(2007/05) May 2007 MTB

I'm 5 weeks 6 days today
think all of us still very early stage....

me 5W3D.just went to scan today.

have u gals seen gynae liao?

Taro, u the waterbag?....my one abt 7mm.....
last week go see my gynae, only 4 weeks....cant see anything yet....only thick linning in the uterus.
Hi gal & taro

congrats... did you all use HPT kit to confirm yr pregnancy? btw, did you experience any spotting e.g. implanation spotting? My menus is delayed (today is already 32 day, I'm usually 28 ~ 30 days/cycle) but have experienced light pinkish bleeding stain since yesterday. Not too sure if they're implanation bleeding or my menus coming. Really annonying for the confusion. Have not used HPT kit yet coz some pple say sometimes it can be too early to detect positive.
u can test with the kit the day after u missed ur mens....if its negative n mens not here yet...test 3 days later....n if u get positive result and have brown/pink discharge or bleeding, better go gyane immediately.....dun every take risk

i was put on hormone pills when i discover i m preggie cos of my prevous miscarriage. have brown spotting and some pink discharge recently. just went to see my gynae.....given hormone jab and increase does of hormone pills....

so better go test now....
Hi cheezel

Congrats too & do take care! Will monitor the staining situation & will try to get the HPT kit too today. Which brand is good, any recommendation?? Clearblue??

Wat were yr early signs of pregnancy you experienced?? So far, i only have swollen breasts & indigestion after meals.
Hi Cheezel, taro
Congrats. I haven't been to the gynae yet cause too early and can't see anything is what I have been thinking. So best to wait a little later.

I have indigestion after meals causing no appetite and also constipation.

Hi March-Aries,
I think use clearblue. Reliable brand.
i also use clearblue. quick...go get....

hmm....feeling slight nauseas on n off.....indisgestion causing gas/wind....swollen breasts too....but me no constipation...instead give going toilet to do business....ehehe....n also frequent urination.
ya now too early to see aything....just like my last visit....but also dun go too late....scan to see if the sac in corrct place.....to mark off etopic pregnancy fr the risk list.
My EDD is 4th May 2007. Went to see the gynae at 4 weeks 4 days cause realised there's brownish and pinkish discharge in the middle of the night. Thought it's my menses but strongly believed I am pregnant. Next morning, bought a HCG test kit from clinic and test in the public toilet. Gosh! confirmed pregnant so went to see gynae immediately cause I've had a miscarriage 4 months ago. The gynae gave me a hormone jab and I am currently taking duphaston 10mg 3 x a day.

My advice is take your spotting seriously and go see gynae immediately.

At 4 weeks 4 days, I can already see the water bag and think it measures abt 0.8 cm. It has doubled in size this monday when I went for a second checkup.
Hi Cheezel,
I didn't have frequent urination. I think it may be too early for me.
So fast 2nd appointment already? Who is your gynae?

Is this your first child?

Any idea what are some food you can't eat during 1st trimester?
I drink red dates and loogan tea everyday , wondering if I should contiune. Any idea?
I am also having loss of appetite. Nowadays, I can get so hungry but when the food is in front of me, I can only manage to take a little. The hunger pangs is the most unendurable! Can't take much in the morning either except for a glass of milo.

I also keep burping gas. I can go to the loo 3 - 4 times a night too. very interuptive. Do you feel sleepy?
I heard from my mom should be able to take the tea but don't drink too much to avoid heatiness. Try to take the red dates without the seed.

As for food, papaya, carrot (minimal) to avoid jaundice, bean sprouts, coconut, cooling stuff like chin chao.
Hi Taro,
I am feeling like you. and I do have heaps of farting as well.

Yes, I always love drinking red dates and wolfberries every day at work. Now thinking if red dates and wolfberries safe to take.
Thanks cheezel & gal, will get the clearblue to test. Looks like i can only test it tomorrow morning. Will keep you all posted if it's positive. Really hope it is good news!!!

