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April 2015

DIY: 5 Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day

It’s been said that “a mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”. With Mother’s Day round the corner, why not make one of the following crafts with your child to help him express his love for mummy or grandma?


craft 2

1. Heart-shaped Basket

This little basket, inspired by a craft from the book Step-by-step Crafts for Winter, makes a great container for chocolates, little trinkets, or flowers for mummy.

Difficulty Level: ✋✋

You will need:

– 1 kitchen towel core
– 1 piece of construction paper or wrapping paper, approximately 16 cm by 23 cm
– 1 ribbon, approximately 2 cm wide and 40 cm long
– Artificial flowers, buttons or stickers (Available at Sin Hin Chuan Kee or Golden Dragon)
– Glue stick
– Stapler
– Scissors
– Sticky tape


Step 1

Cover the surface of the construction paper or underside of the wrapping paper with glue. Match the length of the kitchen towel core with the length of the paper and roll the kitchen towel core on the paper to make it stick.

Step 2

Using the edge of a ruler, press down firmly on the middle of the kitchen roll core to make a crease. Fold the core in half.

Step 3

Flatten the ends of the core. Cut each end to form a curved shape. When the core is folded, it should look like a heart shape.

Step 4

(to be done by an adult)
Place your stapler into the folded core and staple the two ends together. Alternatively, you may use glue the two ends together, using a paper clip to hold them in place until the glue dries.

Step 5

(to be done by an adult)
Using the tip of a sharp pair of scissors, poke a hole on each side of the heart shape, approximately 1 cm below the edge of the kitchen roll core. Thread a ribbon through the hole and secure it with sticky tape on the inside of the core.
If necessary, the ends of the ribbon can first be rolled up and taped with sticky tape to stiffen them. This makes it easier to thread the ribbon through the hole.
Alternatively, you can use “pipe-cleaners” (furry craft wires) in place of ribbons. Thread the pipe-cleaner through the hole, fold it back up and twist the end on itself to secure.

Step 6

Use stickers, artificial flowers, buttons or lace to embelish your basket. A glue gun may be required to attach larger embelishments.
Alternatively, secure a small brooch or hairclip to the basket using Blu-tack. Mummy can then detach this gift and wear it.

Here are some ideas for filling your basket:
• Fill it with Hersheys “Kisses”, with the message “Kisses for Mummy”.
• Fill it with a mixture of blueberries and raspberries, with the message “For the ‘Berry’ Best Mum”.
• Fill it with sweets, with the message “You’re the sweetest”.
• Fill it with a personalised bracelet or charm (see below).


2. Celery Rose stamping

Difficulty level: ✋

Give Mummy some roses that will not fade. Simply slice off the base of a bunch of celery and using it to stamp rose patterns on a card, as shown here.

This idea can also be used to customise plain aprons, towels, T-shirts or shopping bags if you use fabric paint to do the stamping.

3. “I love you to pieces” Card

Difficulty level: ✋

Have a toddler who loves tearing paper into pieces? Help her show that she loves mummy to pieces too with this card!

4. Personalised Bead Bracelet / Charm

Difficulty level: ✋✋✋

Here’s a bead bracelet craft for the mummy who likes trinklets. An older child can paint faces onto beads to represent Mummy’s children (one bead for each child). A younger pre-schooler can then thread the beads to make a bracelet which Mummy can wear to remind her of her cute angels.

5. Cupcake Liner Flowers

Difficulty level: ✋✋✋✋

Here’s a decorative and functional gift for Mummy. These flower pencil-toppers made from cupcake liners will bloom all year round and Mummy will be reminded of your love each time she writes.

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DIY: 5 Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day