(2009/05) May 2009 MTBs

Ju, thx for ya feedback. I still have the bellamy porridge but Charlene dun really like. She likes jar foods so think I better stock up more of those. Will also try to give her the instant porridge occasionally. Think jar foods more economical haha

jaime: I bot my girl to the PD cos we ran out of med (all expired liao). I read some articles on flying with children saying must bring bb to see PD before flying in case bb got ear infection but my PD didn't check the ears at all leh.. he just said need MMR vaccine (that time only one y.o., hadn't vaccined yet) and flu vaccine but we didn't get them cos we were flying off the next day liao. That time we went US, i brought paracetamol, flu and cough med as my girl rather prone to getting flu.

dodo: i think korea should be relatively easy. they have those yummy side dishes! like beancurd, potato n seaweed. I think asiana is better than korean air cos asiana won the best airline of the year! I dun think ur boy can fit into a bassinet leh. my girl had problem fitting into bassinet when we flew a few months back. but will it be worth bringing a car seat for the short flight?

ilovesashimi: Hmm.. if u ask for plain porridge should be ok ba. I usually try everything first before i give my girl.

win: malacca should be fine. maybe u wanna try those resorts first? i find it super tiring lugging kiddo around to shop and eat, I'll need another holiday after the holiday. prefer those where we can relax and just laze around. mabbe u can try Avillion Port Dickson where I went with a couple of mummies and babies here?
maybe can mix some instant porridge powder into the jar food, i do it when i nid her stomach to tahan a bit longer. it does work esp when u r feeding those which are more watery. yea... jar food more economical than pigeon rice/porridge.
tiny m..i call j's PD...luckily i stil have the med at home..ask nurse to tell me again..wat is for wat..cant remember too many kinds liao..so no need to go take more med ...

win..ur frances' mummy is it?
i gg malacca n PD in end nov - what i did was 1 nite in avilion melaka and 2 nite in avilion PD...give avilion business
..the pricing for avilion is ok..but i think the best hotel in melaka is renaissance

they also have those boutique ones like hotel puri..but i dont think its child frenly though

if u wanan enjoy beach..there are those hotel that fringe the beach..not too far from town as well...i cant remember the name..went there many year ago...got nice pool n got beach front etc..
tiny m

dats why i still hesitating to bring my girl...holidays is meant for relaxation haha! i like your: need another holiday after the holiday, SHIOK! never been to malacca, see ur makan photos in fb makes me drool..

Avillion Port Dickson, dunno how to go..why not arrange & go together agn haha!
jaime, yup. woww after oz trip then to malacca, this is indeed another holiday after holiday. Cool!

i dunno how to go avilion melaka/port dickson. gota google and see.
that y that time i didnt go with tiny m, adv sport lor..coz my family gg liao..so cant be gg to the same place within 3 months right..

the OZ is just us n the boy, the PD/melaka one is also wiht my parents n bro..initially wanan go royal carribean..but my bro didnt wanan pay so much to be stuck in a ship..so in the end go melaka and PD lor..

i so greedy...my frens all wanna go haadyai..i so tempted to squezze in 1 more before i pop..but only left with dec, jan like tt lor..
win: i lugged hailey ard in carrier when doing crazy shopping in bkk. ok lei, not v tiring. u can bring stroller too she can slp better. but really, its not so bad. =)

tiny m, u went US w bb, sucha a long flight! wasnt it tough?
Juju: thanks for the bassinet specs. I did pay for infant seat which i think its bassinet. Based on the measurements, I think my gal is too long leh. Cham liao.. cos i book online and they only ask for the age of bb leh.. and it auto default to bassinet leh.

Jamie_Nov: what is diaper spray? sound interesting. You very cool leh.. you so skinny can lug Hailey on carrier!!
tinym, same here ! cant imagine need to carry a toddler for shopping n makan..they are so heavy now ! i think ur girl is abt same weight as my boy ya ? so aft the holiday we need few days break before gg back to work..we wanna go bkk for some shopping n praying..but hb keep pushing back till next yr...seems like we are not gg for any trips yet..

win, u can jio a few mummies here and go tog !
jamie, u are best ! can lug hailey in carrier n shop in bkk ! but i think bb girls are ok..they like shopping with mummy..haha..my boy dont like shopping..a while only he will wan to run ard..more tiring if i hv to chase aft him
porky, tt time hailey still not so crazy abt walking n running, so i can carry her ard to shop. but actually thr was 1 day whr i left her in the room with my hb so she can tk a full nap when i go shopping alone. much much easier. =) but ah, i tink if u carry on hand, u sure bth, so heavy! and if push stroller, bb sure bored, let them walk themselves, they wana run ard.. tough! lol!

ilovesashimi: instead of cream, i use the spray. comes out as liquid then i pat pat abit then pull up her diaper, done! =)
jamie, but u good leh..hailey so chubby n heavy u still can lug her in carrier and do ur shopping ! i cant lah..super tiring and warm, somemore jaeden dont like to b in carrier..thats why hb say trip delay
win, think u r referring to convection oven -- my friend had one and the function is not so good. i was thinking of getting the convection oven as no space in my kitchen to have both -- in the end, din buy any...

sei, thanks for your recommendation for the houdini strap -- it kept yuan2 out of mischief

re : toddler
time flies! yuan2 will be 18mth tomorrow -- today is her last day at infant care...

mummies, how's ur babies doing in toddlerc class? yuan2 was spending half day in toddler class for the past 2 weeks as transition... hope she will be ok when i drop her off at toddler side next monday!

re: gummy bear
any mummies feeding ur baby gummy bear vit C? where to get and how much?

sigh....my kitchen also no space.

happy advance 18mth to Yuan2!!!!!

