they'll smack in return. So I don't do any more of those things. But sometimes, DH just loses his patience and yells.

Can understand coz' after a long day at work, he comes home and sees the house full of her toys (I don't let my helper clean up for her). He will get really upset. I think dropping her off in school for a couple of hours helps build my patience with her too. Because now I have a couple of hours for breather. This is indeed a balanced life. I'm so envious that Mattias is such a cooperative kid when it comes to potty training.

Have you decided to send him to school in January 2013? I thought you were planning on homeschooling him? I mean, your hubby's doing a great job so far, I feel.



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febie - How have you been doing? Haven't seen you in the thread for a while.

firipy - Yah ... I cut her hair during summer and it has since grown out already. Admittedly, after I cut her hair, I kinda regretted coz' she did look better with longer hair. But whenever I think of the chore of washing her long hair or the probably of getting lice. I think snipping off was a better choice. Your younger boy is really handsome, what's his name? And how is your helper doing?

yuki - James looks a lot like Chris! FTWM dash ... hahahhaa, I like that and understand. I guess time is very limited when you're working and wanting to be with the children. As always, I am so full of admiration for FTWMs who work so hard and yet have 100% dedication for their children. How is Chris with potty training now? I really wish I knew how to make Nat express.

pauline - Yah ... bottle weaning is yet another thing I haven't done! Coz' Nat takes too long to drink her milk. Arrrrgggghhh. So now that both children are in childcare, have you gone back to work?



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Sorry I took so long for the reply. You know, I share the same sentiments as you for dropoff programmes for Nat. I was also thinking of dropping her off for some classes but I really don't feel she's ready. Coz' she always takes a while to get comfortable in a new environment and being alone. Like for school, it wasn't till she was very comfortable with the teachers before she decided that she would not cry anymore. So I'm guessing it'll be the same for enrichment classes.

And even more so if it's for a once a week kinda thing. So I'm wondering if she's older and has made friends, it might be better that she joins for classes where her friends are there too.



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How are you? YH should be turning 6 months soon ... following the dreadful solids stage eh? I call it dreadful coz' I still don't really like preparing puree. Hhahahaha. Even though equipped with experience now, I think it's easier. But still very mafan.

You know, Nat has grown into a fussy eater. I don't know if it's the age thing. She eats mainly carbs like noodles, rice and bread. So during snack time in school, there are stuff like wanton, omelette, pancakes, she'll refuse to eat them. Well, I can only take comfort it's snack and she'll come home to eat her lunch. But imagine if she goes to full day school and she doesn't wanna eat her lunch?

Oh man ... really. I look at her school's menu and it seems really awesome. Even I am hungry looking at it. They have smoked salmon omelette and potato croquette! Very happy to hear a smooth breastfeeding journey going for you. Keep it going!

I haven't uploaded pics of Nat in a while too. Been trying to capture her in uniform but every morning is a crazy mad rush. Hhahaa. YX is a sweet kid as always. Glad to hear the 2 kids having such a good r/s. You know, I have converted Nat's cot into a bed already.

And I laugh at the funniest places I find her sleeping sometimes. We have a sofa bed in her room too for guest. And I put some pillows below the bed in case she rolls down. Some days, she'll sleep on the sofa bed, some days she'll sleep on the pillows. And her bed is left mostly for her stuffed toys. :S And every bed time, she'll have her nonsense like wanting to read a book, or she'll remember very specifically where she left toy a, b or c on which part of the house and ask me to take it for her coz' she knows she's not allowed to come out of the room. *faint*

I'm sorry this came so late but hopefully YH didn't get HFMD from YX. It must've been a very miserable period for all of you.



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About enrichment classes:

My thoughts have always been this: Send only if your child enjoys. I know in a stressful environment like Singapore, where kids never have a moment spent at home, parents feel pressured to take kids to enrichment classes to kill their time or exhaust their energy. But if it is at the expense of spending quality time at home (be it with SAHMs, grandparents, siblings or simply playing alone at home), then I don't think it's worth it. While I understand that sometimes, with a 2nd child, having a toddler at home will be challenging but that's why we all have extra help right? I remember reading speeches from PM Lee during National Day Rally and also from the Minister of Education Mr Heng about how kids should enjoy their childhood (Pre-primary school days) and I am actually happy that they have acknowledged it. A lot have complained about how the education system has evolved and how kids are robbed of their childhood.

What has shocked me in the recent years is that kids in kindergarten have h/w, spelling, go for tuition just so that they can adjust to primary schools. Please ... let that not be true! As much as I love the Singapore education system for churning out who I am but I do think real studying comes in primary schools. I remember during my time, kindergarten wasn't even made compulsory. Not sure about now. Now, it seems like even preschools seem compulsory.

