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September 2017

9 Best Tingkat Delivery Services for Busy Mums to Consider

Are you a working mother who is strapped for time and unable to whip up yummy Asian meals for your family? We bring you a list of nine tingkat delivery services for your consideration

You have just reached home after a long tiring day at work. The kids need help with their homework, the laundry needs to be done, and dinner needs to be put on the table. On days like these, even dining out seems like a chore and you find yourself having exhausted your list of fast food delivery options − not that those would do your family’s health any good. So what now? Mums, cut yourself some slack and engage a tingkat delivery service that deliver sumptuous meals right to your doorstep at dinnertime.


A tingkat is a type of metal lunchbox comprising stacked tiers, each containing a different dish. Also known as tiffin carriers, they are used widely in some South Asian countries. Tingkat delivery services here offer a wide range of items on their menus, so there’s no way your tastebuds will be bored! Here’s a list of nine tingkat delivery services to trust your family’s lunch or dinner with:

1. Tingkat Delivery Singapore

tingkat delivery singapore

Tingkat Delivery Singapore prides itself on offering its customers healthy food that boasts quality and flavours similar to your home cooked meals. They even have a team of nutritionists who put together well-balanced menus that cater to the health and tastebuds of Singaporeans! How’s that for dedication? Their tingkat menu offers two menu options for both lunch and dinner: Premium and Superior.

Customers agree that Tingkat Delivery Singapore pays close attention to the ingredients used in their tingkat meals and have even commented that their dishes are neither oily nor salty. Sounds perfect for the health-conscious Singaporean family!

Phone 9107 6893

2. KCK Food Catering

tingkat - KCK food catering

KCK Food Catering offers daily dinner delivery that will reach your doorstep in convenient microwaveable containers − so there’s no need to trouble yourself transferring the food to a microwave-safe container for reheating. The downside? They only deliver to selected areas in Singapore, so do be sure to check on that before placing an order. If you’re not decided on whether you want tingkat meals on a long-term basis, start off with their ten-day trial package first!

Phone 6443 5723

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3. Kim’s Kitchen

Kim’s Kitchen is the pioneer catering company in Singapore that kick-started the concept of the five-day tingkat delivery trial. Their mission? To make the meals of Singaporeans enjoyable with their carefully planned menu. It changes every fortnight, which means no room for you to get bored if you sign up for their tingkat delivery service. Both lunch and dinner options are available here. You can also opt for your meals to be delivered in microwaveable containers instead of in a tingkat.

Phone 6342 4988

4. Fong Fu

tingkat - fong fu

For those of you who are looking to try out tingkat delivery services for just a short period of time, Fong Fu will be perfect for you. There are two lengths of service for you to choose from: 10 days or 20 days. Both options offer lunch and dinner, but do note that lunch delivery is only available in selected areas of Singapore. The 10-day meal package will be delivered to you in microwaveable containers only.

What’s on the menu? There’s so much to choose from! Some hot favourites include tempura prawns, steamed tilapia fish fillets, sweet and sour pork, and black pepper chicken chop. There’s also a wide range of soups for you to pick from.

Phone 6262 6565

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5. ICS Catering

tingkat - ICS catering

Apart from the usual catering services, ICS Catering also provides tingkat meals delivered straight to your doorstep. Their promise? Delicious, nutritious and convenient meals. Their lunch and dinner menus include dishes like braised soya chicken wings, sambal fish fillet, tofu with pork and minced bean paste, and Szechuan fried mushrooms. Additional charges will apply for portions of steamed rice. The minimum order period for tingkat meal delivery is 20 days.

Phone 6288 6346

6. Jessie Catering

tingkat - Jessie catering

Jessie Catering offers three different packages under their Home Meal Delivery Services: Three Dishes, Three Dishes + One Soup or Four Dishes, and Four Dishes + One Soup. If you’ve got big eaters in your family, the latter would be the package for you. Jessie Catering also offers delivery of carefully prepared confinement meals for new mothers. Rice and tea is included as part of the confinement meal package, and you’ll even get a complimentary thermal container and bag at the end of the 28-day delivery cycle.

Some items available on the Home Meal Delivery menu include pork slices with preserved vegetables, winter gourd pork rib soup, minced pork tofu and fried fish fillet. Delivery service periods start from as short as just five days!

Phone 6246 4644

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7. Le Xin Catering

tingkat - Le Xin catering

“No matter how sophisticated your tastebuds are, we are sure to satisfy your every craving.” That’s Le Xin Catering’s promise as far as their tingkat meals are concerned. They also guarantee that all their meals are low in cholesterol, low in salt, use pure vegetable oil and contain no MSG. Upon request, they will be more than happy to customise their dishes according to your dietary requirements.

Le Xin Catering offers two packages you can choose from: Family Deluxe or Asian Delight − both for a span of 20 days. The Asian Delight menu includes local favourites like Hainanese chicken rice, Thai-style pineapple rice, Hong Kong noodles and stir-fried hor fun!

Phone 6755 3736

8. Select Catering

tingkat - Select catering

Select Catering’s tingkat delivery menu is vast − it offers more than a whopping 200 dishes, including signature ones like curry chicken, sweet and sour pork, and prawn paste chicken. Their tingkat menu changes weekly in order to provide their customers with a fresh set of sumptuous meals every day. And there’s no need to worry about costs because you can enjoy economical meals at an average of just $5 per person!

We also like the flexibility that comes along with Select Catering tingkat delivery service. If you are intending to dine out with your family, you just need to notify them one working day in advance in order to receive a refund. How convenient is that!

Phone 6852 3333

9. Tong Chiang Kitchen

tingkat - Tong Chian kitchen

Tong Chiang Kitchen allows you to commence delivery of tingkat meals to your home on any day of the month − you just need to give them a call one or two days in advance. Choose from two delivery service periods: 10 days and 20 days. If you’re opting for the shorter of the two, do note that your meals will be delivered in microwaveable containers only. The downside here is that there is only package type available − Three Dishes + One Soup (or Four Dishes).

Phone 6297 6346

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9 Best Tingkat Delivery Services for Busy Mums to Consider