(2008/12) December 2008 MTBs

You can ask your gynae about PD? My gyane works with one PD, so that is the one that I will be using for my bb. Maybe when she is older I will consider using GP instead.

Hi Hi..still stuck in the office..sigh!!!

I also need to go buy nursing bra liao. Mabbe can buy this coming Saturday.. after my office hr since hubby working 24hrs tat day..keke

My colleagues was telling me the PD at United Sq not bad wor..Dr. Ong (sumthing like tat lar) but i will not go so far..will prob find one nearer to my place at Punggol or Sengkang.

Juz, actually me not nervous abt baby but somehow i m those that worry unnecessary.. tat's y i always hv different dreams.

Gotta go off liao..my baby kicking me signalling that I should go eat (cos i m hungry)..lately he's been doing tat alot, kick in the morning before breakfast, lunch time and ard 6plus to 7plus..hahaha
I see ladies
cos i m confuse.. once deliver baby, where to bring baby for injections etc etc?? As i know there is a series of jabs to take.

Think i lazy to go back to TMC and wanna find somewhere in east side.. GP for normal flu etc and PD if really necessary...

my gynae did not tell me anything abt after delivery.

Anyone staying in East already checked out the pricing?
punggol plaza goto ne kidslink. hehe.

u can choose to bring baby to polyclinic or pd for jabs. i onli know kidslink charges for rotarix n prevenar as these r d onli 2 taken 'outside'. d rest all i take in kkh. hehe.
sam so funny leh you say your kids are rojak haha Rojak but is nice! i like it! as mix baby is always very cute! my cousin marry to a angmo, baby so cute lor.. haha

Eh btw. is it true to work it out with ya hubbie in a cold country, then baby come out will be good? Im just curious hehe.

Ya doc adrian right? are u going to ask about the PD for baby?
Hi Ladies, tmrw i have appt!! yippee.. with a new gynae AGAIN!! keke.. this time going to see Dr M Hendricks.. hope i like her and will continue with her!

There is a 2 PDs near my place.. one is Dr Ooi and the other is a panel of Drs.. i think the place is called Children's Clinic.. i will bring Hayden for jabs at the Polyclinic.. if nothing serious, i will also bring to polyclinic.. will see PD at clinics only if its after hours.. but i will choose to go to KKH for emergency cases..

have you all tot of the jabs yet? i think polyclinic doesnt have 6 in 1.. i think they only have 5 in 1.. need to check.. keke.. but i will definitely let hayden do the rotavirus jab..

i feel so blesses that i dun stay with my ILs.. keke.. i have 2 MILs.. that would be scaty if they restrict me or anything..
Jialet i forget who is same doc with me liao hahaha Anyway to see a PD in TMC is it more expensive than see those normal clinic at your void downstairs?

why change new gynea?
i change gynae coz Dr Yeap my first gyane on leave 6th-18 Dec then the next i went was Dr Irene, she on leave 6th to 14th... so i finally changed to Dr M Hendricks coz she on leave from 26th Dec only.. keke..
If baby/children have any problems, better go kk, tat time my boy got lungs infection,persistant fever brought him to c PD at TMC, $90+ and wait very long, after taking med, no use, so in the end brought him to KK A & E, pay $70, incl of med, x-tray and much faster and after taking the med for 1-2 days, my boy ok liao. So now normal flu or cough, just bring him to c GP. Anything serious st to KK, dun waste my time and $$$.
Re Jabs:
I only heard my colleagues comparing prices of the injections from GP and PD. I did hear that PDs usually charge more than GPs... Price difference range from $30 onwards.
Not too sure how poly's jab cost compare with GP and PD.

Any idea is CSC card got special discount for jabs? If got then i rather bring bb to poly clinic. *Haha*
phyl lol.. wah.. isnt that tiring for u? to keep changing gynea? faints. hope you will like this gynea ba. hehee

BTw gals.. do you feel your baby like brushing your bones?? i felt it leh. it feels like my ger is playing guitar in my body! i felt her like brushing my ribs sia!... feels hmm quite pain sometimes. and is like i can feel the bones knocking on each other.
fabbie .. funnily enough, my 2nd daughter that was born in the States is super fair with curly hair .. my hubby keeps joking that I must have had a fling with the postman ... hahahahah. The USPS uncle on the base who delivered our mail was super old .. I don't think so lor ..

Snowger, I not so sure, coz mine is not CSC but what i know is i have to apply for a medical ben card for baby and that allows subsidized rates.. but i go poly clinic i will use my blood donor card.. that one totally free.. i can apply for my son as dependant..

fabbie.. i also hope so.. i very irritated with TPS already.. pay so much also dunno for wat..
hmm.. so 18mo is ok for playgroup i guess. I've this huge fear that my outgoing little boy will be 'tamed' by the teachers or worse, won't have any friends and that will change him.
Even now, when he befriends kids outside and some bochup him, i feel so sad. Dunno why some parents teach their children to ignore other kids. You ladies don't ever do that okie....