'Idle play' has become such a dirty word or taboo. You know over in Shanghai, some of Nat's peers are only beginning to learn alphabets, counting, shapes and colors while Singaporean kids have already progressed to using a pencil to write. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being quick in pacing our children. ONLY IF THEY ARE READY. I am very for introducing new things to Nat if I feel she is up for it or a new challenge. If we take a good look at them, they are but mere toddlers.

If you ask me, nothing is more important than building their social skills at this juncture and also helping them learn to be independent. I hear stories of how some primary school children in Singapore talk to each other these days and I feel saddened. They actually compare about cars, and houses they live. Whatever happened to discussing about what they did with their family over the weekend, or what they recently watched on tv? Although yes, this has been oversaid but I'll wanna say this again. I think the Singapore society has churned kids out who are very brilliant in academics because of all these classes parents exposed them to but it has become a little of overdoing it, don't you think?

It's like we know kids at this age absorb like sponge and we feed them with so much. As long as it's a class, we think they will gain something from it. But in the midst of it all, we probably forgot about the soft aspects, about spending time with family, about respecting each other, about caring for the people around them. I don't know after those speeches, if MOE will really seriously look into their framework or merely propose it to schools and see if schools will adopt. But as parents, we must always remember to pace our children. And let us think about what kind of people we want our children to grow up into.

I admit that I am guilty of succumbing into wanting to send her for this class and that class when I am in Singapore. The learning culture in Singapore is so strong and there are so many avenues for parents to groom their child, even more so when people are becoming more affluent with dual-income. I am often torn between wanting to be academically inclined or to pursue her real interests. Because there's always an inner voice within me that's very traditional. I want her to be able to pass all her exams, make it to a Singapore university. With that foundation, after that, she can go pursue what she wants.

So yes, while it's easy to always say let the child pursue what they want, I think we really need to balance it out and be realistic about it. I often worry too ... should there come a day where we have to relocate back to Singapore, would Nat be able to catch up. That is my one constant worry because schools here don't place as strong focus on academics compared to Singapore.



Hi Lamb, always great to see you back online with your many thoughts and sharing. Can't help but just need to sneak out of my work to complete reading what you have posted... ;p

Like you, I am in a crossroad on whether we should try to have a no. 2. While DH is really keen to have another kid, but cos his work schedule is so unfixed with meetings, events, etc. he dare not ask more. I am REALLY comfortable with where I am now, and the thought of going back to the bb days and now plus a toddler in hand kind of scare me. Bryan is the ultimate of 3 of us. When asked if he want a didi or mei mei to play with him (cos he is always bored), he will never fail to say "Bryan only". We don't even know who taught him that, but he has stand firm on that stance for the longest time although each time we asked him was really random and months apart.

I think Nat being a "fussy eater" is an age thing. Bryan picks what he wants to eat too and he can tell me to cook pasta soup for him every day. He can even specifically tell me "mama, cook pasta soup. No rice soup". Now he is also into meat and just last night, when DH finished all the beef for dinner, he was super upset and cried. Nevertheless, he loves all his meat items cooked sweet and sour (or rather what I call ketchup) style.

Kids having homework and spelling in kindergarten nowadays is a common sight. My nephew who is in K1 now has spelling in both English and Chinese every other week. There's even so-call term test, which I thought was crazy. His homework started in N2 and by the time he got into K1 this year, there was so much homework that he perpetually cried every night for a few months. I walk past the PCF opposite my place from time to time, and I don't even recognise the Chinese characters that the kids were taught.

Nevertheless, I have given up the thought of sending Bryan for any enrichment now as he will tell me he has learn everything already. His progress from CC seems really fair, so I will keep it status quo till he better understand the idea of these weekend classes.

I am more worried about his health nowadays, cos KKH had just diagnosed him as some "allergic asthmatic" condition and he seems to be alternating between runny/block nose and cough constantly. Each sound of cough he makes worry me cos if not monitor closely, it tend to snowball into some other nonsense which he tends to take about 2 weeks to recover. I don't even dare to bring him to anywhere crowded nowadays.



