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Da:ns Festival 2020

Mon Oct 12 Sun Nov 1

This year’s Da:ns Festival questions the lives we lead, and have been leading, since COVID-19 swept across the world. Hence there are programmes that are introspective and inquisitive, so as to evoke meaning and provoke thought:

  • Ming Poon (Singapore, Germany) with The Intervention of Loneliness (Lockdown Edition)
  • legendary street dance quartet, s**t kingz (Japan) with The Escape Game, a specially commissioned work which traces a thrilling journey of escape and imagination
  • Pichet Klunchun’s (Thailand) The Intermission of No. 60, on the future possibilities of classical Thai dance, khon which was forced to enter an “intermission” during the pandemic.

International programmes include:

  • Dancing at Dusk – A moment with Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring (United Kingdom, Germany, Senegal) featuring a specially assembled cast from 14 African countries
  • Documentary Friedemann Vogel – Incarnation of Dance (Germany) which offers a glimpse of the ballet star’s everyday life

Singapore-based artists include:

  • 7 works (out of almost 50 applications from the Open Call), as well as a two-week-long choreographic workshop Living Archive – A Creative Workshop with Studio Wayne McGregor (United Kingdom)

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