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January 2015

Another Family-Friendly Dining Option For Consideration

You now have an addition to your list of family-friendly dining choices on our sunny island. If you are on the lookout for buffet-style restaurants and you live in the North-east region, you are in luck! The Sakura chain of restaurants opened the doors of its Sakura International Buffet at Yio Chu Kang on 22 January 2015. The launch saw the introduction of Sakura’s revamped storefront and brand image. Families who adore buffets can experience a fresh dining concept with eight new counters, each offering the best of a nation’s cuisine. These include Italy, Japan, Thailand, as well as France. For those of you whose tastebuds are devoted to the motherland, fret not – local delights are also on the menu!
Sakura boasts a total of 11 branches now and had started out eleven years ago with the aim of becoming the largest buffet chain of restaurants in Singapore. Eight of these restaurants are halal certified. Except for the counter featuring solely Japanese cuisine, the other three counters are L-shaped. This design allows for walking space between the counters and also lets customers survey the spread of sumptuous delights without missing a single one. The dining area is spacious and can clearly be distinguished from the area where the food is prepared and served. There are different types of tables; two-seaters, four-seaters (for small families), eight-seaters and vast triangular shaped tables which can accommodate up to twelve people – perfect for bigger families! High chairs will be made available upon your request, so your little ones can dine in comfort. Should you be a parent who is concerned about your child’s frequent needs to visit the restroom, it would be best to ask for a table at the furthest end of the restaurant due to the proximity to the restrooms.


Although the buffet offers a wide variety of mouthwatering culinary creations for foodies, it is undeniably the USA counter that will please the kids. This counter offers straight cut fries served in little paper cones, nachos with hot cheese sauce, popcorn chicken, meatballs in tomato sauce and breaded fish fingers. The portions are just the right size for children and the range of finger foods are sure to delight them. If you are a health-conscious parent who would prefer for junior to indulge in something more nutritious, there is a salad bar for you to take your pick from at the French counter as well as freshly cut seasonal fruits at the Dessert counter. The dishes offered at the Local counter, such as Signature Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Prawn Hokkien Mee and Signature Hiroshima Oyster Omelette, are served up in rather small portions, making them ideal for children too.

Kids will also love the DIY counters which allow diners to assemble their own dishes. There is a DIY Noodle Station next to the Local delights counter and a DIY Shabu Shabu station at the Japanese counter. Both hot and cold drinks are available at the Beverage counter, and I believe that the Sjora Mango Peach drink will be a hit with the kids! Allow me to now address the icing on the cake – the delectable Desserts counter! There are slices of colourful rainbow cakes, mango mousse tarts served in adorable miniature bowls, local desserts and an assortment of pastries to choose from. And if that isn’t enough, stop by the Haagen-Dazs counter where you can get yourself a scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream with chocolate lava cake. This little cake packs a punch with its moist texture and rich chocolate flavour that will leave you and your kids asking for more.


If you wish to celebrate your birthday or your child’s birthday at the Sakura International Buffet restaurant, you will receive a complimentary birthday cake! (sweet!) So be sure to whip out your bucket list of family-friendly restaurants and add this one to it as well!

The Sakura International Buffet Restaurant is located at:

Yio Chu Kang Stadium, 210 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 #01-208 Singapore 569777

For enquiries, please call: 6754 8197

Website: Sakura International Buffet 

Buffet pricing available here.


All pictures courtesy of Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang. 


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Another Family-Friendly Dining Option For Consideration