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lamb>so nice to hear from you. so many nice long posts lah. I like very much [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Life as FTWM is ok. We've a routine now so not so bad. Send Ayden to school, go to work, rush home from work, feed baby then fetch Ayden home again. When hubby finds a job, it'll probably change though. Yes, Ayden's childcare is full day. No choice cos hubby cannot cope with 2 bbs at home. Personally, I think its possible as I've been with the 2 babies alone at home several times but hubby just freaks out at the idea so whenever Ayden's childcare is closed, I will take leave. In a way oso good. Give us chance to go on mini-trip and spend more time together. Ayden cried in the beginning when we sent him. Then about 1 or 2 weeks after starting school, he became brave and would say bye to us eventhough can see he was trying very hard not to cry. That made me even more teary than when he cried hard for us not to leave lor. But now he is so comfy at school, he'll just give us a small hug than run off to his favourite corner to play with toys or read the books. The food in the childcare is ok. He gets more angmo variety like couscous, turkey, etc that we don't eat at home. N the teachers are very happy that he eats all his vegetables cos he's been trained to do so from young by my mom. He's still not very good socialising with the children and tends to play alone most of the time though. Hope that will change soon. N oh! He has his first crush. When we sing Good morning in the morning, he'll only say good morning to Abigail. He refuses to say good morning to mama, papa or didi now! Abigail is a blonde girl. Quite pretty lor. We checked with his teacher and they sing good morning in school in random order so its not cos he's used to Abigail being called first. So young already prefer other gals to his mama le. :p

I'm not sure what nursery in Shanghai is like. Ayden's childcare has music, dance, art and science classes on different days. But they mainly emphasise learning through play. During summer, they had water tables and sprinklers so the children can play with water. Ayden loved it. Cos the weather is cooler now, they don't have that anymore but will still play outside at least once a day. Normally when we pick Ayden up, they are outside in the playground so he's getting lots of fresh air. I think they don't really teach letters and prepare the children for kindergarten till they're 4 here but Ayden already knows his numbers and alphabets. Now, the challenge is for him to learn chinese.

The weather is cooler here now too. V nice to be outside.

Personally, I don't want both Ayden or Alden to go to Singapore unis leh. :p Think the system is much too rigid and there's too much spoon-feeding. N yes, my friends who have kids in kindergartens tell me there's even ting xie in class. So young already expected to do that. haiz. I don't intend to send Ayden for enrichment classes at all. Think childcare is more than enough and will rather he spend the weekends with us.

xin>your mattias is so smart lor. I wish Ayden is so interactive too! ZX is so good with him!

bigfoot>hope Bryan gets better. Have you tried sambucol. I find it really helps improve Ayden's immunity.



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big foot,

Hhaha, so glad that I can give you a little perk amidst work. How's work for you so far, btw? Bryan is amazing and so opinionated now! I mean, he can actually tell you he wants Bryan ONLY! Yes, Nat can get opinionated sometimes over food or over the toys she wants to play with. But whenever asked if she wants a sibling, somedays she'll say didi, some days she'll say mei mei.

Oh well, let God decide that for us if it's meant to be. Like you, it has become comfortable. And moving along, it will become even more comfortable. With their increasing independence, going to school, giving us our much needed space, we really don't feel like heading back there, don't you think? I'm so happy to hear Bryan eating well. Seriously, it's always a joy to hear children enjoy eating.

Really ... there are just so many fussy eating kids these days. Nat eats her food when given, but she won't tell me what she wants to eat etc. I think this trait has been since young. Whenever offered milk, she'll drink, she won't ask for more. Same for her puree stage too. I read about your nephew who cried because of h/w and I feel really sad and also fear for the future of our children.

I mean, is this what education is supposed to be? Instill fear? Yes, I remember as a child, I went through immense pressure during examinations because I needed to score, or at least pass for my weaker subjects. But as pre-schoolers, having to cry because of h/w and spelling is just ridiculous! Not ridiculous that the poor kid cries but ridiculous what the education system has reduced kids to. Kids at this age should be full of joy.

Tears only come when they're being disciplined, and not because of h/w!!!!!!! Well, if one looks at it from another perspective, it is training them for bigger things in primary school. But is it really necessary to start this young? *sigh* Yes, if you are comfortable with what Bryan learns in school, then leave it be. I think as parents, we all need to learn to know when it's enough for the child before it pushes his limits. And I guess it is often a big challenge to do that.

Because really, which parent doesn't want his child to excel and go to greater heights? If I think my child can go beyond 100m, would I not wanna try to push him to 150m? Or if he gets to 150m, would i then not wanna push him further to 200m? It's human nature. That's why I admire moms who have a very contented attitude for their kids' studies (not sending kids for enrichment and tuition), it does take a lot of courage and sometimes in life, that is enough. Because there are more things to pursue than just academics, isn't it?

I am confused about the term allergic asthmatic. Does this mean his asthma is triggered by allergents? Coz' asthma in itself is a condition right? I have always thought that asthma would flare up on its own. Speaking about allergents, I have quite become an 'expert' in this area. Nat has eczema and as with most eczema cases, we don't quite know the trigger points.

