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July 2018

14 Vlogger Mums We (and Other Mums Too!) Love to Binge-Watch

YouTube has taken over every area of our lives – from humour, to reviews, and now – motherhood. Here are 14 of the most popular vlogger mums to binge watch!

Remember blogs? We’d use to spend hours of our free time scrolling through thousand-word posts by our favourite authors. Be it celebrity gossip, fashion tips, or even someone’s catalogue of their daily lives – millions of people were enthralled. Now, YouTube has caught up with good ol’ text. Instead of reading through paragraphs of words, you can glean a whole lot more about your favourite personalities’ lives from their vlogs.


Let’s be honest: motherhood can often feel lonely and isolating, especially when you’re one of the only mums in your friend group. With mums taking over the vlogging sphere, you now can commiserate with mothers all over the globe from your smart phone! Learn DIY tricks, go through baby product reviews, and see how other mums are experiencing their motherhood journey. Here are 14 of the most popular vlogger mums on YouTube for you to binge watch!

1. Naomi Neo


Closer to home, some of the more famous influencers from the blogger-sphere have taken to YouTube to vlog, too! Naomi Neo is no stranger to our screens, and having just become a Mum, she’s started sharing videos on her pregnancy journey. While there aren’t many videos on motherhood yet, you can watch her pregnancy vlogs and labour video! She also organised an adorable gender reveal party for her little boy. We’re willing to bet she’s going to become one of the more influential vlogger Mums in Singapore real soon!

2. Bong Qiu Qiu


Bong Qiu Qiu is also no stranger to Mums in Singapore! Having been the Budget Barbie for years, she’s stepped into her new role as a mummy blogger and influencer since having her two daughters. She mostly shares vlogs on daily life with her kids, including fun outings around Singapore! Mums who are interested in beauty can also tune into her old videos on make-up, hair, and her experience with plastic surgery.

3. LeiaLauren


Leia and Lauren are possibly the most popular twins in sunny Singapore! Join them in their wonderful journey of life through their YouTube channel, featuring tons of amazing travel destinations! Planning for a family vacation? You’ll definitely want to watch their experiences in Australia, Japan, and India! Warning: Be prepared for the cuteness overload.

4. It’s Judy’s Life


Judy is a Filipino-American mum of three beautiful daughters – Julianna, Miya, and Keira. She’s been vlogging every day since October 2011, so you’ll never run out of vlogs to watch from this amazing family! Judy has tons of helpful videos for Mums of toddlers, like this parenting hack to get your child to nap instantly. Their family also takes fun family trips together, including a special water lantern festival! Mums who love make-up and fashion can also tune in to Judy’s KKW Beauty review and $20 dress hack. What more can we say? Judy has content for the whole family – from marriage Q&As to outings to fashion and beauty, this Mum does it all.

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5. Haus of Color


Fashionistas, here’s the vlogger Mum for you! Linda Vuong, a stylish Vietnamese mum to two boys, is undoubtedly the best style and travel vlogger Mum around. From her spring/summer clothing haul, to her pregnancy wardrobe, you’ll never have to browse another style blog again! Mamas who love traveling will also adore Linda’s vlogs, especially on how she got her little one through 2 plane rides in 1 week! For lazy day viewing, Linda also shares tons of adorable videos of her little ones; including a beautiful video of her welcoming her new bundle of joy into the world.

6. WhatsUpMoms


WhatsUpMoms is the number one parenting channel on YouTube with over 1.5 million subscribers! With several vlogger mums and their families behind the channel, they manage to churn out great content multiple times a week – meaning you’ll never run out of videos to watch. We love their helpful videos on DIY kids’ activities, from style and beauty to sensory play ideas. Plus, they share tons of parenting hacks ranging from organisational tips to budgeting and easy make-up ideas for mums! Our favourite? Their extensive gear reviews that are honest, and often hilarious (least annoying music toys, anyone?). With tons of videos already in their repertoire, we promise you’ll be occupied for ages.

7. Jamie and Nikki


Jamie and Nikki are a young, fun-loving couple from Australia raising two lovely daughters and a pup! They take you into their daily lives through different vlogs that they release thrice a week. That’s a whole lot of content! We love getting insight to their wonderful interracial marriage, especially real parenting moments where they aren’t afraid to show emotion. Jamie also produces great Dad videos that your spouse might love to watch, too! For soon-to-be-mummies, Nikki also has a great collection of pregnancy vlogs to help you along with your journey.

