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1st Trimester - First Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by piggy77, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. piggy77

    piggy77 New Member

    Hi All,
    I'm currently 7 wks & i heard drinking those milk powder is very good for baby's brain growth.. I am currently taking only fresh milk, is it ok or i should start drinking milk powder ? & do you have any brand to recommend & of less milky smell ?
  2. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Are you overweight? If you are, gynae should't encourage you to drink. Drinking soya(not those food market $0.50 type) is as good as milk. Milk will make you gain excess weight. My 70+ years old gynae do not recommend milk. Our daily intake of food and given vitamins are good enough. If you are thinking of brain growth, eat more fish will help. Choose those fish with scales one, not batang, sting ray. Fish without scales are prone to mercury as ocean are getting more and mroe polluted. If you dislike fish now, you can ask yr gynae whether he got fish oil for sale. Fish oil not cod liver oil huh.

    Hmm... milk will less milky taste should be those chocolate flavoured one right?
  3. piggy77

    piggy77 New Member

    Hi Missylan..
    I m not overweight at tis moment but not sure later..heehee.. i heard fr my freds saying those milk for pregnant mother can increase blood folate levels,& other vitals nutrients which r gd for baby lor.. so i m just a bit kiasu..thinking should i change fr fresh milk to milk powder lor..
  4. v_ma

    v_ma New Member

    there's nt really a need to.. so long as u're healthy and the food intake in gd.. my gynae even mentioned that supplements are nt really required if u're healthy. they act more as a 'boost' and also to let us feel mentally relaxed that we're feeding the bb something gd [​IMG]
  5. in_distress

    in_distress New Member

    piggy, i cant even take milk coz i have lactose intolerance.. when i told gynae tis, she gave me calcium pills to eat as substitute..

    missylan, pple advised me to drink soya bean oso but thing is, i dun rili like the taste.. sometimes makes me nausea.
  6. piggy77

    piggy77 New Member

    I'm quite worried,i saw some brown spotting when i went toilet just now.Had called up my gynae, & now waiting for her call. I had went down to see her last wk due to brown spotting also,& she gave me hormones pills, & it goes away after a few days, & it come bk today. Hope everything is fine..
  7. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">i also encounted brown spotting too. what ur gynae says? i will be seeing gynae next week will ask him. im also quite worried.</font>
  8. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    piggy and dernemi, pls have completely bed rest now. dun do anything or carry heavy stuffs..

    when i had spotting during my preg, i went for my check-up and doc ordered bed rest and gave me jabs and hormone pills.. take care gals..
  9. piggy77

    piggy77 New Member

    My gynae said it could be due to hormones changed & ask me to go back to see her if i m really worried, feeling cramps & etc. . & she told me it is very common to have spotting during early pregnancy.
    Hamasaki, my gynae only gave me 1 day MC when i went to see her the first time i hv spotting, she didnt order bed rest, why le? Maybe i should check w her when i m seeing her on this sat..
  10. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    piggy, maybe can request to have more MCs..

    for my case, i was under high risk preg so my situation might be different.. I had spotting n bleeding for the 1st 2 trims..
  11. cladi

    cladi New Member

    halo everyone...

    i jus went gp to check yty n was told tat i m preg le... i have lots of ??? in my mind... pls help

    1) how does the many of week of pregency calualated??? from the 1st day of last mens?? or must deduct two week from there??? wat if i m not sure my last mens??? how

    2) tat gp only give me some vitamin pill for 10 days... then ask me to go back consider wan the bb or not... so after the pill...wat sld i do if i wan the bb???

    3) when do we need to start vistin the gynae?? do i jus call up any nearby my home gynae to make appoinment???

    4) i have have some brown discharge... which the gp say if normal unless is a lot.. then must c doctor... is it true??? i hve the cramp feelin... like the feel of mens coming de.. is tat normal oso???
  12. alhana

    alhana New Member

    Hi cladi

    1) It's dated from the first day of ure last menstrual cycle. So let's say the first day of your cycle was 1 Jul. Then by now you should be 4wks pregnant, starting on ure 5th week. If ure cycle is regular, you should be able to back date to when the first day of ure menses occurred.