And with that, she also has pollen allergies and if the air in Shanghai gets bad, she gets really bad coughs too. Sometimes her coughs are triggered by the runny mucous that tickles the throat in the middle of the night. And the runny mucous is also derived from pollen allergies sometimes. So ... in view of this, what can I do right? I just need to diligently clean her air-con filters, her air-purifier filter, change her beddings regularly and freqently. Coz' I've read somewhere before once the throat gets dry etc, it is even easier to catch virus.

So in view of Bryan being allergic asthmatic, other than avoid taking him to crowded places, you have to do your bit to the environment at home. Try to make it dust free. If there are carpets at home, it is best to remove them as they trap the most dust. Try not to keep furry animals as pets as that might be a trigger point. And like lsntyl says, giving supplements like Sambucol is a good idea too. Hope he outgrows this soon coz' some of these childhood ailments stays during childhood only.



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Thank you for taking the time to read my posts even when they're so long. Hhahaha. I miss Jessie in here but I guess since she's already posting in FB, not so much to post in here, eh? I'm so so happy to hear how Ayden is doing in school and proud of him being so brave. It can get rather daunting if he is in the minority as well (What's the ratio like caucasian:asian kids?) For Nat's class, there are more girls and also more asians.

I totally understand what you mean by Ayden acting brave and how much worse it makes you feel. So your hubby intends to look for a job there? Then what about Alden? Is he going to infantcare there or something? It's so interesting to watch them show interest in their classmates eh? Ayden is really such a boy, havng crushes on girls, hhahaha, they start young lah.

You know, Nat is really talkative in class. I've received feedback from the teachers that during circle time, she likes to talk to this girl who sits next to her. They've known each other for quite a while because they were in the same mommy n me class before. And then during other activities, snack time etc, she'll be yakking with this other girl. Both americans, by the way. She comes back home and tells me about these 2 friends of hers.

Like they drank water today, what they ate today, what color sweater they were wearing. And it's interesting because I spoke to their parents and they too, were curious on what our girls talk about in school. I never got a chance to ask their teachers, maybe I should soon. Hhahaa. The teachers just told me that sometimes they talk too much in class that it gets a little disruptive and they have to seperate them! *faint* But it's really comforting for me, to know that in social aspects, she is growing, making friends in class, because this greatly contributes to her being comfortable in school as well.

But one thing that kinda bothers me is that the teachers allow the kids to address them by their names and not Miss so and so or laoshi. Because to me, this is a form of respect and it's important somehow. Are they like that in US as well? In nat's nursery, they have singing, cookery, art, science, math, speech & drama, chinese and english. But it's not really hardcore academics stuff. Like Ayden's CC, it's mainly learning through play.

This term, they learn math through the theme same/different. And for cookery classes, they learn to make lemonade, apple pie etc. And there will be a general theme every term. And also with each week, there will be an english alphabet/colour and chinese word taught. Science will be teaching them to explore with textures etc. They have outdoor play and PE as well.

Personally, this is what preschool should be. But I am aware of realities and I know this is not enough for Nat if we were to head back to Singapore. So on my own, I do try to coach her and only if she's interested. If not, I won't attempt to push her. I am happy to hear chinese phrases finally sprouting out of Nat's mouth ever since she started school. It's really weird coz' we're living in China and not only do I have a girl who hardly speaks chinese, she speaks chinese with an lao wai (ang mor) accent!

Looks like I have to work hard at correcting her tones!

Were you previously from a local uni? Coz' I wasn't and uni didn't seem like there was a lot of spoonfeedig for me. And I guess you'd know better if you were from there. See, I've always had this impression that local uni grads get good jobs and will be paid well. Myopic thinking perhaps but that's how I always felt and what I've observed from my friends who were local uni grads.

Perhaps I never got a chance to study in a local uni and hence wished that my daughter would be able to take that path. It's always like that right? We often wish our kids to not take the path we chose and wish for them to be more successful and have choices we never had. And it's expensive to have to send them abroad, with school fees and high living expenses. Weather is turning cooler and it's also time for shopping for fall/winter clothes for myself coz' Nat wears uniform to school now. I still have a lot of joy packing the summer ones and unpacking the autumn ones.

I am crazy I know. LOL.



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Hello ladies!

Yeah I like also, got things to read. Hehe.

Sometimes get tired of social networking sites too.


Why do you have to register with another nick? Your 1st account got suspended?

You're due very soon right?


I think it's a guy thing to be afraid to handle too much. But i think it's amazing your hubby can handle Alden single-handedly! My Hubby can be considered quite (quite only) hands on but he was nervous about handling babies. Only dared when my kids were above 18 months. Aifah still goes to my mom's place when I work on saturdays.

Little Lamb

You're not crazy! I get what you mean. If possible also I want my kids to go to the local uni. Both my husband & I didn't, tho my husband finally completed his post-grad in a local uni.