Hi Taro, wat makes you believe you're pregnant (yr 6th senses???) when you spotted the discharges. To me, the spotting are so confusing with early spotting of menses too.
hee hee. Hmmm.. my nipple is sore from the 2nd week after last menses till now. Usually, pain subsides when menses approaching mah... somemore, the aroela around the nipple darkens and breast starts to swell... I get more mucus discharges too.
hi ladies,
so active here....me just woke up fr my nap. very tired/sleepy.

i also m/c abt 2 months ago. get preggie again after my 1st cycle.
so now cos of spotting, was also given hormone jab and taking duphaston 10mg 2tablet 3 times per day (double what i took when i first realise i was preggie).

btw, today i scan, 5 weeks nia...only 0.7cm ...ur one is already double my size?

try not to take too much of anything now ba. i avoid tea totally now. but red dates shouldnt be a prob ba.....

1st trimester should be able to take most food la....but i strongly think that should avoid PINEAPPLE.

me seeing Dr Adrian Woodworth at CCK (TMC)

good luck!!!
Hi Chezzel,
Can I ask what do you mean of spotting? It is red blood so once I see that then I have to go to doc asap?

Spotting is very light bleeding, similar to what you may have at the very beginning or end of your period. It can vary in color from pink to red to brown (the color of dried blood).

sometime ppls also say staining.....

there are serveral reasons causing spotting....sometime can be due to increase in supply of blood /blood flow to ur cervix, can be due to implantation bleed, or even miscarriage or etopic pregnancy.so its always best to see a gynae asap to rule out any complicaion.
Hi Cheezel,
So this means you do not have to do anything wrong like fall, stretch to reach things or? Spotting can just happen anytime?
Hi Ladies,
How is everyone feeling today?

I am feeling strange. Last few days, on and off cramp and I kept feeling there is 'something' attached to me in the ovary area - because of those pulling cramps I get.
However today, I am feeling like ok. No feeling in the lower abodomen and just backache and slight breasts sore.

Not easy to be a mom, got problems you worry, no problems you also worry if anything is wrong. You know what i mean?
Morning gal,

normally miscarriage is not casue by fall, stretching or even the things u eat in the 1st trimester.....most of the time it happens cos of choromosome adnormalities where the bb just cant develop anymore and by nature, expel out fr te body.

as i mention earlier, if u experience spotting, it can mean implantation bleeding...the group of cells that are growing rapidly is trying to attach itself to the uterus and then develop further into baby.......or theres a increase in blood supply to uterus, or even cos at this stage of pregnancy, our hormone levels is shooting very fast which could even cause spotting.....however, spotting could also mean other things happening in ur body e.g threaten miscarriage etc.......
so the point is, if u experience spotting, its always best to visit ur gynae.....

cramping is normal as long as it is not severe/very intense. i also experience on n off cramping, pulling feeling at the uterus......but at times nothing at all.....so no worry......

i did have backache too........hehehe
Hi CHeezel,
I thought implantaion should be done before your AF arrive, like DPO 7-14?

When is your next scan? I would like to know when can hear heartbeat and see sac? hehe Exciting.
yo gal,

implantation bleeding normally is light and last for 1-2 days and occurs normally ard 5 to 10 days after conception.....eh....me dunno what is DPO leh.....

me next appt next week....think will have to go see gynae weekly cos of my spotting n previous m/c ba. next week should be 6 weeks liao.....

i know by 8 weeks should see heartbeat but there are pple who 6-7 weeks also can see liao. but i read that by week 5, his/her tiny heart will begin to divide into chamber, beats and pumpl blood liao......

week 5 should see sac liao ba. cos me week 4 go scan,cant see anything.....then this week can see the sac at 7mm
I'm here too. Just woke up and sipping milo right now. Took a day off to sleep and lobo at home.

I think it also depends on the scan machine the gynae has, right? My previous gynae always insists on me drinking a lot of water before a scan but the current gynae (Dr S P Teo at Balestier Plaza) that I'm seeing can always see very clearly. Hee hee. He even tried to listen to my baby's heartbeat when I'm 5 weeks plus. Hopefully by next Monday's appt, I can hear my baby's thumping heart beat!
I'm curious why is your dosage of duphaston double of mine. How much did you get your medicine? Mine was $32 for 1 week's supply i.e. 21 tabs.
Hi Cheezel, taro
You tai tai, no need to work?

Hi Taro,
What are duphaston for?

