(2008/10) Oct 2008

Hey mommies

Anyone seen an Elmo lantern anywhere? Else I have to make Vicky one ...

Koalababy- oh dear hope koala tot is better now.

RP lunch this thurs - is it still on?

Anyone else?

I can join only 1230pm onwards though.

you might wanna try the party stores at middle road. I got Regina a Barney lantern from there. $4.50 only. Heehee!
<font color="119911">mommies,
I have a stupid qns to ask :
Can i give med for running nose for Nat's blocked nose? I tired the nose spray &amp; also the pigeon sucking device, both not really helping her to sleep better. I so zombie now *yawn*</font>
<font color="0000ff">Jjmom

did u try giving nasal spray those seawater spray to clear ip the mucus lodged in the nose? It might help
<font color="119911">bluey,
yah, i tired the nasal spray liao.

i nearly forgot, only gave her this morning =P</font>
hi jjmom - i got nose drops from the doc... it helps abit but vicks on chest is still best... E's nose still blocked and runny... and i will spray loads of cold and flu CB all over. He is v delighted when i sprayed on his bolster and pillow

Ruffles - u want me to buy for u if i c one? i am going to Middle Road today ...can pass to u tom. let me know k...
i brought regina to see pd the last time she had flu so gave her the prescribed meds. If you wanna buy off the counter meds, can try sinupret. He prescribed that before for regina. Else, can try what Buffy suggested, olbas for children from guardian. Just sprinkle a bit on her pillow. It's very soothing.
<font color="119911">I still have some left over med for running nose juz tat i dunno can it b taken for blocked nose too? kekeke...

Din know there is olbas for children.

Ok, i will go get the spray for bolster
Thanks mommies!</font>
I went Cold Storage but fail to spot any. Are they ex?

Oh that's great! Shall find 1 day to go and look for it!
elch - i bot those popsicle holders from Daiso!

jjmom - thanks!

Vanilla - thanks babes. I will need to make a trip there myself as I need to get other stuff now. thanks for offering
Marcus first day in new school.
He's fussed abit before entering. But warmed up really fast.

Ate breakfast and they started some singing and circle time. I left when they were abt to start painting. Hubby is in class with him now. Marcus class, all BOYS! Faint.
Though it's $2 but it does serve its purpose well right? Not sure if I'll be using it often but I'm keen to do some popsicles for fun for Dylan...for now...
<font color="119911">Daiso :
sigh...the 1 at PS closed down liao, will have to go to the 1 at ION although it's bigger
how is nat? if not better think best to see doc.

oh the daiso at PS closed down liao.. din know that.. no need go ION la.. sk rivervale mall hv another one mah

glad that marcus likes the new sch

wow all boys sch.. so marcus cant look for gf liao :p
<font color="0000ff">JJmom,

PS Daiso is reopening with a bigger store at Level 5, they moved to a bigger space, not sure if the reno is completed

Marcus can look for older girls. Haha...
Hubby just MSN me this :
Ken says:
Ha ha.. All the boy ah!!!
All want play w me..
Think I can interview for new job....
Hello Mommies,

Childcare closed today cos Teacher's Day..
Busy whole morning with the boys, finally sneak some time to login.

Ruffles: I am on for lunch tmr.

Koalababy : hope koalatot is better now..

XY: all boys !! orhhh...keke

Popsicle : why din i think of that..thanks elch for new stuff to do this weekend =

JJmom: shoo shoo the flu bug

Jelly: you are doing great !!
<font color="119911">bluey,
oh really, alamah...my sil gave me wrong infor (@_@)''
Yeah...bigger store, tat's great! Love Daiso...heeheehee
<font color="119911">cheerbear,
Nat is alright except when she sleeps at nite, her nose will b blocked...strange (@_@)???

Hubby dont like to go sk rivervale mall coz there's nothing much for him there...kekeke</font>
<font color="119911">XY,
ask Ken to open a cooking class for kids...kekeke

PMed u abt the trf ref
<font color="119911">mommies,
which BP seller did u get your CB from again? The current BP seems more ex or has CB increase their price? =P</font>
hi i am good for lunch tom too.. will whats app bluey or jolly where to meet cos morn i am off to bring E to class....

XY - wah..all boys.. haha the teacher will be v siong leh...
Cooking class? Not now lah. They still too young to play with fire.

Maybe can try baking. *looking at Jolly*
But cleaning up will be tiring.

Yes. Very tiring. I was with them from 8.45 to 9.45. Circle time, and i'm tired. Hubby said Marcus slept after lunch at 12.30! Yay...
<font color="aa00aa">Vanilla,
her check up yesterday was extremely good.

i burst into tears in front of the Dr &amp; nurses. i was too happy until i keep requesting Dr to repeat 3-4 times to me.

finally Rachel can hear from her right ear.

from profound hearing loss, she is now only mild low fequency loss.

Dr said such case is very rare.in every few years only happened to 1-2 kids. he is also very shocked with the results.

Esp kids undergone open heart operation before. tends to have total hearing loss becoz of the side effects.

now my dear Rachel will keep telling me, "mummy i can hear le."
<font color="0077aa">hi hi...

JJMom: Cate uses Iladin (think spelling is something to the like) as she gets blocked nose regularly. It is a nasal drop - get one for young children. Max of 2 x a day.

Additionally, I use a decongestant inhaler oil from this brand called Olbus (or something like that). It is v good. HTH</font>
<font color="aa00aa">Thanks babes.

big thank you to all.

i have nearly gave up on her hearing loss coz was since borned.

but yesterday i can really feel the joy inside me. tats why when i break the news to my family i was crying damn hard.

this Rachel, her fighting spirit never fail to amaze me.
<font color="aa00aa">Thanks Buffy

all i can say is i can't sleep last night. coz i m too happy.

3 main problems now down with 2. her spinal &amp; her heart.