    2) Dunno what this vit pill is for. Is it folic acid?

    3) You can make the first appt at around the 8th wk of pregnancy. Yes, its better to make appt as most gynaes tend to hv very packed schedules.

    4) Some brownish discharge is quite common. It could be old blood that's dislodged as the embryo burrows into the uterine lining. But if the spotting persists and/or turns red, then better to see a gynae soon just to check if all's ok. You may also feel some cramping, but if it's bad, then it's also advisable to see a gynae.
  13. cladi

    cladi New Member

    Thks alhana..

    1) so if i m reali unsure with my last mens date.. will there b any method to know the number of wk my pregency is???

    2) ya.. is folic acid... is tat enough??

    3)so i can jus call up any recommended gynea in this forum n make appoinment de la.. dun need gp recommend de rite??

    4) my cramp is like gettin bad tdy... a bit worry with the stablility of the bb... discharge is kind of brown cloudy...
  14. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">ok, thanks piggy77</font>
  15. piglet00

    piglet00 New Member


    Just found i'm 5-weeks pregnant. :) This is first time to be mom. Any 1 knows this time can drink DOM? Or any food to avoid?
  16. alhana

    alhana New Member


    DOM contains alcohol, so no. As for foods to avoid, there are quite a number of threads on this already. Can just do a search to read more. Best of luck with your pregnancy!
  17. howblur

    howblur New Member

    missylan... can i know why drink soya but must not be those sold at food market (the $0.50 type)?? then when to buy the soya you referring to?? any brand?? and also why batang cannot eat?? my colleague said can leh.. but ma(3) jia(1) fish my FIL said better avoid cos of mercury.... wondering is there a mix up in these 2 kinds of fish??? btw.. colleague said those sold in hawker or food court as in fried fish mee hoon, the fried fish are either batang fish meat or ma(3) jia(1) fish meat, mostly is ma jia cos is sweeter but some uses batang cos is cheaper.... then how?? still can eat those fried fish mee hoon???

    any advices to teach on how to differentiate fishes with scales and without scales?? when they are cut and cooked... of cos cannot see the scales liao... how to know if they are scaleless or scale fish?? also when you go market.. how to tell which kind of fish got scale and which kind without?? sorry ya.. me seldom go market buy fish until i married.. haha.. so just starting from now learning only...
  18. piglet00

    piglet00 New Member

    Thanks alhana. :) Going to visit gynae today. Quite anxious as this is first time visit a gynae. Somemore is guy doc. Dunno wat shld i ask.

    Cladi: i also found some brown spotting.
  19. alhana

    alhana New Member


    1) The gynae can date your pregnancy based on the size of the fetus via ultrasound. You can just agar agar the date of the first day of your menses. Don't think everyone can remember that zun unless you've been planning it.

    2) Folic acid must be taken thru out the entire first trimester. So once you run out, do get a re-fill. Folic acid helps prevent spina bifida. You can actually get them from the pharmacy (like Guardian) too. In fact, they recommend that women who are planning to get pregnant start taking folic acid during the planning stages. It is very impt at this stage of your baby's development. Once first trimester is over, can stop taking the pills.

    3) You can ask ure GP to recommend too. That's what I did, but that's becoz our family is very close to our GP..more like family doc than just regular GP. Or you can ask relatives to recommend too. No hard and fast rule [​IMG] Most impt is that you feel comfy with the gynae. You can still change after first appt since you won't need to sign up for prenatal package till ard 5-6 mths of pregnancy.

    4) If cramping, I suggest you see the gynae earlier, esp since you have brown discharge. Brown discharge is relatively common (I had it too), but sometimes gynae may prescribe hormone pills or give hormone jabs to stabilise the pregnancy. However, if the spotting becomes heavier and turns red, suggest you see the gynae asap.


