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September 2019

I Did Not Know Studying at the Dining Table is Actually Hurting My Kids!

When people talk about investments, one would not usually associate it with a study table and chair set. But let me explain… Before I was given such a set to review, my children were doing their homework and other activities, such as colouring and puzzles, at the dining table. After all, that’s how it was when I was growing up and I thought that’s how it would be for my children as well. Many of my friends also have their kids do work at the dining table, or use a fixed height kid’s study table.

Sure, my children are distracted at times (often) and can be whiney and lethargic when it comes to homework. They are prone to slouching and bad postural habits, such as rocking the dining chair forwards or backwards. Again, I thought these things are par for the course for young “naughty” children.

But when I was introduced to the ErgoBloom kid’s study desk set (comprising the BloomDesk and BloomChair), and given a set to review, it changed my mind completely. The most important revelation: I was actually contributing to my children’s bad posture by having them use the dining table!

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A Desk to Call His Own

ergonomic desk and chair

One of the most apparent plus points that I saw right from the start—when Chris, my seven-year-old, saw the table in his corner of the living room when he got back from school—was excitement and enthusiasm from my child. This has not waned. When previously, Chris would be bored after just a few minutes of work and start getting restless, he now looks forward to sitting at his very own study desk. I guess having a dedicated space gives him a sense of ownership.

He doesn’t slouch nowadays either. Why? Because he now has a desk that fits him perfectly. See, the problem was that the dining table was a bad fit for Chris. He had to contort his kid’s size body to fit a table made for adults.

And here’s where I discovered how ErgoBloom makes a difference. They understand the role a good fitting desk has in ensuring good posture. That’s why almost every aspect of it—desk height, seat height, seat backrest—is designed to be easily adjustable.

This means that the ErgoBloom can always perfectly fit Chris, no matter how fast he grows.

What’s more, the BloomDesk has an angled top that allows him to write, draw and read at a more natural eye level. He no longer leans over, looking perpendicularly down at his work. Neck strains are eliminated as well.

ergonomic desk - BloomChair

Now, to the BloomChair. It has this really cool flexible split backrest, which reduces pressure on the lumbar spine. Each panel of the backrest responds to micro-shifts in Chris’ body, cups his back and fills up any gaps, giving comprehensive support at all times. Studies have shown that sitting in a forward slouch, such as what he used to do when seated at the dining table, causes a 200 per cent pressure on the lumbar spine. With the BloomChair, it’s reduced to a mere 75 per cent.

And of course, both the split backrest as well as the seat of the BloomChair are fully adjustable to suit a child’s height as he grows.

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Thoughtful Plus Points

While the major features are the ones that have made the most difference in my children’s comfort and behaviour, other handy and really well thought out features of the BloomDesk include a built-in stationery drawer and a book rest that slots away neatly when not in use. There’s also a bag hook at the side and non-reflective surfaces that take eye health into consideration.

Bloomchair casters

As for the BloomChair, two safety features I appreciate are the double-lock design for stability of the adjustable chair and auto-lock wheels. These give me peace of mind when my children are using the chair, especially if they get into any funny shenanigans as kids are prone to! The double-lock also prevents any accidental adjustments by little hands to the customised fit. And, the wheels auto-lock when there’s weight on the chair, so the little ones can’t roll over their toes. Neat!

For easy cleaning, the cushion and backrest covers are machine washable—what a boon for busy mums!

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Added Value

Lastly, because both the BloomDesk and BloomChair are fully adjustable, Matt, my five-year-old, can also use the set comfortably too. The ergonomic desk and chair can be easily adjusted for his height and size. While he doesn’t have much formal studying or homework to complete at this point, it helps to build good habits for the long run. We are already planning to get an ErgoBloom Bundle for him when he starts primary school!

Now, back to why I call the ergonomic desk and chair bundle an investment. The Regular set I reviewed costs $780, with free shipping. $50 more gets you the set with a Large BloomDesk if you have the space for it.

Sure, it’s not as cheap as your average conventional study desk. But given that our kid’s early developmental years are crucial, and that bad posture can lead to a lot of health complications, it seems like an area worth investing in.

Besides, if you get say 10 years of good use out of the set—and trust me, the pieces are so intuitively customisable and built solidly using quality materials—it amounts to a very reasonable $78 per year.

Sounds pretty worth it to me!

The ErgoBloom Bundle comes in two colours, Pink and Blue, with the BloomDesk and BloomChair also available separately. Click here for more information.

Or head over to the ErgoBloom e-shop right away and quote promo code “SGMOTHERHOOD58” to enjoy $58 off all ErgoBloom products!


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I Did Not Know Studying at the Dining Table is Actually Hurting My Kids!