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December 2019

Choose the Right Growing Up Milk to give your Child’s Growth and Development a Boost

From the ages of one to three years, your child is hurtling from infancy through toddlerhood to their preschool years. At this stage, they are developing at the speed of light — gaining skills and abilities, and hitting milestone after milestone. They take their first steps (or even start to run), say their first words, self-feed with a spoon, and can drink from a cup. Give them music, and they will dance.

With their newly enhanced motor skills, everyday play becomes even more fun. They can push buttons, pull strings, build block towers, and piece together simple jigsaw puzzles. It’s an exciting time for your little one! But how can you ensure that your child is ready to take on all these growth challenges?

How Growing Up Milk makes a Difference

The early years are important for your child’s growth. They are also a significant period for cognitive, behavioural, and physical development. During this stage, proper nutrition and exercise (or activity), especially outdoors, can make a difference in how children develop.

According to the World Health Organisation, children who do not receive the right amounts of nutrients could become ill, and have delayed mental and motor development1.

In addition, children who tend to spend more time indoors instead of playing outside may lack vitamin D (made in the skin upon exposure to the sun) — which helps the body absorb and retain calcium for building bones. Vitamin D and Iron are two nutrients that young children tend to be deficient in, a study published in the 2017 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition noted.

One way to overcome this deficiency is to introduce a balanced diet. In addition, encouraging your child to spend more time enjoying games and activities outdoors can help. Finally, you could consider adding fortified milk to your child’s diet.

As shown in a study2 done with children aged one to three years, children fed fortified formula milk for 20 weeks had improved iron and Vitamin D levels. This is in comparison to those who took non-fortified cow’s milk.

Which type of Milk should you Choose for your Growing Child?


Adding milk to your child’s diet is an easy way to boost their nutritional intake. When your child is between one and three years of age, growing up milk is a good choice of beverage for them. Growing up milk is specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers, and its nutrient content is carefully selected to meet the needs of your growing child.

One growing up milk that generations of children in Singapore know is Dumex, which was introduced to our island in 1959. Dumex has achieved two firsts in Singapore: it was the first formula milk brand to introduce growing up milk that catered to different age groups, as well as the first to include DHA fortification in formula milk. Currently, Dumex is used in hospitals in Singapore — a testament to its quality and credibility!

The Dumex Dugro Advantage

How Stage 3 Formula of popular milk brands deliver in key nutrients (Source)

An HPB ‘Healthier Choice milk’, Dumex Dugro has more than 20 recommended vitamins and minerals that support overall growth and development. Every serving of Dumex Dugro contains a set of nutrients tailored for your child’s needs, such as:

✓ DHA – A critical building block for brain development and eye function3.

Calcium – For building bones, and nerve and muscle function.

Prebiotics – To promote the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to support digestion, and aid in rebalancing microflora in the gut.

Vitamin C – An antioxidant that is important for immune system function.

Vitamin D – Which regulates absorption of calcium, and is important for growth bones and teeth.

Iron – This boosts red blood cell production, and helps with focus and concentration. One serving of Dumex Dugro Stage 3 Formula milk has as much iron as 27 glasses of fresh milk.

Best of all, Dumex Dugro complements your child’s solid food diet to help achieve Singapore Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), thus ensuring that your child receives optimum nutrition at every stage.

It also follows the healthier choice guidelines set by the HPB as it is 100 per cent sucrose-free (for Stage 3-5), and has 25 per cent less sugar compared to other growing up milk. Dugro Stage 4-5 also meets HPB’s Healthier Choice criteria for 25 per cent less saturated fat compared to other formulations.

What’s great is that all this comes at an economical price point. We know how expensive it can be to raise a child in Singapore, hence Dumex Dugro is a clear choice for financially-savvy mums who are looking for an affordable, nutrition-filled growing up milk for their children.

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2. Akkermans, M.D, et al. A micronutrient-fortified young-child formula improves the iron and vitamin D status of healthy young European children: a randomised, double-blind controlled trial, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 105, Issue 2, 1 February 2017, Pages 391-399,
3. Claim only for food for children up to 3 years of age.


This post is brought to you by Dumex Dugro, the choice of growing up milk for generations of children in Singapore.

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Choose the Right Growing Up Milk to give your Child’s Growth and Development a Boost