Dun worry so much about the GBS. The last time i was swabbed in the delivery room and results were back fast..within mins/hours (can't remember) and they had me on antibiotics immediately. According to articles, the best time to test is actually past 35-36 wks cos would be more accurate then so dun worry k.

I also don't think that age is a factor. My husband and i have been together since we were 17, ROM when we were 25, baby #1 at 27, #2 at 28. I believe key is communication.. To make a point to explain yourself nicely (the other person can't read your mind) and respect each other.

we also 11th anniversary. haha... but not marriage, rather since we've been together. No MIL horror story. For me, i can't spend time with my mum cos she makes me so angry... weird huh?
Sam: Haha, so funny!!! Your kids are really very mixed...i think it's a sign of times. Nowadays there're lots of inter-racial marriages & the kids nowadays wind up very "exotic".

Phy: Keep us updated about your checkup ok?
is Hendricks in tomorrow? I thought she blocked her clinic till Thu...? I'll only get to see her on Fri evening.
I'm with her too. Like her so far.. She takes the time to answer any queries you might have and put you at ease.

keke.. My sleeping little boy just walked in with his little sleepy blur face. So cute.. Just passed him on to be put back to bed.

My girl moving alot and really quite pain like "brushing" against my bones and if I lie down on my side, she will moves/kicks me at my sides, makes me so itchy like tickling my sides.

Really no appetite these few days, feel like vomiting, force myself to eat my bf everyday. What happen, all first tri discomfort coming back just tat with a much bigger tummy. Counting down to birth, still got abt 5 weeks to go, jiayou...

Had a root beer float today, feel so shiok , can douse my heat , feel much better st. away coz been having sore throat on/off for quite awhile liao.
you mentioned free bazaar on your blog.. Where/when? My friend trying to sell off her crazy collection of mint-condition storybooks as she's migrating.

Actually before also kids start to get 'mixed' but just that people not so open about it. Now more accepting.. My husband's great-granma jap married malay, granma malay married indian, mom look malay malay and husband classified as malay. Me plain old punj and our son dunno look like what also. (therein lies my insecurities that he won't be accepted)
llig, I will be sending my girl who turns 2 end of the yr to playgp. Gd to expose them to more learning at this age.

Went for check up ytd noon. BB is fine, weighing at 1.9kg at 32 wks plus. The last check up bb is head down but nw head up. Hmm..

Gynae asked nurse to take my blood pressure manually cos she wanted to cfrm my blood pressure is not on the hi side. She mentioned she had 3 mummies delivered at 33 wks cos of hi blood pressure.

I too can feel my little girl brushing my ribs.. can be quite painful.. but I usually massage that area and then she'll stop and kick somewhere else... Hahah!! But I dun like it when she's pressing on my pelvis.. Make me wanna go and pee even when there is nothing in my bladder...

I dun think u have to worry about ur child being accepted..People are becoming more open... For me most of my school days were spent with kids whose heritage were too mixed up to even think about it!! Happens when you come from a convent.. and we got along just fine... In fact I really enjoy the many differences that my frens can offer...

Must have faith in ur parenting/teaching skills.. =)
i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

email: [email protected]
Morning gals,

I should be bringing my baby to a PD at Bukit Batok. My son see this PD as well. Will take the jab there also. For my 1st boy i bring him to polyclinc for the Hep B jab. But the nurse like so rough my boy cry like nobody business. This PD is gentle with jab. So far so good. Try to change my boy to the CCK PD but see once nia the med dun work for him. My boy is currently 32mths so far havent bring him to GP yet.

the clinic is call The Baby amd Child Clinic. It at Blk 644 Bukit Batok Central. There is only PD at that area. The PD is a very thin lady. She is very gentle with jab one.

Everything i go i will ask for sample FM from the counter. U can get it free there.
Gerry - i'm concerned coz of pantyliners get yellow n wet often. nm, i have the test at 37 weeks lor... i don't think i will pop that early.

Jazlyn - my hb is my primary school classmate too.

emeraldbride - i see. i worry a lot too, but not really a lot of dreams, just wake up often.

llig - i see. haiz, explain nicely n clearly doesn't help in my case. the free bazaar is actually held in my colleague's fren's house. that fren got a v huge house at Expo area and they can set up 10 booths in the pouch. they publicise through flyer, not certain response will be gd or not. when my colleague is in at work, i can help to ask her if any booth left. it's on coming Sun 19th Oct.
Good morning ladies.. this is the reply i got from the pupsik seller..

"Nice to hear from you again. I just delivered over the weekend and came back from the hospital! =))

Thanks for letting me know about your friend's queries on future BPs for the pouch. I will likely be organising one in November so do ask them to keep a look out! Other sprees like our beansprout pillows (ne designs) also coming up in 1-2 weeks! =))"

llig issit.. but i got the sms reminder thing and no one called me to inform me abt anything leh.. if i go and kena bang i will scream at someone.. coz today i'm home coz i assume i will be given MC!! later no dr see then how??? Blardy TPS.. i call them now!!
Why your daughter born with curl hairs meaning fling with postman? all postman in states have curl hair? Lolx

Yeah.. same here.. baby is like playing guitar inside our tummy!! If you cant eat.. at least eat abit something that you like ba. I do feel like vomiting at times and no appetite. but after a while will be okai le.

