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(2008/12) December 2008 MTBs

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by luthadel, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi All,

    I've just tested and got a BFP!! My EDD is 02Dec08 and I hope to meet more MTBs in this thread so that we can go through this amazing journey together [​IMG]


  2. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Hiya... LuthAdel!!Congrats!!

    me same as your EDD 02/12/08. Since it was still early so I went to join Nov thread to learn more.
    Typically, they say that 1st child would be early also rite?

    Is this your first pregnancy? BTW, when will you be seeing your gyne??
  3. shirley_ang20

    shirley_ang20 New Member

    mine oso 2 Dec 2008 =)
  4. shals20

    shals20 New Member

  5. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Welcome and congrats Shirley!

    Is this your first pregnancy?
  6. shirley_ang20

    shirley_ang20 New Member

    Thanks bunni. =D Yeah, this my 1st pregnancy. How abt urs?
  7. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi All,

    Congrats to all Ladies here!!

    Bunnipet & Shirley, so nice to share the same EDD as you girls! I'm sure we'll have lots to share in our amazing journey [​IMG]

    This is my 2nd pregnancy and the 1st ended at 10.5 weeks in Dec 07, it was a blighted ovum so I had a natural miscarriage.

    So you can imagine my feelings now, a mixture of happiness and worries. My doctor appointment is scheduled for 08Apr as my gynae is currently on vacation.

    Hey any of you ladies have experience with Dr. Yvonne Chan at TMC? Heard she is very caring and nice.
  8. poohbaby1223

    poohbaby1223 New Member

    to all dec08 mtbs, congratulations!! I'm from dec07 mtb thread, so fast liao, 1 yr ago, I have the same feelings like most of u mtbs here, enjoy the pregnancy, ya?
  9. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Linda

    Thanks for popping by [​IMG] So hows the feeling of being a new mum?

    Do share with us your experiences as I'm sure we are mostly totally new to the experience and the many changes that are happening to our body and our sanity! hahaha
  10. poohbaby1223

    poohbaby1223 New Member


    No prob, hehe! Being a new mum is now more enjoyable cos my bb is coming to 4 mths, he already start to laff, baby talk, flip, sleep thru the nites, etc. though may have to attend to bb most of the time if bb sick or cranky, but nevertheless, this is the going-thru journey, ;).

    If you will ask me what i missed most during the pregnancy, i think it will be my bb's kicking inside my tummy ahha!
  11. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Hi Linda..

    thanks for the encouragement!! Wow.. 4 months is cute. Can start weaning already rite? I love to play with my niece and nephew when they were that age!!

    LuthAdel: sorry to hear about your miscarriage.
    I also had a miscarriage last year in April. So after almost a year of trying, finally managed to conceive. Definitely understand your feelings.
    I am with NUH. My scan scheduled only on 14/04. My mum wanted the hospital near her place. Though Thomson is nearer to mine.

    Shirley: what about you? Have you made an appt with your gyne?

    What are the signs and symptoms that you guys are having now? I am having cramping and keep waking up in the night!!
  12. poohbaby1223

    poohbaby1223 New Member

    Hi bunnipet,

    I only intend to wean him off when he is 6mth old. cos i read from the article that a bb shld be on solid from 6mth onwards. The nutrients from the milk is sufficient for the bb till 6mths.

    It's normal to have cramping, i used to have that too when i just got pregnant, [​IMG]
  13. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Bunnipet

    I'm currently with Dr. Kee from Thomson Medical as he also has a clinic at Jurong Point that start at 7pm. So that kind of work well for me as I don't have to take leave for checkups.

    Well, my symptoms are :
    1. Gas & Burps....man thats the worst & most embarassing!
    2. Cramps. Mine is more like a specific spot, sometimes more to the right and sometimes left
    3. Sore breast, although my right is more painful than the left
    4. Get hungry really fast

    What about yours?
  14. shirley_ang20

    shirley_ang20 New Member

    Hi Bunnipet,

    I will be seeing my gyane on 14/4 at KKH but my HB tot of changing to TMC cos nearer to our hse.


    My symptoms is almost the same as urs. haha.. my the gas in my stomach makes me feel nausea sometimes.. haiz..
  15. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Shirley

    I keep having stuff coming up to my throat, not a pleasant thing but luckily it is not the gastic juice.

