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Baby Full Month Cakes and Packages 2020: Sweet and Stylish Choices Mums Love

It’s approaching a month since Baby’s birth and time to officially announce that to the rest of the world. All you proud mummies and daddies have probably posted photos and videos on Instagram already, but no matter. Family and friends will love receiving one of these stylish — and yummy — baby full month cakes (满月饼) and packages (满月礼盒) anyway. Whether you prefer traditional red eggs and ang ku kueh or contemporary cupcakes and brownies, this comprehensive list of baby full month cakes and packages will surely have something to suit your taste and celebratory theme.


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How much From $8.80
Web www.foodline.sg

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1. Bake a Joy

Bake A Joy

Specialising in customising cakes and cupcakes for every occasion, Bake a Joy does its best to cater to your needs. Customise your full month gift boxes to your heart’s content with everything from traditional glutinous rice to modern macarons.

How much From $5.90
Web www.bakeajoy.com

2. Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo

Household name Bengawan Solo puts your choice of cake into sweet Baby’s Beginnings packages. Pick from classic marble cake and fruit cake to baby-themed fresh cream sponge cakes. You can opt to add on traditional ang ku kueh and red eggs.

How much From $9.80
Web www.bengawansolo.com.sg

3. Catering Culture

Catering Culture

Peranakan catering company Catering Culture offers baby full month sets. You can also mix and match to create your own box. Choices range from red eggs and ang ku kueh to cupcakes and eclairs. They also cater buffet spreads for yummy full month parties!

How much From $7.20
Web www.cateringculture.com.sg

4. CHOZ Confectionery

baby full month cakes - Choz Confectionery

Halal-certified CHOZ Confectionery has a wide selection of baby full month cakes and packages. Get 1 box free with every 10 boxes, and complimentary cards with at least 20 boxes. Not sure which to ‘Pick and CHOZ’? Expectant parents can order a free sampling set.

How much From $6.50
Web www.choz.com.sg

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5. Cup.Cakes Singapore


Cupcakes specialist Cup.Cakes Singapore promises the freshest quality ingredients, no preservatives, and lower sugar levels with no compromise on taste. Customise your baby full month packages from scratch. Flavours range from Tangy Orange to Earl Grey.

How much Varies
Web www.cupcakes-singapore.com

6. Ecreative


Baby full month cakes and packages from Ecreative come in two sizes and with various combinations of goodies. Choco Donuts, Blackforest Cake, and Swiss Rolls are a few popular choices. They even provide complimentary attractive carrier bags for each box.

How much From $6.30
Web www.ecreative.com.sg

7. Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie

For a unique baby announcement idea, Flor Patisserie offers elegant teacakes in a cheery yellow box. You can choose from three ribbon options to dress it up. Within are a selection of madeleines, financiers, chiffon rusk, and mini financiers that are set to impress.

How much From $15
Web www.cakeflor.com.sg

8. The Frosted Chick

Fancy announcing your little one’s full month celebration with The Frosted Chick’s gorgeous cakes and mini cupcakes? A selection of yummy flavours include vanilla lychee and mint chocolate chip. Other signature treats, such as macarons and cake pops, are also available.

How much Varies
Web www.thefrostedchick.com.sg

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9. Garden Pastry & Cake

Garden Pastry & Cake

Old-school baker Garden Pastry & Cake has been producing fresh traditional bread and confectionery daily since 1977. For baby full month cakes and package, options start with classic marble cake or butter cake. Assorted fruit tartlets, glutinous rice, red eggs, and ang ku kueh (or ang yee for boys) are available too.

How much From $10.80
Web www.garden.com.sg

10. Gobi Desserts

Gobi Desserts

Using healthy ingredients, Gobi Desserts blends French and Japanese pastry techniques into creating contemporary Chocolate Petites. Starting from modest 1-piece boxes to extravagant 12-piece packages, you can customise the designs to your heart’s content.

How much From $7
Web www.gobi.com.sg

11. Happy Oven

Happy Oven

Another heritage bakery that has been baking the old-school way for over 30 years is Happy Oven. Pick from everything from nostalgic red eggs and cream puffs to modern classics such as ondeh ondeh cake! Each beautifully designed gift box holds eight items.

