(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

hiya... been awhile since I posted. I'd my miscariage last Sep..eversince, been building up my health to try again.. have started trying last mth. Beginning of last week, I started to feel feverish and hot but my temp. is normal..also started to feel nausea. Not too sure if I've striked...cos my menses still not reporting yet..hee.. Will do a self-test soon. Really pray hard this will be a smooth pregnancy.

Congrats to all new mummies!!! Does anyone know any Gynae that are open at night and Saturday afternoons? I cannot apply leave every month to go for the monthly check ups and I work on Saturday mornings too.
Hi novakido,

I'm taking the Annum-Reduced Fat Milk Powder. I saw some in other forum commented that drinking Annum will cause one to gain weight fast. But as for me so far so good.

I'm not sure whether u'll like the taste. Some says the milk taste is very thick. But i find it ok as i used to drink alot of milk powder when i was growing up.

Maybe u wanna ask for samples to try first before buying? Try Enfamama also. Both have choc flavor too.

Happy milk drinking! =P
Wao! Nova, Congrats!!

So long nv see u online.. U preggy with #2 liao? Congrats!!

I'm now in CD15,still having "Spotting", when my AF should be clear by CD7... Was wondering if I strike or something. *Last week I went for jogging, and the spotting came quite alot.

So scare loh!! BUt just tested, -ve leh! Maybe too early? Cuz only CD15?
Hi carine ! Ya lor, i busy with many things.
Yup preggy #2 liao.
out of TTC thread le. :p

I also tested -ve when i miss menses for 1 day.
then tested +ve after menses missed for 7days.
puppylove, where to get these MILK powder from and where to ask for samples? I'm going back to SG in June and so gonna stock up!

Carine! Ya just graduated from TTC thread! Happy happy! CD15 too early to test leh? Be careful with exercising ok! Hugs...
Hi Nova,

You can get both milk powders from NTUC. As for samples, maybe u can ask from your gynae. I understand that some gynae give out free samples. =)
i just did a self-test... it shows that me not preggy..sobz..
Strange..cos my menses still not in action..haiz.
hi ladies, mi juz test BFP with 3 HPTs today.. also went GP juz nw to re-confirm. finally graduate fm TTC thread. tis is my first bb, praying dat tis will be a smooth pregnancy.

my EDD is 21Jan09. still deciding on which gynea to go. haf ur started drinking those milk for preggers?
hi bluberi,

i start drinking milk and i have tried enfamama for my first pregnancy but dun really like the taste although there is chocolate and white i had tried similac and is taste great.Have anice daysss
Hi Novakido

Ya, i am pretty scared that i will be the 1 in every 5 to have miscarriage. coz my health all along not so good. and the 12th weeks seems so far away....

I wish to sell away my Avent ISIS manual breast pump which I have just brought it yesterday night from Metro Woodlands (I still have the receipt with me).

Brought it at S$100.90, now selling at S$80 only. It’s brand new and unused except that I have opened the packaging. Collection at Yishun area/ Mrt. Pls sms me @ 9654 6800…

Reason to sell is bacause my hb had brought me the Medela Mini Electric yesterday too! He shld have tell me earlier… arrghh…
hi everyone!

Happy to join this thread! i'm a first time mum.. currently in my 7th week.

Hi Ong, I had spotting in week 5 and early week 6 too. my gynae gave me some medication to aid in building up my hormones. Things have been going well these days so far. Try not to worry too much, k?

Hi Sel, wonder did u see anything from your first scan? I did my first in week 5 but gynae can only see the sac.. no embryo in sight/ heartbeat yet.. wonder if it's too early?.. Í'll be going for 2nd scan next week. just trying to get affirmation that all is well
Hi shermei,

Thanks for the advice. Trying to relax myself and nt to walk around too much.

I just had my 1st scan last week, cannot see any heartbeat also...i will be having my 2nd scan also next wednesday.

Hope everything is fine for us. Your spotting is it little bit every now and then?
hi Ong

My spotting was little bit.. at times with pinkish blood.. now spotting has stopped *touchwood* but i still continue my medication just in case. all the best for ur next scan too! mine will be next tues.. very anxious..
I'm staying there too.. been seeing ur nick in renotalk and SPC if i'm not wrong... nice to see u here too..

hi shermei,
i did not see anything on my 1st scan (ard 5weeks) but abt 3days later when i go to get some hormone pills (cos i've hv some spotting), the gynae did another scan for me and this time, i was able to see a whitish area with a black spot in it. going for another checkup/scan this coming friday.. hope things goes well..
was rather worried actually cos i kept having brownish discharge, can actually feel it flowing out at times.. dunno wat's wrong with me.. have been taking my pills(folic and duuphaston) faithfully..

i've bought frisomum to try cos there's some promo coupons frm NTUC, $3 off a 400g tin... have nt started on it yet thou..
shermei, normally, in wk 5, you can only see a sac. after wk 6, you should be able to see bb and the heartbeat. i am now in wk 5, have yet to scan. will scan in wk 6.

re milk - are those milk really good? last time i took enfa mama - taste quite nice, but i still prefer fresh milk.
Hello Bluberi, I'm KS too! I've started drinking MTBs milk (Anmum) at 5 weeks! The day after gynae confirmed I am preggie. Milk is good for us too!
Started applying stretch mark cream too..although I get lazy sometimes..

