Anyone delivered with Dr Ryan lee at Thomson woodleigh ?

Very glad that i chose Dr. Ryan Lee for my delivery. He is a cool headed, super knowledgeable, extremely patient . He was also was highly professional when I needed an emergency c section . Stitching was v well done with little pain after ..
Dr Ryan is pro natural and discussed a birth plan with me as i really wanted to try for a normal delivery ! He never fail to attend to my questions which is very impt for an anxious mum like myself = he even allowed us to contact him personally for emergencies:> he was very confident and calm during the delivery , he even got my husband to cut the cord to be involved .. . i could walk the next day without much painkillers... am really grateful to him for delivering my first born and will highly recommend him for sure
I’m a new mummy and have been seeing Dr Ryan at woodleigh TMC.
Really thankful and happy to have chosen him! I notice he’s very detailed and caring, making sure he gets the most accurate est date of delivery for the parents and that mummy is well equipped with all the impt info for the pregnancy diet and supplements, required blood tests and such. During the ultrasound scans, he even went the extra mile to check the areas for any cysts etc. which might have gone unnoticed since I’ve not gone for any routine ultrasound scans or checks of such.

He has experience in high risk obstetrics so i know I’m in good hands if my pregnancy and delivery journey goes south (touch wood) !