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March 2021

10 Postnatal Massage services to help you Heal and Slim down after giving Birth

Pregnancy and giving birth can take a lot — literally! — out of a woman’s body. It’s no wonder that new mothers are advised to go through confinement to help them heal better, physically. Postnatal massage too, plays a significant role in this process. It speeds up the elimination of excess fluids and relieves water retention, helping bodies return to pre-pregnancy shape and size.

It can help accelerate womb recovery by encouraging lochia discharge, and reposition the pelvis and abdominal organs. Furthermore it has even been known to improve lactation (breast milk production), and ease breast engorgement.

Most importantly, it gives the new mum time-out from caring for her newborn, so she can relax, and catch up on much-needed rest. If you are currently pregnant, and have yet to book your postnatal massage package, do it soon — but not before reading this article for the lowdown on postnatal massages available in Singapore.

Before booking your postnatal massage

Image: Jessica Delp on Unsplash

Visit the website of the massage place that you are interested in. Find out what exactly you will be getting when you make your booking. Some places include a massage for your baby, while some offer a demonstration. Others may offer freebies on top of the package inclusions.

If you are hiring a therapist to go to your home, is transportation included in the cost or will you have to top up? Can you rent a massage bed? How much will that cost? Finally, check on the cancellation procedures as well, in case you change your mind.

When to book your postnatal massage

Do it two to three months before your EDD (expected date of delivery), as slots tend to fill up quickly. If you have a preferred therapist in mind, make your booking at least four months ahead. This gives you a better chance of ‘chope-ing’ her.

Note: Prices and other details are accurate at time of publishing. Do check with the massage company for updates.

Pamper Me Jamu Wellness Pte Ltd

The Signature Balinese Jamu Postnatal Massage from Pamper Me Jamu Wellness Pte Ltd helps you to reduce stretch marks, fluid retention, back pain/tensions and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight using organic premium massage oil, Jamu Tapel, and Pilis. Furthermore, a Sengkak (Womb) massage, a lactation massage, an infant massage tutorial and a customised binder (100% batik cotton) will be included with any postnatal sign up.

Price: From $558 for 5 sessions (60 minutes massage + 15 minutes Binding)
Book: Call/WhatsApp +65 97620378 or email to [email protected]

Beauty Mums & Babies

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BNB offers a variety of massages but is best known for their Signature Post natal Massage (TCM + Javanese). Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Javanese techniques, the massages help decrease postpartum swelling, relieve pain, and regulate hormones. Do try out their 2-hour postnatal wellness bundle, which includes a postnatal massage and a Marine Detox Facial. Book this package at a promotional price from the SingaporeMotherhood Shop.

Price: $1,029 for 7 sessions at 75 minutes each
Book: Call 6235 0688, Whatsapp 8368 2756, or email [email protected]


Image: AllTenTic Facebook

With therapists certified by the International Therapy Examination Council or have Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications, you know you are in good hands here. AllTenTic offers Postnatal Jamu Massage treatments, with packages that include lactation/breast massages, heated stone therapy, as well as two baby massage demo classes. A professional mobile massage bed (subject to availability) can be rented at $85 nett per package.

Price: From $599 for 5 sessions at 60 minutes each
Book: Call 9088 2042, or email [email protected]


The basic package includes a full body massage, jamu, loan of bengkung and gurita, and oil. In addition, you can top up for the Ganggang (Vaginal Spa) where you sit on a chair with a hole in the seat while Javanese scent is burnt or steamed beneath. This is meant to help reduce excessive vaginal discharge, eliminate smells, and fragrance the area. They also offer the Herbal Ball therapy to expel wind and speed up contraction of the womb, as well as hot pebbles to re-balance the body. A transport fee of $10-20 applies.

Price: From $345 for 5 one-hour sessions under the basic package
Book: Call 6296 7198, or the hotline at 9228 6372

Madam Partum

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The first TCM Pregnancy Specialist Centre in Singapore, this offers Qi-boosting therapeutic massages. These stimulate acupressure points, clearing internal blockages, and correcting Yin and Yang imbalances in the body. Therapists also use tuina techniques to improve blood circulation, balance hormones, help the uterus contract, and slim the body. Have your massage at one of their seven outlets, or opt for home service (only for 90-minute packages). A portable massage bed is included, but transport costs apply.

Price: From $636.65 for 7 sessions (60 minutes each)
Book: Call 6663 3933, WhatsApp 8166 0060 or email [email protected]

(See also: Paediatric Tuina can Improve your Child’s Immunity and Treat Common Childhood Problems)

Mummy’s Massage

The postnatal Jamu program here draws from traditional Malay Jamu postnatal massage, focusing on changes to the body after birth. Jamu Massage has its own unique sets of techniques and moves, one of which is a popular technique called sengkak to reposition the uterus back in place. The massage also helps reduce residual labour pain, aches, tension, backaches, and cramps, while relaxing the body and providing an energy boost. Moreover, you get a free Batik Bengkung BellyBind™ when you sign-up.

Price: From $658 for the Deluxe package of 7 x postnatal massage · 7 x batik bengkung bellybind™
Book: Call 3138 1909, Whatsapp 8124 1506 or email [email protected]


If you are averse to the scents of traditional Jamu massage, choose this postnatal massage. Blending Jamu and Chinese techniques, Nanny SOS replaces traditional herbs with ginger oil and creams, and focuses on the body’s meridians to enhance the massage experience. The 90-minute session ends with binding.

Price: From $900 for 7 sessions
Book: Call 6817 2479 or book online

Postnatal Massage Singapore Pte Ltd

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With guaranteed therapist arrival, free therapist replacement if required, as well as a free baby massage tutorial included, it’s no wonder this WSQ-certified company has a five-star rating on Facebook. At time of writing, new sign-ups enjoy perks such as a discount off a baby photoshoot package, complimentary six month baby protection coverage, an ebook on cord blood banking, and vouchers for a swim class and mother and baby shopping.

Price: From $718 for 7 sessions (60 minutes + 15 minutes binding each time)
Book: Call 6417 9690 or book online

The Outcall Spa

Image: The Outcall Spa Facebook

Enjoy a full spa setup including towels, music, and a professional massage bed when you book any of the packages here. The treatment session consists of a 75-minute massage and 15-minute traditional bengkung wrapping. Furthermore, if you purchase an 8-day package (or above) you can enjoy the Spa’s trademark Fat Diminisher Massage. This is done with a non-invasive machine that uses high-frequency vibrations.

Price: From $988 for 5 sessions (90 minutes)
Book: Call 8782 0561, or book online


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Singapore’s first-ever massage app makes it easy for you to schedule your treatments; everything’s at your fingertips! Since each booking includes a massage bed, fresh towels and sheets, and even music and aromatherapy, you can simply close your eyes and imagine you’re in a spa!

Price: From $488 for a 5-day Basic Childbirth Recovery Program
Book: Whatsapp 8780 9035, online, or through the Therapy app (Apple | Google)

Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre

Image: Traditional & Holistic Postnatal Centre Facebook

Established since 2000, this place specialises in Jamu Post-Natal Massage, as well as an Engorgement Breast Massage. In addition, the postnatal massage uses a hot stone compress, which helps to ease muscle tension while soothing nerves. Finally, mums will also be taught baby massage techniques which can help to improve their newborn’s sleep, and relieve colic and gas.

Price: From $588 for 5 sessions (75 minutes each) of Classical traditional Jamu postnatal massage package
Book: Call 9271 6091 or email [email protected]

Featured image: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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10 Postnatal Massage services to help you Heal and Slim down after giving Birth