Hello trima, not sure what is the difference between fresh milk and powder milk. Actually I prefer fresh milk too..but I guess there's no MTBs fresh milk...haha..

I'm at 7 weeks now, waiting for my gynae visit next sat..can't wait to see the heartbeat and how baby has grown..For now, I can feel my baby's heartbeat by placing my palm on my lower tummy...so amazing! You girls can try too!
i've only been drinking HL milk so far ;)
may consider on starting for the powder after my 2nd visit with gynae.

thanks for sharing, trima. feel rather assured now. looking towards my visit next week.
Blueberi congrats!!! Must take care leh... Stretchmark cream must start applying from the start. If you see stretch marks then apply will be too late! That's what my friends told me...

congrats trima!

Hi Ong, ya I heard about the 1 in 5 having miscarriage and I personally know a few persons and that's really scary, I was wondering what's happening to the human race. Is it the food we eat or the stress we have... But anyhows, please do take care of yourself, and have a balanced diet and avoid carrying heavy stuff, etc. Take care yah.

Any ladies travelling 1st trimester? Any tips?
novakido, thanks! tink later i buy the stretch mark cream after seeing gynea. i heard body shop shea butter cream is good?

u gonna travel during 1st trimester? mi go bkk during 2nd trimester, air tic booked before i knew i was preggie. supposed to go for late honeymoon in end oct but by then will be in 3rd trimester liao. nw gotta pay the travel agent $$ to amend the date forward n change destn liao.
novakido, i am travelling in 1st tri on business to India. barely 9 weeks then - however, luckily i'm flying business class, and it's for 2 days only, so as long as i travel light, should be ok.

bluberi - stretch mark cream - clarins oil is the best! used that for first preg, barely 1/3 used, but no stretch mark at all. i only started applying when tummy stretches. no harm applying early. think stretch mark is kind of genetic as well.
trima, thanks for ur info! is palmers good.. tink i heard dunno which brand of stretch mark cream can caused rashes.
bluberi - i tried palmers tester before. not sure whether it's good. maybe you can get a small tube to try? personally, i think clarins oil smells nice and is quite easy to apply. just rub some after shower, sometimes, i mix with some water for easy absorption.
hi all

mi should be at my 6wks+ now. Fix an appt to see gynae tis Sat. At AMK hub TMC. Saying that first charge will be $80 for NTUC member. Antenatal package can start from 12 wks only at $550.

till now, i still can't believe that i am soon promoted to be mummy...
trima, thanks for the info.. shall go n buy s small tube n try. still tinking if shd go n get MTB milk.

swan, NTUC member 1st charge is $80 at thomsom womens clinic? mi gt NTUC membership
actually wanted to see dr. adrian woodworth at sengkang clinic but today they are closed. tml oni aftn clinic coz nite time dr. adrian woodworth going over to CCK clinic. so bo pian mi oni gg tis fri evening. it's on first come first serve basis leh. izit the same at AMK hub clinic? i tot i saw fm the notice outside the clinic dat the antenatal package can start anytime? if we paid $80 for the first time, will they offset fm the $550 package after we signed up?

mi n hubby also still trying to absorb the fact dat i'm preggie coz we tot tis mth no hope, oni BD-ed twice nia.

btw, do ur always haf hunger pangs? mi been waking up early morning looking for food. i feel hungry almost every 3hrs.
hi, im in week 7. Went to see gynae yesterday and baby's heartbeat is detected. He/She is only 9.4mm ! i looked at my ruler and can't believe it. Edd is 6 Jan 2009.

I asked my gynae about drinking normal fresh milk (e.g. HL) and powder milk for pregnant women. She said normal fresh milk is fine but the milk powder is more nutritious.

Maybe you can ask your gynae on your next visit.
Hi sel,

Ya ya, used to roam around renotalk last time but now seldom go in already. Haha...nice meeting you here! Mercsboy is my doggie actually, his name is mercs....
Hi shermei,

I dont see any red blood though, just brown discharge, and always feel wet wet and want to change the panty liner. I have been taking the duphaston & folic acid also la. but i realize something, dont walk too much will be better. no shopping for me for now...sometimes feel bad that hubby gotto do all the housework.

so far i onli heard that dr adrian do offer package before 12 weeks. all the rest are not.

mi feel hungry easily too... but not every 3 hrs...
hi i am also Jan 09 MTB.. so excited. first time mummy...

"discovered" baby on 12 May. Went to see the sac already.. waiting for 29 May for 2nd appt to "hear" heartbeat, heee=)))
swan, thanks for the info... juz felt dat i get hunger pangs so easily.. on average abt 3hrs leh. really felt like a pig these 2 days.
hi mtbs..
i signed up package with thomson medical clinic once detected pregnant which is in my 6th week. Saw heartbeat, was so exciting.. and the first visit of $120 was offset from the package price of $650 which i thought is quite reasonable right?

going for my next appt on friday.. hope everything will turn out fine! =)

And yes, i feel hungry about every 4 hours. Can we still eat spicy stuff like laksa and curry?? anyone got experience?
Hi blueBeRi,
maybe different Thomson woman clinic offers differnt package? The gal at the counter told me its either $650 or $680 and only when doc said if the baby is stablised, then can sign up package.

chere, my EDD is one day before yours! =) so exciting right..


I am new here. Today I had my 1st pregency test kit done at home. Is positive. But I am having dark spot on and off since sunday.

What does this means? Anyone can advise me?