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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by judybrianne2010, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. pls. help, what can i do to lessen her vomiting? she started this the day before yesterday, she vomited everything she ate, then up until yesterday she still does, plus refuses to drink her milk, sometimes, if she drinks her milk, she also didn't finish it.. She also got a fever the night before, 38.7.. but now no fever anymore but still vomiting.. HELP!! This is driving me crazzyyy! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. phyllis15

    phyllis15 Member

    Have you bring her to the pd? did you try to given her small frequent feeds?
  3. Haven't.. Hubby said observe first de.. But we think this is just her attitude problem. She doesn't swallow her food immediately after we put the food in her mouth! So at some time she vomits all of them out..[​IMG] the fever we think is because one time we were out, and she vomited so we bath her in a nursery room. I guess she got cold coz the aircon in that area was too strong.. So we think it's not related to her vomiting...
  4. Up until now, she still vomits...[​IMG]
  5. angelzk

    angelzk New Member

    think its better to bring to to doc...mayb its stomach flu.
    My gal got tat before and any food she took will be vomit out aft tat.
    u got to provide her with more fluid as they will be dehydrated after many rounds of vomitting
  6. @Angelzk - yeah, better to be sure. But hubby insist that this maybe just a phase that she is going through.. The "not swallowing food until barf" phase.. We also have gone to many pd but only give us medicines that can be found in Guardian or Watsons and then pay a lot of money so hubby says we observe first.. Now mu problem is how to stop her from this habit..[​IMG]
  7. cupcake

    cupcake Active Member

    Now alot of kids having gastric flu n rota virus which display the symptoms you mentioned. Your kid is still v young and can't verbalized her pain. Vomiting is serious can lead to dehydration ok, better see dr to be safe.
  8. superyes

    superyes Member

    My baby hv the same problem. PD said nothing wrong with him. Anyone experienced can advise?
  9. lynquek

    lynquek New Member

    If baby keep vomitting out milk or food, might be acid reflux. My boy has this since birth n gradually recover by 6 months. Do take note of baby's weight. If too light then must see doc to ascertain problem.
  10. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    my gal vomit from 4mth old till 2 yr old, due to gastric reflux. only now, it gradually reduce and vomit is due to indigestion or overfeed. pls see doc to get it suppressed till her condition outgrow over time.
  11. kymi

    kymi Member

    Hi mummies,

    My son is also having this problem...
    After feeding he will vomit some or all out..
    i also suppect its gastric reflux...
  12. kymi

    kymi Member

    sorry, he is 9 monhs old now...

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