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February 2016

The Fastest Food Delivery Services in Singapore

Warm food on the table in 30 minutes without having lift a finger? That’s a fantasy of mine that was recently realised when I discovered two new food delivery services in Singapore — Deliveroo, and Airship, Inc. Even better? They deliver food food, not just fast food, so the kids can have a proper meal in a jiffy even when mum’s not cooking (and not in the mood to de-frost and heat up that homemade freezer meal)! Prices are a little higher than in-store, but hey, you’re getting your food delivered to you in half an hour! SingaporeMotherhood readers get promo codes for first-time orders (see below) so try them!

Deliveroo - Landing Page

Deliveroo Website | App

An easy-to-navigate site in a calming teal shade. Just key in your postal code, click “Find Food” and you get a selection of shops that you can order from. You can select the time of order, from “ASAP” to 10.30pm that night. Note that some shops may not be open yet, depending on your time of order.

Click on the restaurant you want and select food items from a menu. These are categorised by food type (appetizers, mains, desserts etc) and include a description of each food item. Click on the + sign to add the item to your cart, then click “Checkout” to order.

Payment can be done via PayPal or though a credit card. When your order is finalised, you will see a receipt with your order number, your order details, and the estimated delivery time.

deliveroo tracking

I am impressed by the variety of food outlets offered, from Killiney Kopitiam to Jack’s Place, The Burger Bar by Fat Boys, Old Hong Kong Teahouse, Seoul Yummy, and Rochor Thai. There’s something there to please every palate! We choose Thai, and sit back to wait. Order done, stomach’s growling, and we’re waiting for the ‘Roo to hop on over.


I love it! Our food arrived 5 minutes before the estimated time, warm and delicious, just as I finished typing the above sentence. Tipped the driver, and we’re off to eat now!


Prices are slightly higher than in-store. This is because they include GST, I’ve been informed.


I’ve just tried ordering with the app and it’s just as easy to use as the website. There’s a driver tracking page which counts down the number of minutes it’ll take your food to get to you, from the point the food outlet accepts your order. Great fun for the kids to check!

Delivery (Roo Charge) $3 | Minimum order $25 | Driver Tip (optional) from $1 online

Get $20 off your first Deliveroo order! Just key in the code: SGMUMROO at checkout. Valid till 28 February 2016.


Airship, Inc Website | App

Key in your postal code and you’ll be brought to a list of food outlets to choose from. There’s variety galore, from fast food (McDonalds, KFC, MosBurger) to mid-range restaurants like Din Tai Fung. Tim Ho Wan’s on the list too — no need to queue up for dim sum anymore! Craving for caffeine? No problem, Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are on the menu as well.

Pick your preferred outlet, choose your food by clicking on the ‘+’ sign to add it to your cart. You’ll be offered options (if any) in a pop-up box. At Checkout you can key in instructions to the restaurant — like “extra chili on the laksa”. You can also include instructions for the driver.

I like the substitution option in the instance that your order is out of stock. You can go with the store’s recommendations, replace it with a similar item of the same value, or ask the store to text/call you for replacement instructions. Choices made, you’re brought to the payment page (via credit card or Apple Pay), and then you wait!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.12.07 PM


30 minutes on the dot! For worriers like me, the messaging function in the app is a godsend. Every single step is reported, and there is real-time support so all you have to do is message within the app to get an immediate reply. I could even track the driver in real-time! He arrived at my home before I did, and followed the instructions I’d keyed in earlier, hanging the bag from my gate. Yes, I received a message to tell me that too, complete with a cute kitty avatar.


Prices are currently higher than in-store. Airship’s CEO Lin Peisen explains that this is because the system factors in the driver’s current location to the merchant store, and to the customer’s delivery location (i.e. total distance): “The system intentionally selects the merchant store closest to the customer’s delivery location because it preserves the best quality of food from pick-up to drop-off… We hope to deliver a five-star experience from great restaurants, at three-star prices.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.12.25 PM

The good news is that Airship is working on an option for scheduled delivery from March 2016 and that, Peisen assures me, will bring down the overall cost. I’m also pretty impressed by some of Airship’s other perks that Peisen told me about:

• If you’re overseas, you can surprise a friend or a loved one by ordering something (even from a non-partnering merchant) to be delivered. Best of all it can be done within the same hour. “We recently had an overseas user in London who requested a Chocolate Fondue from a Haagen Dazs store in Singapore to be delivered, in Singapore, with a special message. We got it done in under 45 mins,” Peisen says.

• Get multiple pickups in a single order. Want Din Tai Fung delivered with a Starbucks Latte? Consider it done!

• On top of scheduled delivery in March, Airship will be going 24-hours island-wide, and is in the process of adding in another 1,000+ stores into the system.

Need a food concierge at your fingertips? You’ve definitely got one in Airship!

Delivery $3.99 (to be reduced in March 2016) | Minimum order $15

Get $5 free credits from Airship to use on your delivery order! Just key in the code “SMAir” into your Airship Message box after signing up. 




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The Fastest Food Delivery Services in Singapore