How much From $9.90
Web www.happyoven.com.sg

12. The Icing Room

The Icing Room

Singapore’s first DIY cake decorating boutique helps you celebrate this joyous event with modern gift sets. Baby full month cake and packages from The Icing Room include items such as brownies, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and lollicakes.

How much Varies
Web www.fb.com/theicingroom

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13. Ji Xiang Confectionery

baby full month cakes - Ji Xiang Confectionery

At Ji Xiang Confectionery, each box of baby full month cakes contains all the classics. And it wouldn’t be the home of the legendary Everton Park ang ku kueh without the familiar red pastry. Five pieces of ang yee or ang ku kueh come in your choice of peanut and sweet bean.

How much From $12.50
Web www.jixiangconfectionery.com.sg

14. JoyBox

baby full month cakes - JoyBox

Specialising in celebrating every childhood milestone, JoyBox brings you the freshest and honest-to-goodness yummy items. They come in 10 adorable designs and with a free virtual card (till 31 October 2020). And perhaps most importantly, at the lightest price tag possible!

How much From $3.90
Web www.joybox.com.sg

15. Lulu’s Celebratory Box

baby full month cakes - Lulu's Celebratory Box

Pick from about 20 novelty themed box designs with matching glossy 4R baby message card with Lulu’s Celebratory Box. Each contains a selection of pastries, such as swiss rolls, chocolate tarts, ang ku kueh, and signature heybi-hiam glutinous rice.

How much From $8.90
Web www.lulus.com.sg

16. PapaMama.sg

baby full month cakes - PapaMama

Being parents themselves, the team at PapaMama understands the importance of a baby full month celebration. They offer a wide range of gift packages, from traditional kueh to modern cakes, freshly prepared in a Halal-certified kitchen. Each box includes a personalised card.

How much From $7.90
Web www.papamama.sg

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17. Partridge Pear

baby full month cakes - Partridge Pear

Expect to have a tough time deciding on the right selection of gift favours at Partridge Pear. From red eggs and doughnuts to honey jars and butterscotch mints, create your perfect mix of modern and vintage. Not forgetting over 20 adorable gift boxes to choose from too.

How much From $6.40
Web www.partridgepear.com

18. The Patissier

The Patissier

For a premium option, The Patissier uses old-school French baking techniques to create epicurean confections. These range from the cheerful, polka-dotted Baby Love cake to customised cupcakes, iced gingerbread cookies, and petit fours.

How much Varies
Web www.thepatissier.com

19. The Pine Garden

baby full month cakes - The Pine Garden

We love this Dim Sum Box Set — a delightful throwback comprising the classics packed in a round bamboo steamer. Alternatively, consider collections of The Pine Garden’s cupcakes or popular premium cake flavours. Think mini Lychee Martini, Strawberry Shortcake, and more.

How much From $9
Web www.pgcake.com

20. P.Osh


If you like brownies, this one’s for you. P.Osh lets you customise three oh-so-chewy brownies to fill these simple blue or pink baby full month packages. Each also comes with ang ku kueh and red quail’s eggs — tiny but cute! — as well as a customisable baby announcement card.

How much From $14
Web www.posh.sg

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21. River Ash Bakery

River Ash Bakery

Wow your family and friends with River Ash Bakery’s baby full month cakes. Mix and match each box of three desserts and customised baby card. Choices include cupcakes, baby pram fondant cookie, macaron, meringue kisses, and the ubiquitous red eggs.

How much From $7.90
Web www.riverashbakery.com

22. Swee Heng

baby full month cakes - Swee Heng

You can’t go wrong with Swee Heng, yet another household name bakery chain. For its baby full month cakes, the basic bundle comprises red eggs, mini cupcakes, and a five-inch marble cake. Or get the premium bundle which adds strawberry rolls to the mix.

How much From $9.80
Web www.sweeheng.com.sg

23. Sweetest Moments

baby full month cakes - Sweetest Moments

Popular with celebrity mums like Fann Wong, Sweetest Moments offers both traditional and modern treats, and is Halal-certified too. Announce your baby’s arrival in style through a wide range of charming baby full month cakes and packages.

How much From $2.50
Web www.sweetestmoments.com.sg

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