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    Cord Life or StemCord?

    Anyone looking for referral or interested to sign up for stemcord to enjoy $50 off do pm me.
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    Wyeth S26 Gold for infants - Anyone has good feedback

    Hi Jess, can you pm as you don't accept any pm. Thank
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    WTB - Storage Milk Bag & Glass Bottle CAP

    Hi I've about 120 glass bottle with cap. Letting go at 80cents each. Cap at hospital selling $1.20-$1.30 each. If you want to buy 120 glass bottle with cap price is neg. PM me if you're interested.
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    LuvBabies by Kim Sang

    Any extra charges? same rate as online?
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    3 kids & more - how do u cope

    I just found out from my sis too. Mt E don't know have this service or not but my sis say maybe don't have too. Anyone taking contraceptive pills?
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    3 kids & more - how do u cope

    Not bad next yr dragon yr!! Long bao bao wor!! I simply love babies a lot but already close factory.. Is OOS haha if i can..I want dragon bb!! Now school fees for them is so ex!! Need to work extra hard and best part is me and hubby can fall asleep while having our dinner aka supper. Anyway I...
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    3 kids & more - how do u cope

    Hi Constance congrats for 5th baby!! I prefers mt A too but I didn't know they don't do ligation. Have you double check with them? If no choice I rather you choose mt e. You must take good care, must drink more tonic food ya! Don't end up like me lack of calcium after my 4th.
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    ! -- Actual FACT or MYTH - Married SIA Engineering men have affairs?

    I always thought SAF, navy and airforce are the one having affairs more!! didnt realise that SIA also same Engineering men are the same..
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    ! - Anyone send their kid to abacus classes?

    If that's true is really funny. Is it because of location? That's for the info will call and check with the school.
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    Slimming Centre or Slimming Package

    I lose 19kg in one month without signing any slimming pkg. I got nightmare signing pkg especially after visiting London weight management.
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    ! - Anyone send their kid to abacus classes?

    Hi KMK I send my 4yrs old daughter for abacus class. Intially ok but later she lost interests. I think the school u choose is very impt coz the one I enroll got many changes in the end. She came to me and tell me she got no interests.
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    ! -- Looking for nanny in Sembawang / Yishun / Khatib

    Hi Charlene, tried to pm you but not avail. Can pm me for more details? Thanks
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    Tingkat delivery on Chu Yi Kitchen Restaurant

    I now trying another one call chu Wei San tong. The tingkat got trial 10days $90 cheaper than chu yi but tingkat smaller but quantity like more. The food and soup ok but better than chu yi no burnt soup. The best part is they don't even replace and the aunty everytime bomb my hp to aak me...
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    Tingkat delivery on Chu Yi Kitchen Restaurant

    I also agree dunno why they put so much hua teow jiu.