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April 2014

DIY Craft: Earth Day Door Hangers

Earth Day falls on 22 April (that’s tomorrow!). Jasmine Koh, who blogs at Scissors Paper Stone and who is mum to two boys aged five and eight, shares beautifully creative and do-able craft ideas like this one for parents and children on her blog.

Earth Day is a great time to remind the kids that we need to take care of this planet because really there is only one of its kind.

My kids still occasionally forget to turn off the lights despite repeated warnings so I’m hoping this craft will magically transform them (fingers crossed!).


We made a door hanger that resembles earth but with an earth-friendly message as a reminder that they need to take care of the resources that we have.

Here’s how to make it.


Step 1 : Tape the contact paper to the table with the clear side facing downwards.

Step 2 : Remove the paper so that the sticky side is revealed. Don’t worry about removing the paper at the edges.

Step 3 : Cut out a circle in the centre of the black paper and press it down firmly onto the contact paper.

Step 4 : Stick blue and green bits of cellophane in the middle so it looks like earth.

Don’t worry about perfecting where the green or blue bits should go, just have fun with it. The best part about using cellophane is that the light shines through it so it also makes a pretty sun catcher. You can simply use green or blue paper or washi tape too if you prefer.

Step 5: Write a message on the white strip of paper.

Feel free to personalize this. It could be a reminder to brush your teeth using a cup of water or to shower in five minutes. You could take some time to read some ideas to the kids so they can choose which way they would like to make more of an effort to care for their environment.

Step 6 : Place a second layer of contact paper over and smooth out any air bubbles.

Step 7 : Using a pair of scissors, cut around the globe leaving a black trim around the edges.

Step 8 : Punch a hole at the top and loop a ribbon or twine through it.

Finally, please don’t feel like you need to include the black rim. You can leave it out as I did in the photo below. Try it out with other materials too, like tissue paper or construction paper or washi tape like I did. Have fun with this craft and hopefully, your electric bill goes down too!

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DIY Craft: Earth Day Door Hangers