    Anyone of you feels that your tummy has sort of pop out? I'm beginning to show a little tummy which is quite surprising at this early stage.....hmmmm
  16. cutienottikitty

    cutienottikitty Active Member

    hey ladies... just popped by to see..doubt i'll be joining u lucky ladies anytime soon...

    anyway, if u feel like gastric juice coming up or just feel really bad and wants to puke... a solution is to take a piece of plain bread... cos the soda in the bread will neutralise the acid and the bread itself will soak up the juice... so even if u vomit... u will not hurt ur throat and teeth with the acid... but most of the time...it will calm ur stomach down...

    also, 3 cheers for having MS...cos it means that ur body is producing lots of hormones... very stable pregnancy...

    so enjoy ur pregnancy ladies!! I envy all of u!!!
  17. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Cutie!!

    Lots of baby dust to you! Who knows, you may join this thread earlier than you think ;P

  18. babyhope

    babyhope New Member

    Hi MTB
    I have the book "what to expect when expecting" 3rd edition which I bought just last year when I am expecting. Retail is $24.90 but selling it now at $15, still in good condition.
    Interested, please pm me.
    All the best to your motherhood journey.
  19. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Hi LuthAdel and Shirley...

    I do not really have craving but like what LuthAdel said, somewhat get hungry easily especially in the night and early morning. Worse thing is I keep wanting to eat instant noodle which my hubby barred!

    I dun feel bloated. But I do feel as though my tummy is very heavy. Fortunately, I just happened to take leave these two weeks. So trying to rest also, partly cos of the 1st pregnancy scare.

    I happened to work in labor intensive place coupled with radiological stuff. So good to keep away also!!
  20. kath80

    kath80 New Member

    Hi Girls,
    I just miss my period for a day or two. Just tried the commercially available test kit and it is positive. Don't want to get my hopes too high yet, cos I read about chemical pregnancy.

    I would like to find out from you, when is a more appropriate time to test?
    When should I engage a gyne?
    Should I go to the gyne to test or any GP will do?

    Cross my fingers.
  21. 24seasons

    24seasons New Member

    Hi all, same as Katherine, I also missed my period for not many days.. 5 days and ytd I tested and its positive!

    Is it accurate?
  22. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Hi Katherine and Seasons!!

    Congrats!!! I think most commercial HPT is accurate
    as one day of missed period if you are a regular.

    Typicall gyne would see you on 6th week of pregnancy and do a scan for you. To check your pregnancy week, you could use an online pregnancy calculator. Meanwhile, do start on folic acid. You can get this over the counter in most pharmacy. The cheapest is at NTUC unity. They are selling 100 tablet for less than $3.00.

    Welcome aboard!
  23. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Katherine & Seasons,

    Congrats & Welcome !!!!

    Haha, good tip Bunnipet! I did not know that I could buy folic acid over the counter. Should get myself some rather than getting from the Gynae.

    This morning I was trying to put on my pants and realised that I cannot button !!!!! Shit, so fast my tummy is popping inches. Anyone of you have the same problem?
  24. princess_j

    princess_j Member

    hi mummies,
    I'm from april thread. hv xtra desitin cream (creamy) to let go. email mi if interested.
  25. blessedbaby

    blessedbaby New Member

    Hi mummies & MTB,

    I am a mum from Jan 08 thread. I have a Medela DUAL breastpump Mini Electric Plus for sale. I only used it for 1 time as i decided to be a full time mum and will let my bb latch on directly.

    I still have unfilled warranty card, which you can fill it by yourself and send it back to Medela in S'pore. I bought this pump in Dec 07, and gave brith in Jan 08. In excellent consition.

    Picture of the breastpump: http://www.medela.com/ISBD/breastfeeding/products/plus.php

    Price: S$200 (brand-new is selling at S$305.90 at major department store and Mothercare). I can come with free gift too (Medela Purelan 100 & Infrared Thermometer 4 in 1)

    Pls PM me if you are interested.

  26. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member


    I also felt that my jeans were somewhat tighter. So swap to wear dresses and skirts these few days. I dun really see a tummy popping out but feel that my lower abdomen is very heavy.

    Anyways, went to Mothercare to buy extender (hehe!) so that I can still wear my fav jeans. I am a jeans person. They cost around $30ish for 4 pieces of belt and 3 pieces of cloths.

    Today, not sure why, but dun have the appetite. Just drank milk for lunch. No nausea / vomitting.
    Beginning to have more and more aversion to food.
    Anybody have different signs and symptoms than the usual?
  27. snowbelle

    snowbelle Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm from the Feb 08 MTBs thread... I have the following for sale...