The fact that you wish Nat would study here means you eventually would like to come back and settle down here? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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hi everyone...ya all a sudden like so many posting to read...it's always vy interesting to read lamb's posting....

when we talk to our kids we can really feel that they have grown up...HW now has her own opinion on clothes, wat she wants to wear and how shd we tie her hair!!!so small but always acting like big girl...nx time headache!!!



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lamb>aiyoh, no need to thank me. I enjoy your posts although I can only read and respond to them at work. No time at home. :p I think the education system gets worst after kindergarten. A friend was sharing how his son would cry from his homework in Primary 1 and how miserable he would be in Chinese and maths classes cos of the expectations. Due to work, he moved to Europ and is now in the US. He said with the change in education system, his son has blossomed and now enjoys school. They were pleasantly surprised that his son apparently has a flare for languages and is happily picking up German in school now.

Yes, I studied in NUS. I also did my post grad in the UK so I've experienced 2 different styles of tertiary education. I would rather my boys do their tertiary somewhere other than SG as I find the SG unis are too rigid and spoonfeed a lot.

I donno if Ayden really has a crush on his classmate but she is the only one he's mentioned by name. He's not the chatty kind and its v hard to get him to tell us what he wants. wish he will be talkative in class! We're hoping he will open up slowly but well, have to be patient with him lah. In his childcare, they call the teachers Ms (name). But I think he doesn't really address them lor. Sounds like your preschool is pretty similar to his childcare. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

smalldreams>hubby no choice mah. someone has to take care of Alden. But he is good lah. Manage to coach Alden to drink from sippy cup. Now if he can only teach Alden to nap in a bed! Alden still insists on sleeping in the carrier during the day. At nite, he will only sleep in bed after he nurses from me.

Megan>hee, HW is getting prettier wor. next time sure a lot of suitors.



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U mean Alden sleeps in a carrier worn by your husband even in the day? fwah, quite tiring for your husband if that's so.

As for sleeping at nite only after nursing, sigh, that's common i guess. can you believe it, aifah still latches on to me when i'm at home. But for the past few weeks I've tried NOT to let her latch at night. so she falls asleep on her own.


haha, i totally get what you're experiencing. Aifah is obsessed with pants with pockets. Even pyjamas pants if possible, she wants pockets.

And jeans. She insists on wearing jeans under her dresses. Sigh. This girl hor. I realise she's like me. The kind who don't like girly stuff. but 3 yrs old is tooo soon to stop wearing girly things! :/



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Wow, it was really nice to see lamb and so many mommies posting here....I am also taking a break from work and had spent like half hour or so reading all the posts here.....

somehow, I do agree with how you gals think. We are facing a little stress initially from Luis school, where in K2, he has spelling with dictation every Monday, ting xie every Thu and coupled with homework from his English (LCentral) enrichment and CMA. There are many things to do with Luis every night. At times, he will be his usual well-behaved self and cooperate and other times, he would sulk and give us "black" face.....

As for Lucas, I am really glad that he is totally toilet trained, some days even at night. It probably helps that we will always ask his elder bro (Luis) to pee before sleeping and he does the same too....He also enjoys pressing the button to flush the cistern...haha! I am so happy to see all the babies have grown to be toddlers. Not sure if it is a phase, but Lucas also suddenly turned into picky eaters, refusing rice or noodles, but only eating the dishes (meat, etc.). He used to be very stubborn and refuses to be wear anything new (even if he had outgrown his sole pair of sandals). Then, all of a sudden, he became a totally different person, and wanting to be vain in selecting the shoe he wanted, the clothes he wanted, etc.



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lsntyl...tks..can match make wt handsome Ayden???

smalldreams..our girls hv their own dressing sense liao. Other than girlie clothes HW also loves her hair vy much, before she sleep she will brish her hair and dun allow us to cut her hair.

luvbabe...i guess ard my neighbourhood everyone by now shd be quite familiar wt my voice...haha everything shouting to get my boy to do his homework (actually most P1 dun really hv homework unless they can't finish in school)...though there's homework and test in school but somehow my boy still quite like school (prob bcos can play wt friends)...actually school is quite balance nowadays, they have hip hop lesson, badminton, drawing and speech n drama. Sometimes they bring the kids for learning journey ard the neighbourhood to learn abt daily life!!!



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smalldreams>yes, normally he sleeps in the carrier. he refuses to sleep on the bed lor. spoilt him le. not too tiring for my hubby lah. he can sit and use the pc and even do some light chores with alden in the carrier.

wah, you are good! I weaned Ayden off when he turned 1. Plan to do the same for Alden.

luvbabe>your boys are so good. donno when Ayden will be toilet trained. :p

megan>no prob if HW likes Ayden lor. She's so pretty. You will be a wonderful in-law. :p at least know can click with you.



