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April 2018

Singapore Public Holidays 2019: Don’t Let These Ultra Long Weekends Slip By!

Pack your suitcases and grab your passports: here’s the complete list of Singapore public holidays 2019 and long weekends.

Of the 11 gazetted public holidays next year, you can expect to have four long weekends to look forward to in 2019. While this figure seems low compared to the seven long weekends we enjoyed in 2017, here’s how you can make the most of your holidays.


January – New Year’s Day


Kick off the first long weekend of the year by ringing in the New Year on 1 Jan (Tuesday)! Be sure to apply for leave or schedule a day off the day before on 31 Dec (Monday). This will allow you to enjoy a great four-day-long weekend to start off 2019, without the dread of having to trudge in to work in the middle of the festivities.

Have fun from 29 Dec – 1 Jan
Take leave on 31 Dec

February – Chinese New Year


With the first day of Chinese New Year falling on 5 Feb (Tuesday), be sure to apply for leave from work on Monday too. This will give you a five-day weekend to enjoy all of the Chinese New Year festivities! If you’re not involved in visiting relatives, it’s also a great opportunity to get out of the country for a quick getaway!

Have fun from 2 Feb – 6 Feb
Take leave on 4 Feb

April – Good Friday


Every April brings about a long weekend with the celebration of Good Friday. In 2019, it falls on 19 Apr (Friday). If this long weekend is too short to travel out of Singapore, how about planning an Easter staycation at your favourite hotel? If you’re partaking in church activities, arranging a spa day during the weekend can be a great way to unwind, too.

Have fun from 19 Apr – 21 Apr

May – Vesak Day


In May, Vesak Day falls on 19 May (Sunday), making for an extra off-in-lieu to be observed on 20 May (Monday). This long weekend is a great time to beat the June holiday peak season and head off for a short holiday! Or you could even extend your leave past Monday to take advantage of the long weekend as well. It’s also a great opportunity for kids to get some fun out in the sun to release some mid-year exam stress!

Have fun from 18 May – 20 May
Take leave on 21 May onwards (to go on an extra-long vacation!)

August – National Day & Hari Raya Haji


August brings a slew of holidays as National Day (9 Aug) and Hari Raya Haji (11 Aug) fall on the same weekend! National Day falls on a Friday, kicking off a great four-day-long weekend. With Hari Raya Haji on 11 Aug (Sunday), kick back and enjoy an additional day off in lieu on 12 Aug. If you’re planning an off-season vacation, this is the perfect time to save some leave and take advantage of the long weekend.

Have fun from 9 Aug – 12 Aug
Take leave on Before 9 Aug or after 12 Aug

October – Deepavali


Last but not least, the final long weekend of 2019 takes place in October. With Deepavali falling on 27 Oct (Sunday), enjoy yet another three-day weekend from 26 Oct (Saturday) to 28 Oct (Monday). While too short for a proper vacation, it’s still a great time to head over to nearby locations such as Batam and Bintan for some well-deserved relaxation! A staycation could be in the works too – so hit up your favourite local hotels and resorts, and plan a relaxing spa weekend for you and yours.

Have fun from 26 Oct – 28 Oct

School Holidays


For parents with school-going children, other holidays to look forward to are the March, June, September and December breaks! Be sure to look out for our upcoming articles on all the activities for the kiddos during the school holidays.

And there you have it – the ultimate list of public holidays and long weekends in 2019! Don’t despair that there aren’t as many as we hoped; there are still tons of ways to make the best of it. Be it a short getaway or a relaxing staycation, there are so many options to maximise your weekend. Don’t say we didn’t remind you: be sure to book your leave far in advance to ensure you get these “hot” dates!

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Singapore Public Holidays 2019: Don’t Let These Ultra Long Weekends Slip By!