    1) PIS Advanced

    I bought my PIS Advanced on 20th Feb 2008, only use for a month plus. It's as good as new. Never use the backpack before, zips are still wrapped. The set also comes with an equipment that can convert it to manual pump, it is not used at all.

    I'll be throwing in the following items if you get from me.

    - 1 box of Medela disposable bra pads (30pcs)
    - 1 box of Medela breastmilk bags (20pcs)
    - 1 Nuk latex vented teat (0-6months)
    - 1 tube of Medela PureLan 100 (ony used 2-3 times, as good as brand new)
    - 1 $10 voucher valid till 20 May 2008 (min purchase of $50)

    2) Pigeon Manual Breastpump (brand new)

    3) 2 boxes of Pigeon Disposable Breastpad (36+6pcs)

    4) Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield (brand new)

    5) Pigeon Nipple Puller (brand new)

    6) Pigeon Breast Care Gel (brand new)

    7) Pigeon Body and Stretch Mark Cream (brand new)

    8) New Mama Bottom Spray (brand new)

    9) Klorane powder shampoo (brand new)

    Email me at slyio76@yahoo.com.sg if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  28. kath80

    kath80 New Member

    hee....seasons.....I think the test pretty accurate. My hubby not convinced about the clear blue test results and I went to get the doc's confirmation. Seem pretty accurate. Dunno if it is psychological or what. I kept going to the washroom and feel hungry and bloated easily nowadays. So pants a bit tighter.

    Thank you bunnipet. My last period in 29 Apr. the doc told me I am 4.5 weeks but the online told me I am in the 4th week. Any good gyne to recommend? Anyone heard anything about Dr Yeoh Swee Choo from Mt E?
  29. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Hi Katherine..

    Congratulations!! Sounds like you have similar signs and symptoms with some of us. So dun worry about it. Enjoy the pregnancy!! Mum told me to eat more before the morning sickness sets in like in week 6-8.

    Your last period is 29 Feb is it? http://www.intmed.mcw.edu/clincalc/pregnancy.html
    Based on this website, you are 4 weeks and 6 days today. Sounds about there huh?

    I am not sure about that gyne. Maybe can check what other people say in this forum. I am with NUH. Used to be with raffles (Dr Tony Tan). I found his explanations very good but his rates pretty ex. First consult was like $200. Saw him a couple of times when seeking for second opinion.
  30. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    So excited to update. Went for my 1st check up to with Dr. Yvonne Chan at TMC, my goodness, she is so gentle & caring that both my husband and I felt so at ease. Will definitely stick to her for my pregnancy.

    Anyway, had our scan and based on calculation, I should be around 5wks3days and should only see a sac. Guess what, we saw the gestational sac with a nice round yolk sac in it!!

    If you are keen, try Dr. Yvonne Chan. I had a v-scan today and it felt nothing! The previous 2 gynae that I went to was so rough that I had to "ouch" outloud when they put the scan in.

    I will be seeing Dr. Yvonne Chan in 2 wks time and hopefully, my baby will grow as schedule [​IMG]
  31. teragram

    teragram Active Member

    Hi LuthAdel,
    First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! I'm from the June 08 thread and was just looking at the other threads when I saw ur post. [​IMG] Just wanted to tell u that you are in safe hands with Dr Chan cos I am also seeing her and feel really comfortable with her. I had quite an unstable 1st trim but thanks to her expertise, I am able to make it to my 3rd trim now. [​IMG]

    Here's wishing u a smooth and enjoyable motherhood journey! [​IMG]
  32. shirley_ang20

    shirley_ang20 New Member


    Is Dr Yvonne a sernior consultant? How much is her fees when u saw her the 1st time?
  33. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi Tera,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and I'm glad that you're stable now. Due to my previous unsuccessful prenancy due to blighted ovum, my husband & I was really afriad that we won't see anything again. But thank God that we can see our little one.

    Hi Shirley,
    Dr. Yvonne Chan has her own clinic located #06-06 at Thomson Medical. You may want to give her a call to check the details (price for scans, checkup etc..). The nurses there are very nice too.
  34. teragram

    teragram Active Member

    No prob at all. [​IMG] Really happy to hear that it's working out well for you this round of pregnancy. Stay positive ya? [​IMG]
  35. summer_bb

    summer_bb Active Member

    Hi all,
    I have a BN BabyCentre Essential Guide to Pregnancy & Birth for sale. It's a week-by-week guide on foetal and baby development including mummy's diet. Letting go at $18. Pls PM me if keen.