    Ure welcome [​IMG] Hope your visit went well!
  20. cladi

    cladi New Member

    Thks alhana...

    when u gals say brown spotin.. wat does tat mean.. spot as in small dots.. 5cent size?? or smaller?? i have discharge like mayb 20cent size at time.. brown color de.. esp heavy when poo... is it normal??
  21. alhana

    alhana New Member

    Hi Cladi

    The spotting would be somewhat similar to the brownish type of stains you see when your menses is ending (or just starting). It's not a heavy flow like ure regular menses. Whether normal or not its hard to say. Sometimes no one knows what causes the spotting, but some believe it could be due to the embryo burrowing itself into the uterine wall and dislodging some old blood in the process. But to be sure that all's well, it's best that you see a gynae. He/she can do an ultrasound to see if there's a waterbag, and maybe even detect a heartbeat if your pregnancy has advanced enough.
  22. piggy77

    piggy77 New Member

    I'm feeling more & more nausea everyday. Although i did not vomit, but it is really feeling veri discomfort, make me to lose my appetite. Been eating sour plums, but it helps a while & come bk when i stop eating.. It is especially bad during the morning, & evening time when i m on my way bk home in a bus.. & after dinner, i feel very bloated.. & it seems to me, the discomfort change everyday.. I feel like my body no longer belong to me, i cant control all this discomfort, it just come as it wants...anyone having the same discomfort as me & how do u cope with them ?
  23. alhana

    alhana New Member


    I had all day nausea. And nothing I did could help (tried all the remedies like eating ginger sweets, sour plums, taking smaller but more freq meals etc). The only consolation was that it went away for about 2 weeks. Just have to hang in there lor...it'd pass eventually.
  24. howblur

    howblur New Member

    Piggy77... me same as you... now still experiencing the so-called bloating... is a feeling like indigestion near the chest there rite... is hearthurn...

    i can get it in the morning, day and nite.. vomitting mostly is morning and nite... same as you.. i got to knock off on the dot and then rush home cos on the bus feel uncomfortable.. sometimes just reached home i rushed to toilet... but this is normal lo... i just keep reminding myself that is normal.. as if you can feel the bb there that's why you vomit lo...

    after meals too.. so usually i will sit on the sofa with legs straight lo... then i cant have anything on my tummy... if not i feel like vomiting... watch tv lo.. the only thing that i can do now.. the feeling wont go away ... but sometimes will feel better but will come back again.. then i just lie down on my side.. if cannot then up again lo... heehee.. seems like there's no remedy to "cure" this... me eat sour plum also no use.. so i didnt eat anything lo.. but sometimes try munching potatoe chips bit by bit..
  25. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    Hi all, i m new here... 1st time preggy. I took jab to prevent preggy, but found myself pregnant.

    Nausea is super lots. Throughout the day. So i bought spicy potato chips to slowly munch off the nausea.

    I'll be making a appt wif gynae ltr for the first time after yesterday my GP tested my blood.

    I am worried on eptopic preggy cause of the jab. & I m having cramping feeling 4 the past week. Though no spotting nor bleeding, do u think there is a problem wif my pregnancy??

    Which gynae is recommended? Where shld I give birth?
    Wat shld I do?
    My nose is super blocked, blowing my nose every minute...
  26. cladi

    cladi New Member

    i went to gynae last thur le.. got a scan n seen bb.. with blinkin heart beat...

    dr say my brownish discharge not normal wo.. n the cramps.. so give me a day mc plus hormone table to take.. to return to c him this fri... hope everything is fine...
  27. howblur

    howblur New Member

    ladies.. have your hubbies ask to listen to the tuummy for bb heart beat when at home??

