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May 2014

The Secret to Looking Better than the Pre-pregnancy You!

Don’t we all live in a world where we are constantly fed with visuals of perfectly airbrushed, slim, and toned bodies? Not to mention images of those lucky genetically-privileged celebrity mums who seem to lose all of their baby weight within an incredibly short span of time. The truth is, there are still countless women out there struggling to lose their baby weight.

It is no secret that weight plays a great part in the lives of all women, but it sure isn’t easy losing flab and body fat. While many women attempt crash diets, try slimming products and take on rigorous exercise routines, most may find themselves losing their initial motivation as time passes due to the stress of having to juggle family and work, or the difficulty of finding time to commit to these.


There are numerous slimming options available in the market that all claim to be able to help women lose weight and/or regain their prenatal shape. But how are we to know which ones work best for us?

Josephine Toh, a 41-year-old mother of two, shares how the slimming treatment at Slimming 101 has helped her to regain her figure.

“I gained about 15kg after the birth of my first child. It was depressing and worrying as I had never gained so much weight in my life. I was not successful in my weight-loss attempts. Eventually, I gave up on trying to lose weight after having my second child. By then, my waistline was a lot thicker and my arms were more flabby.


Whenever I met up with my friends, they’d always mention how ‘different’ I looked after I became a mother. Dejected and self-conscious, I began reading online reviews, chanced upon an article on Slimming 101’s naturally and effective slimming treatments, and decided to give it a try.

I went for Slimming 101’s Signature Meridian Therapy with the aim of losing the excess weight from my two pregnancies. The therapy consists of two components. The first is the Meridian Marine therapy, which is an all-natural body scrub using Marine Sea Salt. This works to remove dead skin cells, resulting in a more radiant looking skin tone. The second part is the acupressure body massage using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles.

Professional advice was also given after a one-on-one consultation with the TCM Physician. With this treatment, I was able to slim down and regain my prenatal figure. There were also visible improvements in my overall body condition. I lost a total of 15kg in just two months! Not only do I look a lot slimmer, I also feel more confident about myself now!”

About Slimming 101

A sister company of Beijing 101, Slimming 101 offers slimming treatments to help women gain their ideal figure and achieve their weight goals. Using only premium grade botanical ingredients coupled with the latest slimming machines, their slimming treatments effectively target weight and fat problems, allowing ladies to lose weight in a safe and painless manner.

Slimming 101 offers personalised one-on-one consultation to determine each customer’s body condition and then customises a slimming programme based on the individual’s problem. Weight problems like post-natal weight gain, water retention and hereditary weight problems are targeted and effectively removed. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles are also incorporated into slimming treatments to make sure that one loses weight healthily and avoids re-gaining the weight. You can expect to lose up to 16cm and 1kg in just one session!


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The Secret to Looking Better than the Pre-pregnancy You!