2007 mums at Ang mo Kio??


Any momms SAHM staying in Ang mo kio??? would love to meet up with the kid so that they can have a fun time???

sylvia, seems like quite a few mummies I know stay at Blk 315.

Isabella, wow 3 boys, how do you manage?
hi sylvia 10 months old girl.. very cute mine is a 17 months old girl.. and loves other kids..

hi isabella 3 boys should be quite a handfull really how do you manage do they help eachother out??

hi mich 2 girls should be lovely to dress them and have fun!!

How about we all meat up some place?? may be a park or playground so that the kids could have fun too...
yeah we should! but my gal stil lcant walk unassisted though..hee
so dunno where is a good place

Mich: really? yeha i realized there are alot of babies in my block!

my gal is sick. having viral fever! 39.8 degrees.
faints! hope she recovers soon!!
ICE MOM, I can't join you guys if its weekdays leh...

Sylvia, think its cos its a new block so alot of young couples with young children. Hope your girl recovers soon. That's very hight fever.
Sylvia it is high fever!! what did the doc say.. hop and pray that she recovers soon, ver tough to see the little ones sick.

Mich it is ok we can plan on a saturday if every one is ok on saturdays,

Ang mo kio has lots of parks should see which one is good for kids any sugestions welcome.

here's another one! just came across this thread.

I'm staying at 315 too! same as sylvia!

my boy is now 9 months old
Hi Sylvia

dun know what is it thee ghee anotleh .near my place got two market , my blk is just infront one of the market.the
No i'm a FTWM .

your blk 315 is it st 31 ?
hi mummies
i'm also a amk mum! my boy is 15+months.

i'm staying ave 3 too, opp the police station.
hello new mummies!
welcome to the thread!
but all the older mummies all went missing in action!
calling out for all amk mummies!
want to organize a play session or meet up for the babies!
me still here..

welcome new mummies!

just turned SAHM..

sylvia, i think i saw u & ur princess one day when u were carrying her back to the blk from the market.. r u having below shoulder straight hair?

sgn, my PILs also staying ave 3 opp police station
eh..haha...just slightly below the shoulder la..
next time see me call me ok!
i always go market one...become auntie liao le...
you just left your job?
i also bring my boy to market or ntuc in the morning during wk ends.

oic, my block is the 1st point blk along st42 from the main road.
Hi mummies
Have been missing or a long time and now I'm back..

Me stay very near you lehx~ Also ave 10, but block 500+.
hi i am also back.. should arrange a play date.. for all the kids to get together.. name the place and date and we will join u..
welcome back mummies!!!
was thinking of going to fidgets at turf city?
is it too far??
or any suggestions?
i guess for mummies working onli weekends is fine/
Hello, I'm a SAHM staying at Serangoon North. Keen to join for activities, playdates ... I have a 2 and a half year old son.
Fine with me too ... though not staying in AMK but have a good friend staying in Blk 315 so always frequent that area

cheerbb, u juz turned SAHM? Me too juz 1 month ago & still getting used to this new phase ... very tiring!
jocelyn, yes i totally agree with you.... super tiring!! dunno for what reason baby starts to fall sick once i start to stay at home with him.. dunno what i have done wrongly?? or he knows i got lots of time to take care of him now!!
i just saw one whole grp of mummies n daddies with their bbs at blk 300+ which is near where i live...not anyone of you huh?

sgn:mine is the ave 3 opp AMK hub one
I frequent Bishan park too and am a SAHM to 18 mth old and 6 yr old. do count me in when you arrange to meet at Bishan park.
I frequent Bishan park and am a sahm of 18 mth old and 6 yr old. do let me know when you arrange to meet. Would love to join in.
ha ha we stay very near huh. i bring my boy to amk hub almost every wk end to ntuc for marketing.
maybe we had bump into each other b4!
sgn: haha yes we may have! but i seldom bring my girl to the hub esp weekends when its so packed...i also cannot tahan the crowd its madness...hb and i get what we need and scram!
usu my boy wakes up early so we will go for breakfast then do some marking b4 the crowd comes in by 9 plus.

I would love to meet up as well. I have a 6.5 year old boy and of course, my 19mos old bb boy who loves to run and play at the parks.

If you like, why don't we set a date for next week, in fact, I did the same thing for my 6yr old when he was young and those mummies from his playgroup we are now best friends.

I live in Yio CHu Kang (Sunrise AVe, near CTE). If you like, we can all meet here as an informal playgroup...I have lots of outdoor Litte tikes things for kids to play and we do have 2 playgrounds in walking distance. This way, we can have the facilities of a home like toilets, water and food for the kiddies and mummies too.

If you are keen, please email me at [email protected] and I'll arrange and send you our address. Brandon (19mos old) and I look forward to meeting you. NOTE: I do have 3 golden retrievers who live with us. I can of course tie them up but thought I should let you know in advance. they are gentle dogs who love kids...

DATE: Friday, Oct 3rd. TIME: 3-4:15pm or 4-5:15pm...let me know what works better for you guys as I'm sure your BBs take naps. Brandon sleeps 12-2pm usually. CONTACT/SMS: 9126-2777 or email: [email protected]

looking forward to meeting you.