8. KKandBabyJ


Keren and Khoa are another young, fun-loving, interracial couple; this time from Orlando, Florida! They’ve two young boys Jackson and London, and share loads of videos featuring their daily lives. Our favourites are their many videos on outings with the boys!  They’re also currently renovating their home, and have videos on how the different rooms are turning out. Parents who are planning to re-decorate their space will definitely be able to glean some ideas. Pregnant mums will also love Keren’s pregnancy videos, where she’s not afraid to get into the real “ins and outs” of the pregnancy journey!

9. This Gathered Nest


This Gathered Nest offers fabulous insight into the inner workings of a large family. With 7 children – 2 biological and 5 adopted – these high school sweethearts navigate everyday life with their brood! We adore their videos on adoption, and how their blended family works. In 2018, when blended families are becoming increasingly common, it’s definitely necessary for parents to learn how to navigate them. There are also loads of haul reviews that’ll come in handy, too!

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10. Britney and Baby


Britney is a young 24-year-old vlogger mum of three! She has a six year old daughter, Aria, a three year old son, Nolan, and a one year old girl, Harlow. Organised Mamas, or Mums who need some extra motivation to get housework going, this channel is for you! Britney has tons of cleaning videos, including “cleaning motivation” to inspire you to get your chores done. She’s also really authentic about her struggles as a mother, which is great for Mums who often feel alone during bad times. Britney also shares tons of helpful tips, ranging from routines for her kids to ideas for kids’ DIY activities!

11. Millennial Moms


Made by millennial moms for millennial moms – this channel is great for Mums who prefer being in touch with younger parenting trends. With 32.5 kids between the vlogger mums behind the channel, their wealth of experience means they make great videos covering a whole myriad of topics. The best part? They’ve new videos every Monday to Saturday! Mums who are often too busy to tune into the news can get a quick update from their current events videos, and easy skin-care routines that won’t take an hour each night. There are also tons of DIY ideas for the various holidays, and parenting hacks from traveling to surviving a “Mum burnout“.

12. Momables


Momables by Laura Fuentes is the ultimate kids’ food channel. Mamas, you don’t ever have to worry about what to make for dinner again! Laura helps parents make easy, healthy food with recipes that are convenient and aren’t full of junk. If vegetables are still a no-go for your little ones, this Zucchini Pizza Bites recipe is the perfect way to get some green into their diet. In a rush? Try out this no-bake easy lasagna recipe for a quick, tasty dinner! Parents often don’t have time for a great meal, either. How about this healthy low-carb shrimp fried rice? With all these recipes, you’ll never run out of tasty ideas for the whole family!

13. Anna Saccone


With over 1 million subscribers, Anna Saccone isn’t a new face on the YouTube scene. She’s a jewelry designer who’s also a vlogger Mum to 3 little ones and 6 puppies! Anna’s currently pregnant with baby number 4, so you’ll find tons of pregnancy vlogs including her fitness routine and pregnancy lookbook. She also does different reviews on her channel, ranging from beauty to fashion to food! We also adore how authentic Anna is with her audience, especially when she put out a video on her recovery journey from an eating disorder.

14. Missy Lanning


Missy Lanning and her husband’s YouTube channel is a little different from the others – they’ve “podcast-style” videos that you can watch! They discuss parenting topics such as raising two boys with different personalities, and reflect on the effects of their respective “broken home” and “perfect childhood”. They also post tons of “challenge videos”, perfect for fun parents who love some friendly competition. Pie Face Couple Challenge or a Blindfolded Slime Challenge, anyone? If you’re struggling to entertain your young ones, their videos on easy DIY activities are perfect for a fun weekend at home, too!

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We’ve come to the end of our list of popular vlogger Mums! No matter what stage you are in your parenting journey, or you’re just preparing to welcome your first child into the world, these vloggers Mums will definitely help you along. From tips and tricks that’ll save you time, to fun activities with the kids, you’ll have lots of ideas to draw from! Plus, whenever you’re feeling alone, remember that there are tons of Mamas out there who’ve felt exactly like you!

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14 Vlogger Mums We (and Other Mums Too!) Love to Binge-Watch