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TYL> Don't worry too much....When Ayden is ready, he will be ready. Lucas initially was very resistant too....then all of a sudden, he just felt like it to be trained, though it takes a little effort from the adult too....I was so skeptical and bought diapers and ended up having to sell it at a great discount...

Megan> Wow, so early start match-making our boy and girl liao....

Yeah, I know P1 has no exams but somehow, I don't really stress the boy much and give him lots of work but my only expectation is that he enjoys the learning and not be overly stressed by it. Am still learning how to instill self-motivation for him to do his part in learning!



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lamb> so nice to see you posting here. you always have some thought provoking insights that will 'lure' the other mommies to post.

YH will be turning 6 months on 9th. In fact, I just introduced fruit purees to her last weekend. The first time, she didnt like it and she whined a little. Today, she almost managed to finish all 40ml of the apple puree.

I am so glad that YX dotes on his sister. YX just returned to school on Monday after a 6-months hiatus. The very reason we took him out was because HFMD was so rampant then and we didn't want to take a risk with a newborn around. Guess we can't plan much eh.. He still contracted it. And he did pass it to YH. My DH was finally convinced on the benefits of breastfeeding as YH's symptons were much much milder. She only developed some rashes on her limbs and fortunately, no painful mouth ulcers for her. She didn't show much discomfort and the rashes went away pretty quickly.

Yeah..Nat has finally been promoted to a big-girl bed. I so enjoy looking at her pictures in FB. She has so many expressions.

Wow.. her school's menu does sound very appetizing. These days, YX eats whatever we eat and I have asked his Nanny to cook for him instead. Since I went back to work in July, I have lost the flexi work hours benefit. But I am still grateful that I can work from home whenever required.

Does Nat still go to bed at 7pm? I still send YX to bed at 8pm, but he will want to sing, ask for water, etc.. and after his many requests, probably fall asleep close to 9pm. And I am still his bedtime hostage.

With regards to having a second child, I wasn't very sure before I had YH, but I know that 2-3 years down the road, I definitely wouldn't do it. Age aside, YX would have been quite independent by then and I would have slowly regained my freedom that I wouldn't want to start all over again. Now that YH is here, seeing how YX dotes on her and how her eyes light up whenever YX lies next to her in the morning, I am convinced that all the hardwork is worthwhile. And being away from family, I think it is good that YX will grow up with an additional family member.

lstnyl> Ayden can hold hands with YX where toilet-training is concerned. He will tell us that he wants to poo and sometimes pee, but will refused to do it in the toilet/potty. I wouldn't stress over it yet if not because my mom-in-law has been nagging about it. She told us that her friend's grandson refused to poo without a diaper. And true to her words, YX refused to poo without a diaper on. Made me lagi stress. Then when DH brought this up, I told him to get his mom to take over the toilet training. Anyway, I hope that when he sees his classmates using the toilet, he will follow suit. His nanny thinks it's because he sees YH in diapers so he resists going diaperless. Once or twice he asked to wear his sister's clothes.

YH is now ok with the bottle after I changed the teat to a faster flow. Is Alden sleeping thru the nite already? YH is still waking up at least once, sometimes twice. If she takes a good feed, then only once.

During my maternity leave, YH would also take her late afternoon nap only in the carrier because that is the time that I will walk the dog with her in the carrier. Luckily, when she went to the nanny, she learnt to self-soothe and would go to nap by herself. At home, she somtimes will still want to be carried to sleep during the day. With some exprience during YX's time, we are hoping to avoid similar 'traps'. Until today, YX still need me to be there until he falls asleep. Suprisingly, when I was in the hospital, his father sent him to bed and he didn't have any problem going to sleep on his own. These kids know who they can bully !



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luvbabe> it must be a relief that Lucas is fully toilet-trainned hoh.. I am not holding high hopes for YX to be fully toilet-trainned anytime soon. If he's toilet-trained during the day is good enough for me. He still wakes up with very very wet diapers and he drinks lots of water.

I totally agree with you about instilling self-motivation to learn. With all the talk about making changes to the education system these days, let's hope it will make learning more fun in future.



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luvbabe>not worried. just wish he can be toilet trained faster so I can save on diapers. :p

cocomama>Ayden regressed since Alden came along. Before that, he will go potty. But he's making slow progress. He managed to pee/poo in the potty a few times although not often enough that we can take away the diapers.

Wish he will dot on Alden more. He is ok with Alden playing around him now but will whine if Alden tries to play with the toys that he's playing with. N Alden always does that cos he loves his brother so much and always wants to spend time with his brother.

