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December 2017

9 New Super-fun Fitness Classes to Kickstart Your New Year Get-Fit Resolution in 2018

Why do boring workouts at the gym when there are so many exciting fitness classes to choose from? Whether you prefer to be in a VR room, in the water, or even on a pole, there’s one to suit your fitness style. One of these will help you stick to your new year get-fit weight-loss resolution.

Whether you’ve just had a baby or are just looking to get fit in the new year, there’s no excuse not to find a fitness class to help you achieve your goal. From yoga to cycling in the water (yes, really!) to a quick 20-minute full-body workout, there’s something for everyone, in practically every part of Singapore. Here are nine exciting options to consider. (New mum? Do note that as a general rule, you should only start exercising six to eight weeks after giving birth. In fact, it’s best to get clearance from your doctor before you begin any of these classes.)


1. FaMA Fit Fundamentals at FaMA

Fitness and martial arts gym FaMA offers a beginner’s workout for anyone looking to get fit in a fun and exciting way. This is an entry-level variation of its signature FaMA Fit programme, and is ideal for parents looking to get back into shape. It blends fitness with a martial arts regime, placing an emphasis on balance, core, mobility and flexibility. It’s particularly beneficial for mums as the workout compliments the pelvic floor exercises women are prescribed after giving birth, with a strong focus on core exercises, full body exercises and improving posture.

What we like: Parents can work out alongside their children, as these classes run concurrently with the Little Ninjas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at 5-6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So why not pencil in a workout for the whole family?

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2. Pulse powered by Clubbercise at Virgin Active

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Remember the days when you used to let your hair down and dance the night away at the hottest club in town? You can recreate that feeling again now, while getting a good workout too! Pulse powered by Clubbercise is a dance fitness concept with movements that mimic highly energetic dance moves that you would’ve seen (or even done) on the club dance floor.

What we like: The workout helps you build stamina, burn calories and tone your muscles while listening to your favourite hits from the ’90s and today. Our favourite part is that compulsory glow sticks are incorporated into all the routines to help tone up your arm area, so you get a good full body workout in each hour-long class. Sounds like a blast (from the past), doesn’t it?

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3. BarreAmped at Barre 2 Barre Singapore

The BarreAmped method takes classic barre moves and amps them up with power, precision and focused intensity. Both men and women can join in here and the classes work on a mind-body technique that combines cutting-edge cardio, intelligent strengthening and dynamic stretching. There are classes throughout the day so there’s no excuse that it won’t fit into your busy schedule. And there’s one to fit every fitness level, such as advanced FIRE level for experienced ones and Mixed Levels for newcomers.

What we like: New mums can start with a private class or join the Post-Natal Barre classes (10am on Mondays, if there’s a demand).

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4. Aqua Cycling with Aquaspin™

Cycling in the water? Why not? Aqua cycling is a workout that uses stationary bicycles specially made to be submerged in the water. Participants (who are also partially submerged) pedal using the resistance of the water to exercise. There are different programs for different needs, such as Aqua Power, a circuit-training session that combines cardiovascular intensity, combat training and strength training; Aqua Endure, ideal for an endurance challenge, if you’re training for a run, trek or marathon; and Aqua Signature, a high-intensity interval training full-body session that’ll get you sprinting for short periods, followed by active recovery to make sure your heart rate goes up quickly and your body burns maximum calories during and after the session.

What we like: You won’t just be exercising, you’ll also get a soothing aqua massage. This comes thanks to the naturally-occurring pressure against your body created by the water when exercising or moving vigorously in an aquatic environment. The massage kills cellulite, boosts blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. The workout is also ideal for post-natal mums as it helps with issues such as water retention, cellulite and varicose veins. Classes take place at Singapore Polo Club, YWCA Fort Canning, Shangri-La Orchard and Oakwood Premier OUE.

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5. FloatFit at Skyline Aqua

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Why workout on the floor when you can do it on an exercise mat on water? FloatFit is a 30-minute workout on water, using the world’s first floating exercise mat, and you can expect to burn off 400 calories per session! The routines are designed to target muscles all over the body and being on water works them even harder as you’ll also have to work hard to keep your balance. There are two workouts to try here – Floatfit HIIT and Floatfit Yoga. Floatfit HIIT is a high-intensity, low-impact cross-training workout which includes squats, mountain climbers, V-sits, burpees and lunges. Being a combination of both strength and cardio training, it works your core, while increasing your heart rate too. Floatfit Yoga is a Vinyasa Yoga session merging breath and movement, to strengthen the body and mind.

What we like: Anyone can do these classes, regardless of gender and fitness level, but it’s especially beneficial for new mums as it strengthens stomach muscles by using the core to balance. You’ll be having too much fun on the water that you won’t realise you’re actually getting a good workout. Classes are at PARKROYAL Hotel on Beach Road.

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6. 20 Minutes at Ritual Gym


Too busy to fit in a workout? You won’t have that excuse anymore once you discover how easy it is here. In fact, you’ll be in and out the door in 30 minutes – yes, really! This ‘gym for busy people’ specialises in High Intensity Interval Training, which combines strength training with cardio, allowing you to train the entire body in a 20-minute session. There’s a session here every half-hour so you’ll find one to to suit your schedule easily. And, with four levels of progression, there’s a session for you, no matter what your fitness level.

What we like: You don’t have to bring anything with you – towels, clothes and toiletries are provided and the shock-absorbent floor means you can train barefoot. No need to lug a gym bag around anymore – and you can’t use “I didn’t bring my gym bag with me” as an excuse either.

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7. Slap Dance Studio

If you’ve ever fantasised about being a pole dancer or just wondered if you could ever do those sexy routines, here’s your chance to find out – while getting in a good workout too. Classes at Singapore Lap and Pole (Slap for short) Dance Studio are a mix of a cardiovascular workout, strength training, acrobatics and fun dance routines.

What we like: You can choose whatever level suits you best, from beginner to advance pole and exotic dances. Whatever you pick, it’ll help you improve muscle tone, build core strength, and your legs, tummy and bum will get a great workout too.

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8. Indoor Immersive Cycling Class at Pure Fitness

This is not just a cycling class, it’s a fitness experience like no other. You’ll be exercising in a 270° Immersive Fitness™ studio, which projects cinema-quality video content onto the screen of a purpose-built studio, while instructors cue exercise moves to synchronise perfectly with the music and graphics. Please note that this class is only available at Pure Fitness Ngee Ann City.

What we like: So, while you’re cycling, you’ll be climbing steep glaciers or even riding through a space-age city. Working out will definitely not be boring, with so many things to look at, and you’ll get to have an amazing, immersive fitness experience without leaving the studio.

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9. Soul Flow at Freedom Yoga


If you ever thought yoga was boring, try this class and you’ll completely change your mind. Soul Flow is basically dance meets asanas, where you’ll follow a choreographed yoga flow. You’ll flow into yoga poses following the beat of the music. All you have to do is breathe and let your mind and body move as one with the music.

What we like: You’ll benefit by gaining both strength and flexibility and will improve your mind-body health. This studio is also convenient as they provide water and towels as well as shower facilities and toiletries so you won’t have to bring too many things with you. Plus, you’ll do the class barefoot so no need to worry about getting the right shoes either.

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9 New Super-fun Fitness Classes to Kickstart Your New Year Get-Fit Resolution in 2018