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June 2013

DIY: Father’s Day Origami Shirt Bookmark

This is a Father’s Day DIY for children and their mummies to make! It comes from Jasmine Koh, who blogs at Scissors Paper Stone. Jasmine, who is mum to two boys aged five and eight, shares beautifully creative and do-able (very important!) craft ideas for parents and children on her blog.

Father’s Day is coming up very soon and today I am sharing an easy origami bookmark craft. It is sometimes a little tricky trying to find the perfect gift for dad but today’s craft idea is really easy so I hope you try it.
Materials: a rectangular sheet of paper (size: A4 or smaller)

You can either use a white sheet of paper and get your kids to decorate it or let them choose a patterned sheet of paper that Daddy might like. My kids had fun getting out their paint brushes and painting a shirt for their dad.

But first, here are the steps to folding an origami shirt.


1. Fold the paper in half lengthwise to form a crease in the middle of the paper, then unfold it.
2. Fold the longer left and right sides of the paper inwards to meet the folded line.
3. On the right, create the shirt sleeve by folding a corner outwards.


4. Follow suit on the left by folding down the other shirt sleeve.
5. Flip the sheet of paper over and then, from the bottom, fold the paper upwards a little.
6. Flip the sheet of paper around again. Then fold the bottom right corner in towards the middle line.


7. Do the same for the bottom left corner. This creates the collar of the shirt.
8. Rotate the piece of paper 180 degrees so the collar is at the top. Then fold the paper so that the bottom line meets the top, tucking the bottom under the collar.
9. There you have it, an origami shirt for dad!


Your child can now decorate it if you chose to use a blank sheet of paper. You can use markers, paints, stickers or colour pencils to make it extra special for Dad.

Once you are done, give the finished origami shirt to Dad to use as a bookmark. It will serve as a lovely reminder of your child’s affection for him when he sees that little collar peek out from the book.

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there!


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DIY: Father’s Day Origami Shirt Bookmark