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June 2018

Cool and Unique Classes for Mums! (2018 Edition)

Motherhood isn’t just all about carpool and cooking. Here’s our selection of the coolest classes for mums to indulge in and unleash their creativity!

We’re definitely not the first to point out that motherhood isn’t easy. There’s carpool duties, feeding time, homework help – you get the idea. And it’s not often that Mums get to let loose and return to their carefree pre-baby ways. Rather than suggesting yet another brunch spot, how about gathering your girlfriends and heading to a workshop instead?


Our selection of the coolest classes for Mums this year offers a variety of workshops from calligraphy to making your very own name casts. Mamas, it’s time to unleash your creativity and enjoy new hobbies again. The next time your group chat starts pinging with discussions about meeting up, suggest one of these fun classes instead!

1. Basic Brush Calligraphy


Admit it, you’ve spent hours looking at “typography” and “lettering” search results on Pinterest. From intricate cursive fonts on wedding invitations to bold, thick strokes on artisan postcards (the kind you get at a pop-up fair), calligraphy has always intrigued us. It’s time to put your own skills to the test at this Basic Brush Calligraphy class – who knows, you could discover a hidden talent! In this class, you’ll learn the basics of how to control brush strokes, form both thin and thick lines, and form letters. You’ll also be given your very own greeting card to design at the end!

Next available class Saturday, 30 June 2018, 12PM – 2PM
Cost $70 per person
Venue The Refinery Workspace, 115 King George’s Avenue, #03-02, Singapore 208561
Note All materials and notes will be supplied. No prior knowledge is required.
Web Click here

2. Weaving 101


Weaving is officially back in style. If you’ve been on Instagram throughout the past year, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed this trend of craft creeping back onto your feed. So why not pick it up yourself instead of admiring others’ work from afar? During this class, you’ll learn how to create a personalised weave wall art or coaster using a custom-made weaving loom. You’ll also pick up some knowledge along the way about weaving techniques and different yarn weights that can be added to complete your piece!

Next available class Sunday, 1 July 2018, 1PM – 4PM
Cost $79 per person
Venue The Refinery Workspace, 115 King George’s Avenue, #03-02, Singapore 208561
Note All materials will be provided and participants will get to take home their completed wall hanging, a custom acrylic weaving loom, and 2 long weaving needles.
Web Click here

3. Soap Crafting Workshop


Organic, hand-made soaps couldn’t be more on trend right now. And instead of shelling out for these sweet-smelling soaps, you can make your very own at this Soap Crafting class! You can look forward to crafting your very own botanical soaps out of quality natural ingredients. Choose your own scents from a selection of essential oils and customise your colours and textures with different herbs and spices. The best part? You’ll be heading home with 3 bars’ worth of personalised soap for the family!

Next available class Saturday, 28 July 2018, 1PM – 3.30PM
Cost $85 per person
Venue The Refinery Workspace, 115 King George’s Avenue, #03-02, Singapore 208561
Note All tools and materials are provided, and no prior knowledge is necessary.
Web Click here

4. Coffee Painting Workshop


No matter if you’re a newbie or an expert when it comes to watercolour, this Coffee Painting class promises to be a brand-new experience! Relax and sink in to this therapeutic art that makes use of only one colour. Unleash your creativity on paper as you work with different shades of coffee, eventually creating a monochromatic masterpiece of your own! Beginners will also learn basics in sketching/drawing, watercolour techniques, and how to create different hues from one colour.

Next available class Saturday, 1 September 2018, 1PM – 4.30PM
Cost $120 per person
Venue Naiise, The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-08, Singapore 229233
Note All tools and materials are provided.
Web Click here

5. Intro to Crochet + Tassel (2 Session)


Have you noticed an increase of crochet purses whilst strolling down Orchard Road? That’s because crocheting is the craft community’s latest obsession! And with this Intro to Crochet + Tassel class, you too, can get in on the action. This two-session class will kick-start your crocheting journey, where you’ll learn to crochet your own very own clutch. In Session 1, you’ll focus on making chains and learning how to form single crochets in rows. Then, in Session 2, you’ll learn to sew up your purse and making your very own tassel to add on to it. Don’t worry about not being able to follow the lesson, as this hands-on experience has one crochet master to every five students!

Next Available Class Sunday, 29 July 2018, 11AM – 2PM
Cost $169.90 per person
Venue Tiny Rabbit Hole, 62A Smith Street, Level 2, Singapore 058964
Note Fees include a basic crochet toolkit with a premium Japanese Tulip hook.
Web Click here

6. Perfume Making Workshop


Having a signature scent is so important – you want to illicit great memories every single time someone smells a scent that reminds them of you. If you’d like to make a signature scent based on your personality, this Perfume Making class is perfect for you! You’ll start out with a “Perfume Personality Test” to find out if you’re more citrus, floral, fresh, woody, or oriental. Then, you’ll move on to learning about the basic principles of perfume making. From the “Perfume Pyramid” to the “Fragrance Wheel”, you’ll pick up a few key concepts of perfume making during this workshop. Next, start picking your favourite smells and assembling your signature scents! You’ll also get to bring home a special perfume bottle engraved with your name.