    my hubby have.. but wondering why how come sometimes can hear somethings cannot...
  28. hippo18

    hippo18 Active Member

    howblur, how many weeks pregnant are u now? cos most likely e heartbeat dat ur hubby has heard so far belongs to u.. =D unless wat he heard is a very very fast beat.. baby's heartbeat is like 120 beats per min.. dun worie if u can't hear anything! when u further progress into ur pregnancy, ur hubby n urself will feel even more excited to feel baby kicking n stretching n hearing his/ her movements! enjoy!!
  29. mummy_georgi

    mummy_georgi New Member

    Hi mummies to be,
    I am 6wk pregnant with my 2nd bb.Felt bloatness too last wk but this wk became normal.Maybe bb dnt want mummy to suffer ;)
    So hopefully that normal feeling will last longer...In my 1st pregnancy,I had naausea nt in the morning but in the evening and at night and it lasted thru the 1st trim.
    Although it not my 1st pregnacy,but it has been 4yrs.Almost forgotten....Can anyone refresh my memory abt what to eat and what not to eat in the 1st trim.
  30. babyink

    babyink Member

    Hi Cladi and all mummies to be, I'm new here (1st time MTB). Can I ask how many weeks preggie were you all when you saw your BB's blinking heartbeat? Based on my LMP, I should be ard 6 weeks going to 7 weeks, but during my 1st v scan at 6 weeks, my gynae says its probably still early to see my BB's heartbeat....am feeling anxious. I've also never felt nauseous, not even onceis this normal? Much thanks!
  31. misswho

    misswho New Member

    hi babyink, this wk shd be my wk 6 too... did my first ultrasound with my gynae on wk 5..it was a small waterbag..will be seeing my gynae again next wk cos gynae says by then (wk 7)shd have bb heartbeat.
  32. felnjeff

    felnjeff New Member

    Hi all, Im in my wk 6 too. Coming Fri will be wk 7 and I have not seen any Gynae yet..only realised Im pregnant on Saturday.. Any Gynae to recommend? Im a first time mum-to-be and I knew nothing about Pregnancy! Help me..
  33. babyink

    babyink Member

    hi misswho, I just saw my gynae 2 days ago and she confirmed my pregnancy is 6.5 weeks, also can see my bb's heartbeat as well [​IMG]
    felnjeff, congratulations! I think there are alot of good gynae in TMC (thomson medical centre), I'm seeing my gynae there too. For 1st time MTB, it is advisable to make an appointment with a gynae asap so he/she can do a scan for you to check if your bb's is ok and also give you folic acid pills etc. You can also buy them off the pharmacy. Hope this helps.
  34. evonchan

    evonchan Member

    Hi Gals...

    Does anyone had spotting during their 5 to 7 wks??
  35. gervynne

    gervynne New Member

    hi all, i am currently about 9 wks pregnant and have been feeling nauseous (though no vommitting) but I am sure one day I will probably start vomitting since I feel so terrible.

    I have been feeling very bloated too even though i ate very little and i no longer see my flat tummy of pre-pregnancy days. Is this normal? Am I growing too fast? I am not sure if it is the beginning of a baby bump or is it those indigestion or bloatedness causing this. sigh
  36. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

    Hi all,

    I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant now.. very excited.. first baby.. hehehe... =)

    Always feeling hungry but no appetite to eat... then keep burping... anyone burps alot too?
  37. cherishbebe

    cherishbebe Active Member

    me in 7 weeks, can see my baby heartbeat now..

    i eat alot as i feel hungry always.. my tummy is growing fast..
    I heard that if u take on weight now, it go to you not baby, so i try to eat healthy food, so next time it will be easier for me to lose weigh, is it true?

    I have backache too, sometimes cannot sleep at night..
    doctor said most drink plenty of milk to prevent it to get worse..
  38. cherishbebe

    cherishbebe Active Member

    me in 7 weeks, can see my baby heartbeat now..

    i eat alot as i feel hungry always.. my tummy is growing fast..
    I heard that if u take on weight now, it go to you not baby, so i try to eat healthy food, so next time it will be easier for me to lose weigh, is it true?