    I also have a few tins of Similac Mum (non-fat) to let go at $17 per tin. Pls PM me if keen.

  36. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    Hi Luthadel and tera, I am with Yvonne Chan for my 1st preg. She is very cool and nice. The nurses there are also very friendly. Dr Chan is a very experienced gynae. She dun look like her age actually. As what Tera says, u will feel very safe in her hands.
  37. teragram

    teragram Active Member

    Firstbaby and LuthAdel,
    Haha, cool is a very apt word to describe Dr Chan cos nothing seems to faze her. And yes, totally agree that the nurses are very nice and warm, which is a bonus during our visits! [​IMG]

    Okok, I better stop here and get out of this thread, in case ppl start to wonder if there's some propaganda going on. :p
  38. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    Hi Tera, Dr Chan reali cool. I rmb when she stitched me, she still can chat and joked with me. Her stitches are well known to be gd too.

    I also rmb the nurse.. Ren Ning.. she is very friendly and funny. Dunno if she is still working there. That's right, always greeted by the nurses with a warm smile.
  39. kath80

    kath80 New Member

    Thomson sound a bit out of the way.....No direct transport. How frequent do we need to visit the gyne?
  40. kwan322

    kwan322 New Member

    Hello, Congrats to all MTB here!

    I just tested postive using a preg kit that i bought long long time ago, dunno whether it is accurate anot. Past few days have a feeling that menses coming but still haven come yet, have some cramps at the lower part of tummy. I will go and buy another kit to test today. I shd be in my 5th weeks if i'm pregnant [​IMG]
  41. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    Hi Ladies, I tested positive too using the kit. [​IMG] EDD on 3 Dec. This will be my 2nd baby.
  42. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    Hi Katherine, for the first few times would be monthly visit, then reduce to 3 wks, 2 wks or 10 days then weekly.
  43. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi All,

    Wow, glad to see so many MTBs now! A Big Congrats & Welcome to NovDec & FirstBaby!
  44. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    Thanks LuthAdel. Our Edd is a day apart. We have the same gynae. Might bump into each other next time. Hehe..
  45. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Congrats firstbaby. So now need to change name to secondbaby huh?
    NovDec: congrats too! If the HPT not expired, should be alright isn't it?
    Sounds like this Dr Chan is really good! Wanted to go TMC. cos very near my place. Then mum say travel
    so far when I give birth. Actually for only a couple of days wat hor? Maybe she wants me to stay with her nearer the delivery date so wanted me to go to a hospital nearer her place.
  46. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    Hi all,

    Can I check wat is the size of the sac during your first scan. I had mine 2 days ago and was 1.63cm and at 5.5wks pregnant. Cant help but wonder whether this is the normal size?[​IMG]
  47. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    Hi bunnipet. Ya, wanna change my nick to 2ndbb. Haven c gynae yet. After gynae cfrmation, then shall change. Haa..
  48. bunnipet

    bunnipet Member

    Welcome aboard simpsons. I think luthadel probably will be in a better position to comment. Haven't had my scan yet. I did read in the website that it is about the size of a sesame seed around this time.

    You may sign up with this website and it is free. Tells you quite a lot of things!!

    Firstbaby: when are you going to see your gyne?? I need to wait till 14/4 then see him and go for scanning too. Just can't wait!
  49. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi all [​IMG]

    Firstbaby (2ndBaby) ahhaah...
    Yes, thats true we may bumped into each other. My next appointment is 17Apr.

    I just went for a scan yesterday and I was supposed to be 5.5wks but my sac indicates it is 6wks3days. Can't remember the length now will check when I get home and update you.

    In any case, the Doctor said she can only tell me the actual EDD in 2 wks when she measure the CRL of the baby.

    I guess all mothers want to be there for their daughters especially in the case of a new grandchild!

    Well, the ultimate thing is that you'll have to be very comfortable with the gynae that you appoint as this person will be there at your most difficult and painful time. The last thing you want is an unsympathetic and money driven doctors that only want to rush the birth so that they can get on with their other patients.

    Frankly, I've never had great impression on the hosp. that your mum wants you to go but then again that is my personal opinion lah...:p
  50. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    LuthAdel n bunnipet, so if I go c gynae next wk which I shd be 6 wks preggy, its too soon? I dun wanna do the vaginal scan leh. For 1st preg, I only knw it at 11 wks.

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