Next available class Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 11AM – 1PM
Cost $125 per person
Venue Goodman Arts Center, 90 Goodman Road, Block O, #01-57, Singapore 439053
Note Fee includes a 75ml bottle (engraved) and 3 travel-size 10ml bottles of perfume. Halal option available.
Web Click here

7. Leather Notebook Cover Crafting Workshop


If you’re a big BuJo (bullet journal) fan, you know how important a great notebook is. Be it a bullet journal with the month’s agenda or a good ol’ address book, it’s comforting to have a beautiful notebook on hand. And while leather-bound notebooks can cost a pretty penny, now you can make your very own at this Leather Notebook Cover Crafting class! Guided by a professional leather artisan, you’ll how to hand-stitch and cut leather from scratch. This hands-on leather crafting workshop is perfect for beginners, and you’ll get to bring back a lovely notebook cover for you or your loved ones!

Next available class Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 2PM – 5PM
Cost $130 per person
Venue Atelier Lodge, 8 Perak Road, Singapore 208129
Note All tools are provided for each student.
Web Click here

8. Decorative Name Casting Workshop


Are you thinking adding something unique to your home? If yes, then this Decorative Name Casting class is what you need. Immerse yourself in the unique process of concrete casting and understand the limitless possibilities of working with concrete! You’ll learn the fundamentals of mold making, casting, and treating your unique pieces of work. Instructors will guide you through working with different tools, and you’ll eventually get to bring home your personalised creations. Cast your own name, or even your little ones nickname – it’ll be sure to brighten up any room!

Next available class Saturday, 11 August, 2PM – 5PM
Cost $60 per person
Venue Block 293B Compassvale Crescent, #15-57, Singapore 542293
Note The session requires a minimum sign-up count to proceed.
Web Click here

9. Candle Making Workshop


Nothing lifts the mood of a home like a nice scented candle. And it can change the atmosphere to suit your mood for the day, too! Be it a floral fragrance for springtime, or woody notes for a romantic evening, candles are definitely a staple in most households. However, it’s not often that we find scents we absolutely adore, or for cheap, either. So why not give a go at making your very own? Gather your girlfriends at head downtown to enjoy this Candle Making class together! Held at The Providore, brunch can now come with a fun activity. Sip some prosecco as you choose your favourite scents and learn the basics of candle making. At the end of the class, you’ll take home your very own scented candle, too!

Next available class Thursday, 28 June 2018, 11AM – 12.30PM
Cost $51.36 per person
Venue The Providore, OUE Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, #B1-07, Singapore 068815
Note Private group workshops can be arranged by contacting the studio.
Web Click here

10. Japanese Cotton Tote Bag Sewing Workshop


Craft can be useful too! Join this Japanese Cotton Tote Bag Sewing class and you’ll walk away not only with newfound sewing skills, but also an adorable tote bag for daily use. Suitable for complete beginners, you’ll learn sewing fundamentals such as how to set up the machine, how to choose the right interface for your project, and how to sew a simple tote bag. By the end of the class, you’ll have made yourself an adorable cotton tote bag (with lining) that’s completely functional, too!

Next available class Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 10AM – 1PM
Cost $128 per person
Venue Beary Naise Studio, 3C Guillemard Road, Level 2, Singapore 399684
Note Fee includes all fabric, materials, and tools.
Web Click here

11. STILL Boxing


If you’re more of an active type of gal, then it’s high time you tried STILL Boxing! An action-packed group class featuring music, lights, and non-stop energy, getting in shape has never been this fun. At STILL Boxing, you’ll learn the basics of the sport by combining it with cardio (no treadmills!), strength training, and toning. Plus, the class takes place in an amazing space that’s the first aqua bag boxing studio in Asia. It’s time to get your adrenaline pumping!

Next available class Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 7.15AM – 8.05AM
Cost $35 per person
Venue OUE Down Town, 6 Shenton Way, Tower 2, #B1-04/5/6, Singapore 068815
Note Fee excludes $10 boxing wrap.
Web Click here

12. Tea Appreciation Workshop


How much do you and your girlfriends know about Chinese tea? If your answer is “not a lot”, then it’s time to ditch the mimosas and sign up for a Tea Appreciation class. Tea Chapter’s “Shades of Tea” workshop allows you to sample and learn about 6 different Chinese teas. Sit back, relax, and sip on Green, White, Blue, Red, Black and Floral teas for the complete experience! By the end of the class, you’ll definitely be a lot more knowledgable about Chinese tea too. Win-win!

Next available class Call 62261175 for enquiries and reservations
Cost $60+ per person
Venue 9 & 11 Neil Road, Singapore 088808
Note Minimum 2 persons per workshop.
Web Click here

Bonus: Date Out


Do you find it hard to come up with fun ideas for date night? Then Date Out is the perfect app for you. With five categories of experiences – from Dating Ideas to Customised Gifts – Date Out helps to match your preferences. And it doesn’t have to be just with your spouse, too! Date Out works just as well with your friends, allowing you to select everything from perfume and leather craft workshops, to personalised clay-making and pottery sessions.

The app is available for download on iTunes and Google Play, as well as online at

Be it indulging in the crafts alone or attending a boxing class in place of your weekly “girl gang” brunch, there’s nothing more important than carving out time for yourself. Motherhood doesn’t have to mean the end of self-growth, but instead can be a brand-new time for you to explore and hone your interests. We hope our selection of workshops and classes have sparked your interest, and remember to sign-up for your favourite class before it’s too late!

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Cool and Unique Classes for Mums! (2018 Edition)