2007 mums at Ang mo Kio??

Thanks Ariesann for joining. I think once we reach 5 or 6 kids...we'll confirm the informal playgroup as more than that will probably be "chaotic" LOL! :)

Wait to hear from the rest of you.


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Hi, I would love to be part of the group but I'll be away on a hol till 6 Oct. Can you count me in if you have another session? My son is 2 and a half yrs. Prefer the 4 - 5.15pm slot as his nap is 1.30 - 3.30.

Can update me at [email protected]. Thanks
Hi Jocee,

Hope you enjoy your holiday...yup, I've got your details, perhaps you can PM me your handphone number so I can call you when we arrange the next meetng:) Thanks!


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Hi Mummies.. Have not post here for quite some time.. Just to check: Anyone have Pediasure for sale???? Me wanna give it to my boys... Pls klet me know if u have any.. thanks~

I am interested in the gathering.. Cab I join too???


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sgn: oh no wonder can go to the hub...on hari raya, it was even more packed! and i dont know if anyone here is a fan of Subway sandwiches but the outlet at AMK is getting sooooo packed!
Sori,ladies I didn't get a chance to update or get back to you on the play date to confirm details. My eldest son has been sick for the last 5 days and today I spent half the day at the GP. Definitely , will send you out a note over the weekend to workout another day next week..just need to see when Josh, gets well so that your lil' ones can come over. We have 5 women now...so it'll be fun to meet NEW friends in the area! Thanks, Martha


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ha ha ha i'm a fan of subway too, but i'll see if the queue is not long then i will buy, usu take away, the place is really too small for families.


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Hi Mummies,
Juz wanna to check with u if any of u order the 78/88 palettes eyeshadows from the bulk purchase? I HAVE YET RECIEVED MINE!!! WAT CAN I DO?
This is for ARIESANN, JOCEE, CHEERBB, JOYCE LOW, ISABELIALI & SULVIA : here is the NEW date... sorry about last week as my older son was sick. All is well and Brandon (19mos) is looking forward to his FIRST playgroup.

DATE: Wednesday,Oct 8th
TIME: 4-5:15pm
ADDRESS: 141 Sunrise AVENUE (landed property)
RSVP: 9126-2777

Come play and meet friends in the area with similar age children. Tea and cookies provided:)

Look forward to meeting some or all of you if you can make it to our Inaugural Playgroup...

Just in case you don't get this, I'll PM this msg to each of you individually so I apologize in advance if you are getting this message twice. Please SMS or email: [email protected] to RSVP with your "real" names so I can do a head count t prepare food.

Thanks, Martha (and Brandon 19, mos)



are you going for the gathering tomorrow? maybe we can meet up and get there together since we are at the same block.


we would like to join in too has been long absent from the forum sorry..
Thank you martha for inviting us all please let me know if the invitation is still open..

Thank you
Hi Aisha (icemom)...of corse please join..as we haven'thad full confirmation from everyone and there is still room...so please bring your toddler and join us tomorrow. Call if you need directions, 9126-2777 Martha

JUST chanced upon this thread...i've been waiting for an amk group for SO long!

sigh...i'm JUST about to go back as a FTWM tho...TOMORROW! :p been on no pay leave and part time work for the last 11.5 mths...while watching my daughter and having heaps of fun with her! ;)

stay at ave 10..blk 476...anyone nearby?
Hi Cheryl, Jocelyn and Sylvia, It was so nice to have met all of you (and your lil' ones) on Wednesday. Brandon and I enjoyed ourselves and hope that you did too. I'm going out station for the nex 10 days so will get those photos to you when I return. Look forward to catching up when I return....please let me know if you guys would like to try and meet once a month...it doesn't always have to be here..we can rotate houses or go to parks etc.

GOLLY, if you want to join in next time..let me have your number adn I'll include you..our kids are 19mos, 2.5years, 12mos and 10mos. Ideally, 2007 kids is a good age range...
Hi Martha,
it was great fun and shayla truly enjoyed herself! thanks so much for your hoslitality and thanks Jocelyn and hubby for sending ma back!=)
have a great trip and we'll try to work something out when you come back!

welcome all new momies joining us!
do drop[ by more often and maybe we can do a meetup soon either at martha's place or at bishan park??


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Hi ladies

My name's Catherine and I've recently arrived from Scotland with my 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter. I live in Avenue 2 and I don't know where to start looking for places to take the kids. Any recommendations?

My wee boy has started a local nursery so he'll be there each day (til the holidays start next month) from 11.45am-2.45am. Doesn't leave much time for me to do anything with the wee one but I feel she needs to socialise with some other babies/toddlers (and me with some other mummies!)