    I have backache too, sometimes cannot sleep at night..
    doctor said most drink plenty of milk to prevent it to get worse..
  39. babyink

    babyink Member

    Yes, I read somewhere in the 1st trimester, you only need additional 300 calorie per day, during this time any weight gain you have does not go to the bb but the mummy [​IMG] For me, I feel hungry as well but I try not to binch too much because I will also feel very bloated after that (bloated is bad for bb)
  40. misswho

    misswho New Member

    Hi all mummies....
    I'm also in wk 7 and just came back from my gynae checkup...saw my BB's heart beat and it is 11mm in size. So excited when i saw tt small heart beating....
    Will feel nausea at times, esp after food...n my urge going to the toilet is once every hour....very tiring...
    If anyone of u suffers from constipation, my doc advises me to take prunes or drink prune juice.
  41. cherishbebe

    cherishbebe Active Member

    misswho: try taking warm water not plain water..
    you would not feel that discomfort
  42. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Hi ladies,

    U all talking about fish without scales ? What kinda fish is in the fish bee hoon soup, one of my friend said it's Mackerel, which should be avoided. Is it true ?
  43. lawa

    lawa New Member

    Hi ladies,
    I have 2 Miscarriages before. can you recommend any good gynae who has more experiences in spotting and bleeding.

    My previous gynaes were not so good.
  44. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    Hi PL,

    y not previous gynaes not good?
  45. olivegal77

    olivegal77 Member

    Hi PL

    you can try Dr WK Tan from WC Cheng & Associates at TMC, she is a very very good Gynae...long long queue though....
  46. lawa

    lawa New Member

    Hi Celia,
    I was T&C during the 6 weeks of my preg. DR said my baby did not grow and suggested me to do the T&C. I was so regret that I did not get any 2nd opinion. I read from thread that some time baby may grow slowly. He should advise me to wait for another week. this is why I not happy about his service.

    2nd gynae more worse. she told my fred that the baby heart beat had stopped and suggested for T&C. Luckily, my fred got 2nd opinion from other doctor who said the baby was very healthy and heart beat is ok.

    Hi Gal,
    i heard she only see those at least 7 wks preg. is that true.

    Hi ladies,
    I have brown discharge since yesterday. what should I do now. I am only 5wks+. can i go for the 1st scan?
  47. lawa

    lawa New Member

    Hi Celia,
    I was T&C during the 6 weeks of my preg. DR said my baby did not grow and suggested me to do the T&C. I was so regret that I did not get any 2nd opinion. I read from thread that some time baby may grow slowly. He should advise me to wait for another week. this is why I not happy about his service.

    2nd gynae more worse. she told my fred that the baby heart beat had stopped and suggested for T&C. Luckily, my fred got 2nd opinion from other doctor who said the baby was very healthy and heart beat is ok.

    Hi Gal,
    i heard she only see those at least 7 wks preg. is that true.

    Hi ladies,
    I have brown discharge since yesterday. what should I do now. I am only 5wks+. can i go for the 1st scan?
  48. misswho

    misswho New Member

    Hi PL, congrats ....U shd see a gynae if there is brown discharge/bleeding n cramp. I did my first scan on wk 5 and I saw my waterbag with a cavity near uterus. IMO visit the gynae earlier to chk if everything is doing fine.

    I've got a fren who only visits the gynae on wk 11 cos she wanna save some $...
  49. september

    september Active Member

    hi there, i also 5wks plus and my scan taken yesterday detected my bb heartbeat.

    i also hv spotting which worry me alot. my gynae say it is pretty common but ask me to be careful and shld the spotting become more red or if i hv beri bad cramp then i hv to go see him again.
  50. peaceii

    peaceii New Member

    I too had spotting... it looks reddish brown, is this still call spoting or is it call bleeding. went to kk women 24 hr clinic, doc said the same thing, if the spotting become more red or cramp, go back to see her... but don't these symtoms sound things are too late to salvage ?