The catch here is to drink a lot of water and have a full bladder before the scan?
Hi ladies

Had tested but showed negative. Sigh... spotting still the same, like light bleeding not heavy flow bleeding. Already my 33 days cycle today, really late cylce for me this time. Will it be still too early to test positive pregnancy for my case? Awaiting for pregnancy confirmation is really mind straining.
Hi March,
Don't be sad. As long as AF don't arrive still got chance.

Hi Ladies,
Doctor suggested for my first scan to be 6 weeks but I purposely postpone to 7 weeks cause I do not want to worry further(can't see anything), so play safe and have it during the 7 weeks to my first scan so I really hope can see something as well as hear something
just to ask 1 question..

i'm 8dpo (day pass ovulation), i experience slight sore breast. And i have been having slight pulling feeling on my left side of lower abdomen (ovary area). is that normal if pg?
or could it be etopic pregnancy?
Hi Karen Koh,
I asked the doctor and she told me this : etopic pregnancy's pain don't happen so early and it is usually like PAIN during the week 6 of your pregnancy. So, anything earlier is not ectopic.

I do have pulling feeling of my left side of ovary after dpo7 onwards for one week then I realised i miss my AF and confirm preggie.
initially my dosage of duphaston is also 1 tab 3 times per day....but cos of spotting, thats y i have to increase to 2 tab 3 times per day.my one 20tab $25

i think diff scanning machine do play a part too ba. i try not to think too much....anyway i ask my gynae if the water bag is of the correct size, he say yes....so try not to think too much now....dunno if he say is the water bag or its the bb. else i go crazy .....

dun worry too much. if mesn still not yet.....test again 3 days later......sometime stress will also delay mens.

pulling feeling at the abdomen if preggie should be fine ba ...cos could be the uterus stretching n expanding. or if not preggie, could also be a symtom of mens......if missed mens, go test !
It may be the implantation pain you feel. Treat yourself as pregnant now. Have you started on folic acid? Best to take now. Good luck

If you are troubled, I suggest you go get another test kit, preferably the HCG type which is more sensitive. Check out the clinics for those or you may want to visit polyclinic for another urine test before you see a gynae. cheaper...

It's okie to delay your appointment even to 8th week if there's no complications. Stay happy

<font color="aa00aa">One advice, I heard from a nurse not to lift both your arms up high and stretch cause the baby is currently taking in nutrients and food from your breasts.</font>
Try not to now loh. My gynae did normal tummy scan. You? How are you feeling these days. My head is always feeling heavy. I feel like sleeping again right now. Lazy huh? Ha ha
Hi Taro,
Lift your arms up a short while or long time?

If that for the whole of the pregnancy period of just 1st trimester?
my gynae also did normal tummy scan. so when i look at the scan print, the EDD is 6-may'07 @ 0.7cm now.

me dun feel that well today....dunno if it is that i cope up at home all day long......feeling nauseas, n sligth headache.............
Hi cheezel,
Did you eat anything this morning till now? Oily food? Heard some food may trigger nauseas.
Do you think we can take maggie mee? I only have craving for that and Tom Yum. Totally no apettite. It's lunch time now and I don't know what to eat...
i took a hotdog bread and fresh milk....then 10 something have a packet of bee hoon....but long b4 that i already not feeling so well liao....but now get abit better....

i just have magee mee yesterday noon...cos i no know what to take too...i try not to drink the soup.....then took a fruit after that .......

i also no know what to eat now....thinking of making hard boiled egg.....
Hi Taro, Cheezel
Do you think it is not good to take maggie mee? Too much msg and artifical colouring. If can avoid, best to avoid was the advise I was given.

Are you both tai tai and not working?
Nope. I'm working, just took the day off to laze. Too tired to concentrate at work mah.. Just cooked maggie noodle. Wanted to drink chicken essence too... but she say best to take after 1st trimester leh. Craving for that too.
ya la....its always best not to take magi mee cos of the msg.....but no choice....nothing at home for me to cook....but i only once in a long long time...seldom take magi mee

me not taitai la......i was on 3 days MC for rest cos of spotting.....teh taro mention she take leave to rest at home for a day ........i m real bored leh!

i also avoid chicken essence leh......try notto take another "bu" or "cool" stuff for now....just eat as per normal.....