Alden is not sleeping through the nite. He has cough now and will wake up a few times at nite to fuss. so tiring at work. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

N I agree, with us being so far from the extended family, although its tough now, I think its good for Ayden to have another family member.



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Hi all, been very busy with work and haven't come in for a few weeks. Glad to see all the postings. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Little lamb> I wanted to MSG u on fb when I saw u post. But had no time too.

We're actually not doing much homeschooling. More of homeplaying, haha. Bought alot of tracing books and craft books but he play more with toys n cleaning stuff. But I definitely must say his father is doing a great job. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

They are growing up so so fast. Mattias told me hb one morning, "don't cook my lunch. Eat outside." can just imagine him saying 15years later, " don't cook my dinner. I.m going out with friends." scary.

I feel quite bad towards my second one. No prenatal class, very busy at work, no reading storybook at night, no singing of songs, no joining of mummy group. :p

, it's another boy. Hb said my face change when gynae told me and she quickly added:" can have a girl for the third one." heehee.

Very encouraged by cocomama and tyl's posts on sibling interactions. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I really hope mattias don't regress when didi comes, really enjoying his independence. Now he's even willing to slp w daddy at night. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] waiting for the day he can slp in his own room.

Mattias also not very sociable. There's a girl 9mths older than him in Sunday school who's really friendly. But just ignores her, and she'll complain to me. Haha.

On food, mattias still generally eat everything but his father has to feed him! How I wish he can feed himself.

Tyl> hope Alden is well alr. Is it turning cold? He's grown so much!

Mindy> congrats on ur newborn! I've also been thinking of gym class. But haven't found time to look for one. Was thinking of gg bk to gymademics, mygym or the one we got vouchers for the 1year bash.



Hi Tyl - Nope, I have not tried sambucol cos I've so many bottles of vitamins and what not prescribed by the doc and we have like never come close to finishing them. I've kind of let go of those bottles and just keep him on the simple Vit C. Despite the daily dose, it does not help much (or rather is worse off). PD suggested that now I should give him Vit C with zinc instead... Hmm...

Hi Lamb - The allergic asthmatic has become a term I used cos he is not exactly asthmatic (but much on the tipping scale), as whenever he coughs, he is diagnosed as asthmatic cough and he wheezes. PDs all diagnosed him with sensitive airways and infections he caught have tendency of travelling up the respiratory tracts, thus causing slow recovery. Allergy to environment is often an easy trigger to all these nonsense, hence even changes in temperature (well, from rain to sun and changes in humidity, haze and what not) can upset him cos his skin, eyes or nose will itch endlessly.



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Hi all! Thanks for your regards and also your likes and comments on FB. The laptop is in my kitchen and it was fun cooking and checking updates :D.

bigfoot : I think Arwen also have allergic asthmatic . Her doc said that to watch out for attacks in May and Oct. Hers was quite bad when she was 8 months to 2 years. But this year she only get the attacks in May and Oct! Now she is having it but I control it with the nebuliser machine, before she gets worst, I start the nebuliser so that it will not be too bad. Arwen is also diagnosed with narrow airways in her nasal passage and throat. Sambucol seems to work wonders for her really... I mean I started out of desperation in Jan this year and feel that when she is having a cold, fever or a pending asthma attack, she suffer less and seems to recover much faster. Now I give her religiously!

I think Bryan will outgrow it one day . I had the same thing when I was a kid so my mother make sure I got swimming very often to "expand my lungs".



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Lsntyl : Funny eh.. do you think kids born in Dec 2009 / Jan 2010 got similar characters? Arwen does not play well with others and likes to be alone also! But today at least I caught her smiling at some classmates !

Mindy : Congrats again! Mathilda is a darling!



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hi mummies,

back to silent reader mode all these while... saw the recommendation abt sambucol n tot of checking this out more... my gal has been on the flu/cough cycle every nw and then n no matter wat i tried, be it scotts cod liver oil or yummy bear/gummy bear supplement oso don help in keeping the bugs away... so when i saw mummies here talking sambucol, it makes me rather tempted to try out...

is sambucol a medicine to cure or its considered supplement? do i hv to consult PD b4 introducing it to my gal?

thanks in advance for the advice!!



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bbin -> It is a supplement and helps to build up the immune system . I was super reluctant to try because Arwen was on so many kinds of vitamins already. But one of my friend chided me for not giving ,telling me it is really good. Her kid fall sick like once a year! So I kick start it and now I give the Sambucol with Vitamin c version and cod liver oil that is all.

Not neccessary to consult PD, you can buy it easily at pharmacies.



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hi jessie

are u referring to the sambucol for kids? i was asking if nid to consult PD coz i saw in the kiasu forum that someone was mentioning to consult PD 1st b4 giving...