Any suggestions would be most welcome. We've only been here 9 days and I'm already going a bit demented being at home all the time as back in Scotland we were always out and about going to groups or meeting friends. Really want to do the same here.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome Catherine!
Hope you'll enjoy Singapore!
I guess around AMK there are only parks like Bishan Park where there is a playground and lots of room to run around.
My gal is also 1. Maybe we can have a gathering at Bishan park??
Other mummies...where have you all been??? busy??
How about Bishan park for our next outing?
hopefully more mummies can join in this time round!


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Hi Sylvia

Thanks for your message. We went to Bishan Park yesterday so at least I'd know where I was going! Would love to meet up with you all some time. Will check back on here to see if anything has been arranged.



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Hi Sylvia,

I would like to join u all. Me staying at Sin Ming Ave n can meet at Bishan Park.I have 2, one (girl)at 7 yrs o n one (boy) at 15mths.

When is the next meeting?


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Hi Martha,

Thanks for inviting us over. Both Ethan and I had fun and enjoyed the yummy cookies you baked. Would love to meet again.


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Hi Catherine,

Welcome to SG, looks like your life in Scotland was really busy and full of activities.

Its great to be at home with the kiddos


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Hi to all,

I would like to join too..
My son is 17 months old and we are staying in Ang Mo Kio Central.. will love to meet up for gathering.

i am a weekend mum and dun mind if i ask. what is SAHM? (i suppose full time housewife)

Thanks and Regards


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Hi everyone, I live in Sembawang Road. Is there any meetups? I'm interested to meet nice mummies and I'm sure my 21 month old daughter will enjoy making friends:)too.


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sorry to disturb,i have 2 sachets of 40gram each dumex mail step 3 to exchange for 2x35g Enfagrow A+ stage 3,if interested,please pm me


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this thread seems to be quiet.

i'm staying at amk and i just found out the Mac Donald at ave 6 has a indoor playground. my boy loves it!


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hi there,
I would love to meet up with fellow mummies & babies... however, my son is suffering from very bad ezcema now thus he is very 'ugly' now

anyway, can always keep me in e loop, I stay at B205, ave 1 until my hse is ready :p
lookg forward to cya


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Hi Mummies

Just to share...
Tupperware Brands will be holding a party event on 10 Apr (Good Friday), 2pm to 4pm at Blk 259 Bishan (opp Salvation Army).
Door Gift, Lucky Draws, Cooking Demo, Food Sampling, Special Buy for selected Tupperware products. Entry by tickets. If anyone keen to attend, email to [email protected]

Have a good day! Cheers


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hi ere, is this thread active :p
anyone has good recommendation for childcare / playgroup in amk area?
do share with me


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maybe start from the two of us to get tis thread active again?

There is two childcare centers at AMK St 32, Wellington n Babies Resort. I m not sure is it good but my neighbour grandson goes there n so far no complaints.
Blk 329 ( if I din rem wrongly the block ) St 31 there is one NTUC childcare, My First School. There is also one near the postbox along St 31, I think its by CDAC.

Where do you stay? dun mind asking. I stay at St 32.
Hi ladies, I did organize a playgroup once at my place with 3 to 4 other moms. We had an enjoyable time but I guess we get so busy with "life" and kids schools / activities. But if anyone has time to organize a get together....Brandon and I would love to join as the poor guy still doesn't have a regular playgroup (besides school of course). Cheers, Martha & Brandon (age 2), yio chu kang


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Hi 2boys3dogs1hubby,
I love your nick! Is it really that you haf 2 boys, 3 dogs n 1 hubby. Oops! hahhahaha! But of course we have one hubby at a time.
R U a SAHM? Wat time do you like to haf a playgroup? I would like to organise one at my place. But wat you guys do in the playgroup? Singing, reading, playing toys?


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Hi there!
Good to know that this thread is active... would like to join all of you if the time permits. We can also meet at places like Fidgets or there's this new place called One Ozone (I think) at Orchid Country Club in Yishun. And of course, a playdate at someone's place would be nice too :).


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hi ere cp&yt,
am residing at amk ave 1 :p
hmmm... am still contemplating if I shld send my lit boi to the childcare. but if I do, think I will find one in bishan or at least near to where I wk at Sin ming.


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Hi 2boys3dogs1hubby,
I would love to join in if time & all other factors permit me & my lit one too...
but my lit one has ezcema, not sure if you mummies will mid :p
still he is a very active boi :p
let me know early shld there be one