    has any one else's gynae had a better solution?
  51. berlyn

    berlyn Member


    I too have spotting (3-4 times) till the 10th week. This is what I understand from my Gynae:
    1) Brown discharge = No current activity. Could be old clogged blood. Red blood = more threatening
    2) By ultrasound you should see the yolk sac and the baby. These two definately will be seen together.The regular shape of yolk sac is suggesting that the chances of m/c is not so great.
    3) Bed rest and if possible take leave or mc till 12 weeks to stabilise the baby.
    4) Early brown discharge may be due to implantation bleeding and not a sign of m/c. However, the Gynae will not denied the risk of threaten m/c for any brown discharge happening.
    5) Gynae will give hormone injection twice a week to stabilise the baby and hormone pills to be taken 3 times a day.
    6) NO SEX (For those with threaten m/c)!
    7) There is nothing they can do for brown discharge except giving you bed rest, injection and pills.
    8) Continue to eat and sleep well. Avoid cold drink and 'cooling' food and hot shower and tub bath.
  52. peaceii

    peaceii New Member

    Thanks Berlyn,
    I just saw gynae at kkh. Doc said if it's brown discharge, it's alright. Doc did a scan and saw some clogs on the wall of the uterous, so bleeding is likely from implantation. Double check on bb, now 6th weeks, got heartbeat, so it's fine. What a relief to hear.
  53. tinyfeet

    tinyfeet New Member

    hi all,

    im new and a first time mom-to-be.

    calculating by the first date of my last period, i shld be 5 weeks plus pregnant.

    however a saw a gynae n did a scan and found that the size of the sac is less than 5 weeks worth of pregnancy.

    there is no yolk sac n heartbeat yet

    im pretty sure that my last period started on the 23rd sept as i was observaing the ovulation calender to get pregnant. then how can the sac be smaller than 5 weeks??

    was told to see the gynae again in aniother 7-10days time.

    im really worried meanwhile as someone of similiar experience with me lost her baby in another thread.

    any one had similar experiences that u might ve heard of??
  54. misswho

    misswho New Member

    hi tinyfeet,
    not to worry so much..my first visit to the gynae was also on my wk 5...and we only saw the waterbag. No heartbeat n sac till wk 7. I went back to gynae again on wk 7 and everything was alright....
    My gynae has advised me not to carry heavy things..no sex..& REST WELL
    These few weeks are very impt!
  55. tinyfeet

    tinyfeet New Member

    really?? thats such a relief to me... the more i read online n more worried i got. So i just told myself that i will take gd care of myself as much as possible and the rest will leave it to fate. whatever will be, will be.

    thanks girl! will hind yr advice
  56. masha

    masha New Member

    Hi Misswho,

    During your Ist visit , the gynae only saw waterbag .Did the gynae says this is normal?
    This has happen to me too!
  57. misswho

    misswho New Member

    Hi Jean,

    he told me is too early to see anything...only the waterbag is there. He didn't say is abnormal but ask me not to over-exert, not to carry heavy things n no sexual intercourse. He does not want to take any chances....Not to worry so much...return to your gynae 2 weeks later and you'll see your bb's heartbeat n sac.

    Take care, rest well & eat well
  58. masha

    masha New Member

    Hi Misswho,

    Thanks for the advices.
    My case was similar to tinyfeet. I was quite worried too! As mentioned, your baby heartbeat and sac were detected on 7 weeks. May I know if everything is fine with you and your baby now?
  59. misswho

    misswho New Member

    Ya, gynae said my son is growing well. I'm now in my wk 18....have done my blood test & everything seems fine! Can feel bb's 'kicking' once in a while! Will be gg for my detailed scan on the 3 Dec..Can't wait to see my boy again...
  60. tinyfeet

    tinyfeet New Member

    hi sunshine,

    i just happen to reread this thread.

    my baby heartbeat was detected on my 2nd visit to the gynae at abt 6 weeks n heart beat was detected. it was a grest relief to me n my hubby. im now into my 8 weeks turing nine.

    will see the gynae at week 10 again. hopefully the baby has grown n is healthy in my little tummy.

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