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August 2017

Healthy Fine Dining in Singapore? Find it at Frunatic (Review)

If every calorie you consume benefits your body, wouldn’t every meal give you balance, wellbeing, and inner health? That’s what you can get at Frunatic, the very first restaurant in Singapore for healthy fine-dining.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” Hippocrates said. This, in a nutshell, is what Frunatic endorses. The newly-open 30-seater fine-dining restaurant at Palais Renaissance serves “strictly natural therapeutic” meals that promise to restore balance and wellness to your body with every bite.


Walk-in, take a seat, and choose one of two (out of four) Therapeutic Wellness Meal combination sets. Each set meal consists of eight courses served omakase style.

Every dish is crafted by an in-house team of wellness professionals including a nutritionist, a dietitian, a naturopathic doctor, a Tradtional Chinese Medicine physician, and a chef. Liquid courses and dessert are included. Every course comes beautifully plated and if it looks like something you’ve never seen before in your life, don’t worry. There are detailed explanations on the menu (which doubles up as a placemat).

The thought of eating only fruits and vegetables for a meal is daunting. As I walk into the restaurant, I am mentally scoping out the closest fast food outlet to me – McDonalds at The Forum across the road – where I believe I’ll end up, still hungry after this meal. I am wrong. I am full hours after eating the healthiest meal of my life and my body is not calling out for a single French Fry. It’s amazing and appalling at the same time.

We start with a caffeine-free herbal tea brewed from forget-me-not flowers and goji berries steeped in alkaline ionized water, followed by a superberry smoothie. Servings are small. At this point you’re probably thinking, “This is is?”

A chickpea and quinoa salad (see main image) comes next. This wake-up call for the taste buds boasts creamy chickpeas tossed with quinoa, marinated mushrooms, butterhead lettuce, red bell pepper, and Japanese cucumber in a chive vinaigrette. It’s a winner that gets us nodding and oohing as we eat.

A cold pressed juice of grapefruit, orange, lemon, Granny Smith apples and chia seeds chases this. I’m looking forward to the next course of chocolate banana fibre bites (described as crispy chocolate and banana fibre bites with crunchy bits of activated almonds, desiccated coconut and organic raw cacao powder in the menu) but it’s dry and tough. If this is what healthy chocolate tastes like, give me the unhealthy version anytime. The beet root chips that come after? Painful.

But the next course, the Japanese yam noodles, makes up for all that. The noodles in this vegan dish are made from fresh Japanese yam, edamame, and brown rice, and come with a sauce made of homemade mushroom stock, vinegar, and ginger. It’s a little bit crunchy, a little bit tangy, and a lot of fabulous.

If you live by the dictim that your body is a temple and prefer to ensure that every morsel that passes through your lips is worthy, then a Frunatic meal, with its “absolute restriction of dairy, gluten, wheat, trans-fat, additives, cholesterol and all forms of preservatives” will be your culinary epiphany.

Apart from these restaurant meal sets ($108++) Frunatic also offers offers Therapeutic Wellness Set Meal Packages ($888 excluding 10% service charge and 7% GST) for 10 weekly meals. These includes an initial assessment and post-meal consultation by Frunatic’s dietician or nutritionist.

Hefty prices aside, I’d suggest trying this if you’re time-starved but hungry for healthy cuisine, gastronomically curious/adventurous, or hoping to improve your nutritional wellbeing. If you’re trying to conceive and want to start eating well for conception? There’s no harm trying it out too. Not quite ready? No problem. You can try more affordable bites of health at Frunatic’s sister cafe Wholesome Savour just outside the restaurant.

Where we ate:

390 Orchard Rd,
Palais Renaissance, #B1-06
Singapore 238871
Tel 6276 0288
Opening Hours 9am – 3pm, 5pm – 9pm


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Healthy Fine Dining in Singapore? Find it at Frunatic (Review)