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Hi All,

I'm selling Nasal Aspirator for baby.

My experience before having one, I had problems using manual suction.
1. My baby not cooperative, keep moving..
2. Fear
3. Cry till the whole village woke up (haha!)

So i have no choice to bring baby to A&E to get the mucus and phlegm out. Hospital put long tube inside and suck it out. Due to the fear and movement, sometimes i saw thin blood on his nose. It's hurtful for them! He will cry super loud till the whole clinic can hear, and when i bring him out, everyone staring at me as if i abused my own baby... Done this 3times in 2months.

So i met this lovable Nasal Aspirator, cost $70 (exclude delivery). My baby seems calm maybe due to the music, and the sound of the aspirator not much noise which can cause fear in him. And my toodler even use it himself to remove his mucus when he got flu.

$70 sound expensive right??

For me, Quality over Quantity.. So i rather buy abit expensive but last longer. Furthermore this come with 1year Warranty.

Why wait??

How to order?
1. Message me directly here
2. Order from Carousell (look for me of course.)
3. Order from Instagram (look for me too ya)

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