Dun worry, she will be able to adapt well
adv, hows yuan2 coping at toddlers class ? jaeden will transit on 1st dec. i am worried tt he cant adapt also and need to enter from another gate which i think he wont get used to it for the 1st few days/weeks...i heard some took more than 2 weeks to walk in happily

re : gummy bear
i thot of getting those too..but now our tots can eat gummy bear alrdy ? those sweets form also can eat ?
porky, suprisingly, yuan2 is coping well in toddler class
she will cry in the morning when i dropped her off but one of the teachers will carry her and she will be easily distracted with food and kids ard her.

when i pick her up after work, she refused to go home *faint* coz the toys at toddler class r more interesting to her
she will pull my hand and asked me to sit down and play with her *haha*

hope jaeden's ifc teacher will slowly transit him to the toddler class... 2 weeks ago, yuan2's IFC teachers changed her sleep and meal times to suit the toddler class -- breakfast @ 8.30am, lunch @ 11am, milk @ 12.30 follow by nap, tea break @ 3pm and milk @ 5.30pm. And she joined the toddlers for tea break to get her familiarize. Initially, she was very cranky when she missed her morning nap. After 1 week, she got used to it

Good that she has one nap a day -- coz she will zz in the car on the way home
hubby n me can enjoy our dinner before she wakes up for her dinner :p
adv, so glad that yuan2 is coping well at toddler class. the principal has roughly told me wat to expect when transit from ifc to PG. naps will be cut down from 2 naps to 1 nap a day. meals time and menus are diff too. so far they hv not yet start to slowly transit. they say will start on 1st dec transit half day ifc and half day PG.

during weekends i only let jaeden nap once from 2pm-5pm..will request PG to follow this timing if they can...cos i dont really like the idea tt he nap inside the car and fully awake at slp time...end up he slp like 10pm+...so late
feb_mum, thanks ! but usually aft 2pm my boy will feel sleeping also..thats why weekend i will drag his nap time longer so he can nap till 4 or 5pm. so if PG put him to nap 12-2pm, then he sure cranky on our way home...
porky - give him some time to adjust to new schedule. i rem my gal was so tired initially. the moment my mum picked her up at 5, she wants to sleep! she has adjusted since.
feb_mum, ok ! i think it probably will takes 2 weeks to 1 month to adjust to the new schedule...now at IFC schedule he still needs 2 naps daily
long time no log in liao.. wah most of our babes upgraded to PG liao.

i still hvnt found any playgroup for my boy, he's still idling at home with grandma.

any mummies registered their babes with JulieGabriels and GUG?? still deciding bet the 2, any feedback?
Hihi i'm new in the forum, me too haven register my boy for playgroup, but have the intention to do so soon =) btw, any mummies here wanna take up any classes from the gym? i'm currently looking for khakis to go with, anyone intrested? =) Sorry if i'm abit outta question...

I register my boy with GUG. afew toddler here is on the same class too..
I not sure abt juliegabriels but find it good for my boy under GUG.

Mummies, what is a playgroup? Is it a childcare 7-7pm kind?
jamie, yes ! weekdays still 2 naps (10am and 1pm) each nap 1-1.5hr only

and weekends will nap at 2pm for 3hrs only

so i dunno if transit to PG, he can adapt to weekdays 1 nap or not...
hi BJY,
i just managed to get my boy into GUG for the last few lessons for the term. which class you all on??

playgroup is for 18mths onwards, can be flexi hours or full day child care.

btw any mummies still have the A-Z phonics that mummy poohwei shared sometime ago... can email me pls..TIA
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Hi mummies

Any recommendations for playgroup at Punggol? Been searching around for childcare for the past months but can't find any, its either no slots or not what I've in mind so decided to start her off with playgroup first.

Thanks in advance
Hi Mummies

Im letting go 1 tin of BN 1.8kg Gain iq stage 3 as my boy dont like it and am sticking on to Wakodo till he is 3yr olds.

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Hey mummies

rcv call that mil wana bring my gal over to my sil hse to play. they hv never gone out together w/out us and quite far. i kinda worried and yet dun want to tag along. shd i give the green light?
jas, she only say want to bring her go and play with cousins. didn't tell me how to go, wat time go and when back.....aiyo dunno her la. get my hb to probe lo.....sianz
if go by cab, maybe ok bah? prob jus nid to pack her a day bag to bring along, in case she forgets anything.
if i nid hb to fetch jodie frm cc & meet me somewhr outside, i hv to pack a day bag for him to jus pick up & go. even hv to put out jodie's clothes, socks & diaper
otherwise, he sure luan & forget this & that de
Juju, until now have not heard any news. Maybe cancel? Whahahaa!! Same with u, will also pack extra clothes when outside juz in case.

juju, i only know they tml gg. but how to go, wat time back etc, all these were not informed. dats why sometimes rather get hb to ask lo..