2007 mums at Ang mo Kio??

hi mummies,
Chanced upon this thread while googling. I also live in amk. In ave 1. I have a 20mth old boy. Am a SAHM. I dun intend to send my boy to childcare just yet so am looking around for a social playgrp.

hi cp& yt,
happen to google and find this thread... my boy just started at bb resorts for a mth now. I am still monitoring. U might wanna visit the center and find out more..

Happy to know that this thread....

btw, anyone can tell me wat is SAHM?
hi hi!
SAHM = Staying At Home Mother.
R U working? Where do you stay Kayt? I m thinking of putting him in one of the childcare but yet to decide which one.
Now wif the H1N1, I m really not in a rush to do so.
hi apple of the eyes,
I am living at blk 312, and I am a working mom. THanks for the explaination of SAHM... heehee...
i think the H1N1 is not much of the impact.. is the HFM.... my youngest gal just got it.. i think must b from the brother who don;t have but the sch got 2 case from my elder boy class...
headache.. my gal is just 8 mths...
Hi Kayt,
aiyo... poor thing...
Sigh... tat is really worrying wif so much infectious disease around. I think I will wait a while more. I m also considering Shichida course for him first. So far din hear any case of the center got infectious diseases rite?
hi apple,
nope. so far no. But to expose them to the outside is a matter of time lor. for them to go school sure a benefit for them i find... they really learn more things and can make friends too..

Shichida is gd i heard.. but ex...lor..
hi mummies...
do you know if there are any playgroup (as in childcare centre 2hrs programme) for 18mths old?
HAve been looking for one since 2mths ago... doesnt seem to find any here... esp. at AMK ave 4..
would appreciate if anyone could help!

hi all, i'm new to this forum.
BTW, I'm FTWM staying at AMK Blk 313, boy is 27mths and I'm also looking for playgroup. I found one at AMK HUb Learning Kidz... will go for trial maybe next week. Little Skrool House has long queue. I've also visited Learning Horizon @ Grassroot Club, quite nice environment but i need to arrange for school bus.
My boy is in his Term 2 with Shichida Method. So far so good, need more home practice to see results.
Hi I am new to this thread. was thinking of signing my 2-yr toddler up for playgroup for 2 hrly (mon-Fri). I have one near my place Dowell Tuition Ctr (at YYCK RC). Anyone tried that place before? can give some advice?
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Hi, I am a SAHM in Ang Mo Kio, available in the morning till at least before my Pri 2 dismissal from morning session like 130pm.

I am looking for any same mind (Mother) to do movie or early lunch in the weekday’s morning hours :)