(2008/10) Oct 2008

when is your EDD? so early can detect mah?? mine last mens is 2 January usually is 27 to 28 days but now still not here yet. tested on the 27th day but negative
me me

i was tested positive on tuesday.. last menses was on 23 Dec.. GP estimated EDD to be 30 sept base on last menses, but i think shld be in early oct coz i remember when me and hubby last *ahem*. heehee

this is my 2nd bb, 1st one is now 16mths also an Oct baby
hi gals!!

just tested positive early in the morning today!..err any gynae to recommend in Sengkang?
hi diana wee, i am seeing the gynae at sengkang compass point. Dr Adrian B woodworth. he is a nice gynae, also recommended by the forum. i might also be oct mum alto dr adrian say is end sept. hehe. ytd i went for scan. only 5 weeks. i will go for another scan in 2 weeks time.
Hi Snow,
i have bleeding yesterday.. The jab and pills are not able to stop the bleeding.

congrats!! In another 2wks time u will be able to see your bb heartbeat.
Hi jappooh - really sad to hear that.. but i guess in 1mth time u can start again...

Cheer up n take care ok?
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Hi Porky,
Glad to see ur bb is ok now.

Wow...i realise all of u know ur EDD date already. I went for my 1st visit yesterday, but my gynae never told me my EDD.
hi millie, thanks. how many weeks are u now ? u can roughly estimate ur EDD. i am 5 weeks now. EDD is end sept. hehe.
hi ladies

i'm still trembling as i'm typing this...
tested +ve abt an hr ago.
already a mother of 2 boys. 4 yrs old and 10 mths old.
still total breastfeeding the 10 mth old.
I'm staying at Punggol.

Hope it'll be a girl girl this time......
Jappooh: Hey, you must call your gynae and let him know abt your heavy spotting. Perhaps he'll give you another jab, give you MC and ask you to rest at home.
I also had heavy spotting like mense flow for my first child. I even had to wear a normal pad! She turns out perfect!

Have faith.
Aft having 2 kids (and now the 3rd), I truly believe all is fated when it comes to having children. If u hv really lost the bb, pl take it easy and rest well. But i still hope that it's a false alarm and ur bb is fine. All the best!
Make bb,
ya ya ya...and i work for the govt somemore!
but now on no pay leave to take care of the younger child.
Was planning to go back to work when he turns 18 mths old and goes to full day playgroup in the childcare centre....which happens in OCT.
Now I'll hv a newborn ard the same time....
gosh...WHERE's MY BREAK????
Hi Make baby,
my gynae ask me to stop the pills if the flow came in.

BTW like to check with u your heavy spotting like mense flow is during which wk of your preg?
hi ladies,
just wondering when u all go see 1st visit to gynae? coz see u all so many so early already know edd?
Hi ladies,

I'm 5 weeks preg also... went to see my gynae twice because of spotting. Just wanna chk, for those who had spotting also. how long does ur spotting last? Mine is like abt 2 weeks aldy.. I'm quite worried... Last fri, it stopped for a day then sat came back again and i don't know how to tell if my spotting is consider slightly heavier or light... sigh!!!
Jappooh, I think it's in my 6th or 7th week. I have spotting today too. Went to take the jab. Now the bleeding has stopped.

Litterger: Don't worry or stress yourself up. Take it easy and rest well. My nurse tells me sometimes the blood is caused by the egg burrowing itself into the uterus. Tell yourself you want to give your baby a happy environment. If thhe're weak now, all the more we have to be strong as their mummies.
Make Baby, I'm trying to convince myself i will be ok.. everything will be fine. This morning when i woke up to take my shower, I saw spotting again! This time it looked kinda fresh red so I thought i better give my gynae's clinic a call later to make appt to see him again.
hi littleger, think if it worries u, safer is go see gynae tho i heard spotting is normal at the start? did u ask gynae about it during ur last visit? who's ur gynae?
Hi Juz Me, some told mi spotting is quite common at the start of pregnancy too but some asked mi better dun take the risk. I'm worried cos my spotting has been continously for 2 weeks and these few days i saw some fresh bleeding though it's not exactly alot. My last visit happened tat i got no more spotting that day.. so i told my gynae my spotting stopped. So he said in this case no need to continue my medication. My gynae is Douglas Ong.
Hi traz,

congrats! wow u're a tough mummy! think it's tough having another one when baby is just 10 mths old!

Aiyoh, like that then u got no paid maternity leave ah? Poor thing!
hi littleger , if u see fresh bleeding , u suppose to see your gynea immediately as then he can help you . My gynea is also Douglas Ong and he is the one that help me on my first preg when I had spotting also for weeks and I see him and he gave me jab and stablise my preg
hi everafter, is better to visit around 6-7 weeks. by then u can see the sac &amp; BB heartbeat. else if u have any spotting or miscomfort (touch wood !!!) then must go to gynae immediately. i am 6 weeks this week. will be gg to the gynae next week to check BB heartbeat. hehe. happy new year !
littleger>> o then u better faster go test!

erverafter>> u just tested +ve?

