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February 2023

How Children Benefit When You Travel As a Family

Whether you explore your home country or go abroad to discover new locations, going on vacation as a family is a fun and exciting adventure. There are so many options, from camping and campervanning to staying in all-inclusive resorts or private villas. This means that you can always find something that works for you when you travel as a family.

But with this special experience comes a lot of organisation. From choosing a location and booking accommodation to sorting travel arrangements and planning activities, and even packing the kids’ suitcases, family travel takes time and effort. However, the hard work all pays off.

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Whether you take a road trip or jet off on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, travelling together creates unforgettable memories that can last for generations. Here, we delve deeper into all of the amazing benefits that come with travelling as a family. Read on to learn more about why exploring together is such an incredible experience.

travel as a family up the mountains

Shared Memories

The power of shared memories is significant. Research shows that sharing experiences as a family increases feelings of self-esteem and decreases depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Going on trips together as a family builds your bonds and brings you closer.

While it’s important and fun to carve out some adult-only date nights and trips too, putting aside time to spend with your children and be present together shows them that you care. Especially if you’re all busy with work, school, and social activities, it can be hard to actually spend any quality time together where you’re not also focusing on something else.

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Build Independence

Trying new things can be scary, for both kids and parents. You may struggle to let your kids have their freedom in everyday life, whether that’s because of safety concerns or because you need them to do things on a set schedule.

However, when on holiday, the pace is generally a lot slower. There’s less of a rush to get from place to place. So it’s the perfect time to allow your kids to try out new things and build their independence. Even having the chance to pack their own bag and choose their outfit for the day gives them the opportunity to make their own decisions.

purple teddy bear on girl's pink luggage

Grow a Sense of Responsibility

As children grow, it can be hard to let them shoulder some responsibilities. Still, knowing how to take care of themselves is an essential life skill. Holidays can be a low-risk chance to let children help with planning and organising. Asking for their input on activities and giving them pocket money to manage are some good examples. Letting them pack their own suitcase is another.

Remember, growing a sense of responsibility is vital for child development. While you shouldn’t let any of this stress them out, do try to step back and give them the chance to work out ideas for themselves.

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Develop Social Skills

You may also find that being on holiday helps with their social skills as well. By taking them out of their regular routine, they’ll have to interact with new kids in order to make friends. It might feel counterproductive to let them run around with other people when you came on holiday to bond as a family. But particularly for older children, they’ll value the chance to have their own time.

Not only does it benefit their social development, but they’ll be happier when you do spend time as a family. The best thing you can do is keep a watchful eye, but let them explore and build these relationships in their own way.

travel as a family exploring culture

Explore a Different Environment

Besides the developmental benefits, there’s also the fact that exploring a different culture or environment together is simply fun. You can learn about new things as a family, gaining deeper insight into cultures around the world. This further promotes a sense of curiosity and learning that will last a lifetime.

And of course, going on vacation with your kids doesn’t just provide an opportunity to explore new places. It also strengthens family bonds and encourages mutual understanding.

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It’s clear that sharing a holiday with your family will benefit all members of your party — from creating a stronger connection to allowing the kids to spread their wings a little. So keep calm and travel on!

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How Children Benefit When You Travel As a Family