Hmmm... Jessie, since you and TYL have tried and its good, I will go check it out tomorrow. I am just tired of trying so many different types of supplement and they end up stacking around the kitchen cos they really don't work.

Lamb, one of the problems is cos I have a chinchilla at home and yes, it is a furry pet. I am not able to give my pet away cos he was been with us for 8 years now. This really puts me in a dilemma. Other than that, it is his few cuddlies which we try to wash as often as possible.

For now, Bryan just have to take zrytec at least once a day to curb all those allergy symptoms like scratching of eyes, neck... I really don't want him to end up wearing specs at a young age due to astigmatism from all the eyes rubbing cos that's what I suffer through.



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bbin -> No need to consult lah , won't die one lah unless your kid for some reasons allergy to black berries. Those mothers have too much money, abit abit consult doc.



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wah, suddenly so many posts.

jessie>I also find sambucol helps to improve Ayden's immunity. He likes the taste too so occassionally, he will pull us to the fridge and demand for his "medicine". We usually give him cod liver oil followed by sambucol.

not sure about the characters. I think Ayden is the quiet kind bah and we're so happy that he is slowly improving in school. At least will say the names of some of the gals in his class now. I will wait for the day that he also say hello n bye as enthusiastically as the rest of his class. :p Over here, they put a lot of emphasis on eye contact and Ayden is v bad at it. They also say he should be speaking more at his age so they are going to give him speech theraphy and put him on some program so he will learn to socialise more.

bigfoot>guess you know your boy best. it can be tiring to give lots of meds to them esp when they so young hor.

but I find these suplpements must give over a period of time. won't work immediately de. Although the last bout of cold, Ayden recovered much faster than his father.

xin>eh, i find Mattias v social compared to Ayden.

bbin>sambucol is a supplement. I only give Ayden cod liver oil and sambucol. nothing else. seems to work well so far. When he gets the cold, we will double the dosage to 2 teaspoons. seems to help him recover faster. otherwise, its 1 teaspoon a day. but we are not religious about it and tend to give him only when we remember. :p

this is the version that I'm giving Ayden. http://www.iherb.com/Sambucol-Black-Elderberry-Immune-System-Support-Liquid-For-Kids-Berry-Flavored-4-fl-oz-120-ml/16697 I'm told its cheaper to buy from US than SG for sambucol. If you have never bought from iherb before, I can pass you a code that will give you some discount.

I think no need to consult PD cos this is just a supplement. but if you are really worried, or your bb is prone to allegies, then check with your PD lor. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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gd morning!!


muz see where i read tat comment from... kiasu parents forum... so everything muz consult PD... :p


seems the one sold @ iherb packaging different from the one @ vitakids:


i presume they meant the same thing...

tinkin of buying a bottle to try out 1st, in case my gal doesn like the taste (unlikely hor?)... then will ask u for the code to get from iherb if 'pass'... thanks for your offer in advance!

btw, saw ayden's pic in FB b4... he luks the quiet type so it matches wif his character... hehe



Tyl - I am definitely one mummy who will forget to give him his supplement if it is not something I can provide on the go. You wouldn't believe it but Bryan is the one who remind me to give him his Vit C every morning now. It is those chewable kind that he takes as a form of "sweets" before going to school everyday. So I'll just drop all these things in my bag.

Does Ayden really need speech therapy as they just want to make him more sociable? I think he is generally ok but being in a new environment may have made up him close up a little. Sometimes it's also a blessing to have a toddler who is not on a verbal diarrhoea mode. It gets tiring entertaining them too.

I am already foreseeing Bryan to get into trouble in school in the near future. His childcare teacher just commented a few days ago that he is getting very mischievous and will run around in school. Sighz...



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Lsntyl : Arwen is also like that. Her teachers is now going to give her 30 mins more personal time after school to teach her commands and simply words. The thing is Arwen knows French and can understand but she just doesn't want to talk! I am worried also because she babbles alot still and can't speak much in one whole short sentence. She can be chatty but it is all babbles. I hope somehow she will improve, will try to lend more French cartoons DVDS for her.

Megan : I also think my neighbors sometimes think I am a siao cha bor, always shouting. The thing is.. Arwen just does not want to listen to command, always wants her ways. I have to shout at her to get her to do something. Drives me nuts but it works. Talking nicely to her does not seems to work at all, she just disregard me! Really have to reel her in or she will think she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She is an awesome kid, never bothers me but she need to learn to do things on her own, I feel it is another sign she is too pamper by her nanny in Shanghai! I see kids in her school her age, can pull down pants and pee in the potty their own, pull up pants and wash, all without their mothers! Arwen still wants me to carry her up the stairs! Pengz.