Traz>> congrats! now have your hands full le, but your kids got another playmate le! =)
Thanks for the advices. I've aldy made appt with him tonight so hope everything will turn out fine. So how long did ur spotting last during ur first pregnancy?

Juz Me,
U are making mi very nervous!!
for me hor .. I did not take advise .. was spotting on wed and see him in the afternoon then given a jab and rest 2 days .. then ok on Fri but then Sat / Sun went to Punggol to see the surrounding as was selecting my flats at that time .. then following week starts to bleed on Tues night and see him on Wed and was given the jab ad ask to rest again .. so this time round I rest well and was ok the following week but I still take one more jab as advise to playsafe and I ok from then on ...
littleger >> i'm sorry
but better safe than sorry ya? and try dun worry too much, stress no good. wish you all the best ya? rmb to update us. hope to hear good news from u!

everafter>> i oso juz tested positive. i'm trying to decide which gynae to go but my sis ask me dun so fast go see gynae. wait til more stable. i heard many cases of mc liao, 2 ppl i know personally who's mc quite recent, so i really very scared
and my tummy feel so crampy, i really worried leh
A&amp;E, how many weeks are u preg now? U know, i don't have spotting for my first one.. so I'm actually quite worried when i see spotting for my 2nd preg now. I got feeling Dr Ong will give mi a jab tonight.. CNY coming... hope i don't need to get stuck at home!

Juz Me, u can start going to gynae when u are about 7 to 8 weeks cos by then u can see the foetus and also hear the bb's heartbeat liao!!
Hi littleger , I currently TTC for my 3rd one .. not successful yet .. My first I got spoting and being inexperience and kiasi .. went to him immediately but luckily I go there in time and he gave me jab to stablise my first preg. Second preg was ok for me no spoting but bad morning sickness for frist trimester . Actually I had a miscarriage in Dec 06 for an unplanned preg .. baby lost heartbeat at about 7 weeks and at that time I had cramp but did not notice and thought was just stomach upset on one Tues and when I see gynea on Thurs and thru scanning , he found that my foetus did grow but no heartbeat and he suspected that baby heartbeat stopped as I was not feeling well at that timw . So I feel that we should see gynea as long as we not feeling good and have fresh red spotting as these are sign of miscarriage .
A&amp;E>> o no i been cramping too
hope it doesn't bode ill...

littleger>> ya think i will visit when i reach 7-8 weeks! i can't wait to hear leh!! hee... hope everything sun sun li li. how was ur check?

who u gals seeing, aside from dr douglas ong (btw he wif which hospital)? anyone seeing a female gynae? intend to stick to same gynae not? how much does each visit cost? ty

btw happy cny all! =)
halo mummies..

check with you all. The EDD is counted from LMP or from conception date?
I went to Dr Adrian Woodworth on sat after i tested positve....he did a scan for me, gave me folic and multi vits but never tell me EDD wor...he only ask me to see him 2 weeks later.

My LMP was 1 Jan 08, so does it mean that I am technically abt 6 weeks pregnant already? If count from conception date, i am only 3 weeks preggers ah?
Diane: Normally doctors count the EDD from the LMP. EDD is 40 weeks from the LMP. I guess your gynae may think it's too early to tell you the EDD bhah. Mine also didn't tell me. I have to see him after CNY. YEs, if your LMP is 1 Jan, then you shd be in the 5th week.

Same as me. My LMP is 29 Dec.
A&amp;E: I agree with you. Shd see gynae as soon as we know we're pregnant and shd go and see again if there's spotting or cramps. At least give a call and ask for advice.
MC is very common these days. And medical science is advanced enough to save the baby if it's a healthy one.

Everafter: Don't worry. It's true that in the early weeks, the sac either cannot be seen, or the sac can be seen, but the foetus can't be seen. Did your gynae ask you to go back in 2 or 3 weeks' time? By then he shd be able to see the sac and perhaps foetus liao.
happy new yr to everyone...

hi!!! i can join u all liao... lol

i m tested positive yesterday... still don noe my edd yet... will noe on 13feb after my gynea check...
a mother of 11mth old baby... SAHM... hope to join u all here...
guess this pregnancy is difficult for mi... cos i feel tired easily... how is everyone?

btw, i experience stomach cramps everynite... itzzit normal.... for my first pregnancy, i don have any cramps or ms at all... is veri smooth for mi...

Traz and Yvonne,
*wave*... hahah.. why are u all in this thread? Shouldn't you be at Sep 2008 thread? You all know your EDD liao?

Hi everyone else,
Happy New Year! I am also preggy but most likely is Sep 2008. Myself, Yvonne and Traz, we all have March 2007 babies.. so our babies are now 11 mth.. except for Traz who has another elder kid.

Happy New Year to everyone here.. hope that all of you are feeling good. I am feeling terrible. Been vommitting.. didn't experience MS for my first preg... so was a bit surprised that i m suffering from MS.