For me i dun like she playing with my ribs and pressing on my pelvis. hard to walk lar.. haiz..

Btw. i felt my below quite pain is not the pelvis is my skin! aiyo. i think is stretching!?! i wash with soap i can feel its burning. I mean i feel my skin is tearing.. do you all have experience?
wah.. i called TPS to ask them they told me that my appt has been changed to 21st.. then i started screaming at them telling them no one informed me! then i said i even got a sms reminder for my today's appt..

well.. then the girl went to ask her head nurse or whoever la.. then the other person say can come..

i asked who will be seeing me.. they say Dr hendricks.. so i told them if i make my way there and she is not seeing me they just watch out and see what kind of scene i will create!!

i even ask the girl why i bother paying so much for such crap!!!

angry liao!!! terrible!! i will lodge a complain to their business centre!!! totally not acceptable lor!!
Am looking around for resale flat near mine mom as she will be taking care of baby.

Just that we saw this beautiful flat which is quite nice but of low floor. The couple stay there for about 3 yrs only. There is a 2yr+ kid. Was so sad cos I think the wife has pass away.

Just want to share.
Thanks Phyl! Me go n ask my colleagues who hv kids. Maybe should ask my hubby go donate blood liao...*Haha* Me scared of those big needles lah!

got wierd discharge or not? If got maybe is infection? Else it could be abrasion lah...

2 more days to seeing gynae!!! *Never been so excited to spend money seeing doc manz!* You got any qns for doc? I can ask tis saturday!
I am also seeing my gynae this Saturday. I think my gynae and your gynae same clinic.. mine is eunice chua. might bump into you, but have not seen you before.

Anyone going for Mrs Wong's class this Thursday?
snowger dun have weird discharge leh. but is like skin is burning. feel like tearing. i touch it. its very painful lor.. is not inner skin. is outside skins are burning and feel like tearing de... whats abrasion?

phyl relax relax.. btw. whats TPS? which gynea is they are from. sounds so jialet de.
fabbie.. the gynae is nice.. its those ppl working there!!!!!!!

byebye.. i go TPS now liao.. i will REALLY give them a piece of my mind later!!! wat nonsense!!
actually KKH have quite a few good and nice doc. Just that the service there not very good lar.

I give birth to my No 1 at KKH. That time service was good maybe cos i stay 1 bedded and give birth on the 7th day of CNY. So can see that all the nurse like good mood like that.
fabbie, go see a doctor? Sounds serious leh..dun play play hor..

phyl, did u visit her blog? i tink is pupsikstudio.blogspot.com. This lady's tummy very big leh.. hehehe, but her first daughter is very very pretty.. i read it yesterday!!

going to suntec later!!! Hehehe, now still tinking wat to eat for lunch..
Phy: Hopefully Dr. Hendricks is really there to see you. If not, i think you have a right to kick a fuss! Imagine you taking leave & going all the way to KKH & cannot see your gynae. Rubbish!

Llig: Don't worry...people are now very accepting of mixed kids. Personally, i find them very fascinating cos they have ancestors from many different races/countries!

Fabbie: I have this feeling too but when i don't walk or stand so much it goes away. My gynae said it's water retention. Do you use pantiliners?

2nd baby: Are you out for PSLE marking? You posted so early this morning!!! Hee...
Oh.. then must scold lar. or complain to the gynea. or get the gynea's hp number. just to double confirm. =)

we cannot do anything about it man.. =( maybe put lotion lor

doc say its normal. cus its stretches your skin. but sometimes i feel my skin is burning. it the outter area. maybe later i go home i put some lotion ba. cus i can feel its tearing and expanding lor. Eh.. i tout u going for 4D scan? where's your video i wan to see! hehe Tout ya hubbie going to give u for a present is it?

Ya got pain killers but i dun wan.. is better not to take lor. just bear with it. maybe will put some lotion to smooth the skin or maybe sketch marks lotion? LOLX

Today so blur sia. i eat my usual medicine everyy morning at work. then later i go refill water come back. i forget which med that i just ate. -__- so in the end i eat again. Hope i didnt eat twice of my foil acid and iron pills. =S
Hehe... Heard Eunice Chan is good! My colleague's wife is seeing her. My appt is 9am, urs?

Seems like Lovelangel just gave u a medical reason for the pain... Dun anyhow put stuff below there uh. But I did hear that olive oil is ok. Some pple use it to massage the "skin" there to prevent epi...

Weird ah. water retention can be so pain de? Infact i did ask doc. he say its expanding lor. I didnt put stuff below there leh besides panty liners. wait. si mi si epi??? haha duno baby lotion or stretch marks got help anot.