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August 2021

10 Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10 that #SupportLocal and #GiveBack

Each year, we show our appreciation for teachers on the first Friday of September. Many educators say that the best gifts are those that don’t cost a lot — it’s the thought that counts! With this in mind, we’ve curated another list of Teachers’ Day gifts under $10 this year, with a special focus on meaningful items that not only #SupportLocal but also #GiveBack. Now your child can thank their teachers while contributing towards a good cause!

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1. Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee – Bettr Coffee Company

Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10

This is perfect for teachers who need a wake-up call before facing our little monsters. The ready-to-drink coffee is cold-steeped for several hours for a smooth and mellow cup. It comes in convenient 320 ml bottles or 700 ml pouches, with the choice of black or white, with additional soy and oat milk options. Get them as a bundle of three for a Bettr — and better — deal.

While there are many brands on the market, purchasing from the Bettr Coffee Company helps to support their social initiatives. The homegrown sustainable coffee speciality brand works directly with partner farms in challenged communities including Myanmar and offers micro-enterprise opportunities and vocational programmes for at-risk women and youth.

From $5.90,

2. Classic Petite Pack of Teas – Tily Tea

Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10

For the non-coffee-drinking teachers, how about a selection of tea bags instead? This Classic Petite Pack comprises of an assorted range of five different raw tea blends in a pretty gift box. Better still, each tea blend balances nourishing traditional Chinese herbal roots with delicious and calming florals. Teachers can definitely do with a nutritive cuppa to wind down at the end of each school day.

Tily Tea supports Secondmeal, a pay-it-forward initiative that connects the givers to the needy. Your purchase will help to pre-purchase meals from hawker stalls around Singapore. These will then be available to the beneficiaries of Happy People Helping People, a community that supports elderly cardboard collectors.


3. Sprouted Nuts and Superfood Snacks – With Love, Gretel

Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10

Snacking may help see teachers through a long day, but it can be unhealthy too. Introduce them to sprouted cashews and mixed nuts infused with superfoods for some nutritious, guilt-free snacking. Pick from varieties such as Sprouted Sunflower Seeds Natural Baked, Sprouted Superfoods Himalayan Pink Salt, and Sprouted Cashews Salted Caramel, just to name a few. They are available in packs of 50g, 150g, and in value bundles.

Phytic acid in plant foods prevents our bodies from absorbing essential minerals. However, a sprouting process combining soaking and baking can break it down. With love, Gretel is a Singapore brand on a mission to ingrain sprouted products into daily lives. It also supports initiatives to end hunger and go green.

From $3.50,

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4. Organic Hand Sanitiser – Hush Candle

Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10

Help keep teachers — and their students — safe and protected on-the-go. These organic hand sanitisers are formulated with an alcohol-based solution and scented with pure essential oils. Containing antibacterial properties, they are 99.9 per cent effective against germs and bacteria. The 15 ml sprays come in four essential oil blends, such as Lavender & Bergamot, and Geranium & Lemon.

In our fight against COVID-19, face masks and hand sanitisers have become part and parcel of daily life. Founded by two local ladies in 2015, Hush Candles began as their labour of love for natural yet affordable candles. Since then, they have expanded their range to include essential oil blends, insect repellents, and now, hand sanitisers.


5. Mask Freshener – Lynk Artisan

Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10

Teachers have to speak for hours each day, and now they have to do so with face masks on. Help them renew their fabric face masks with this mask freshener. Infused with essential oil blends, it offers antiviral, antibacterial, plus aromatherapy benefits. Containing 70 per cent premium perfumers alcohol, each 30 ml spray is also parabens-, phthalates-, and cruelty-free. Choose from White Tea, Green Tea + Lemongrass, and Grapefruit + Mint.

We all know what wearing reusable fabric masks can feel like after a few hours, especially in our humid weather. That’s what inspired Singapore-based all-natural scent specialist Lynk Artisan to create this mask freshener. Spritz on, wait a minute or two to eliminate odour-causing bacteria, then put the mask back on. Feel and smell fresher than new!


6. Surface Disinfecting Wipes – GK GermKiller

Teachers’ workstations, classroom door handles, whiteboard markers… the list goes on. Help teachers keep these high-touch surfaces clean and safe with a box of GK Surface disinfecting wipes. Tested non-toxic and non-irritating for the skin and mouth, it is safe for children, animals, and the environment. Most importantly, it tested effective against COVID-19 in just one minute! Boxes of 20 wipes are also available in a value-for-money bundle of three boxes.

GK Surface was developed by GK GermKiller, Singapore-based manufacturer of cleaning products for household and industrial use. The water-based disinfectant eliminates up to 99.99999 per cent of viruses, bacteria, and mould, leaving an antimicrobial film on the surface for up to 24 hours. Alternatively, opt for the portable 85 ml liquid spray form at the same price point.

From $5.90,

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7. Personalised Notebooks – Lettering with Estelle

Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10

Stationery is always useful for teachers, but red pens and yellow post-it pads are rather boring gifts. How about a personalised notebook just for them? Using beautiful calligraphy, a simple lined notebook turns into a special gift with your message on it. From a simple “Thank you, Teacher Ginny” to a full-blown poem, you call the shots. The ones in the photo above go for just $4.80 per piece, with a minimum order of five notebooks.

Besides notebooks, you can choose from other customisable Teachers’ Day gifts under $10, from keychains to card holders. Lettering with Estelle is a passion project by Singaporean Estelle Tay, who’s turned her calligraphy hobby into a full-fledged customised gifting service. Simply contact her via Instagram, Facebook, or her website, to begin customising your order.

From $4.80,

8. Animal Keychain/Bag Charm – The Animal Project

Not just any ordinary keychain, these animal themed keychains can also double up as a quirky bag charm. Choose from flamingoes, hornbills, giraffes, zebras, elephants, polar bears, and panda — in honour of the Singapore Zoo’s new panda baby? Each metallic enamelled keychain comes with a faux leather tag, packed in a presentable gift box. The animals are drawn by Jun-Yi, an artist with special needs.

The Animal Project is a social enterprise started by a group of parents and friends to celebrate, showcase, and support the abilities of persons with special needs. Every purchase you make contributes to the artists’ income. We know, these aren’t exactly under $10, but we thought these deserved to slip through. P.S. Spend $30 in a single order now and get a super-cute limited-edition Merlion keychain for free!


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9. Retractable Badge Reel ID Card Holder – Marvelous Works

Perfect for teachers who carry around a lanyard with ID cards, this one comes with a nifty retractable badge reel. No two pieces are the same, as these are handcrafted individually. In doing so, the fabrics on the badge reels are thoughtfully matched with the card holders! They are also available without the card holder, and ideal for attaching a TraceTogether token.

Marvelous Works is a social enterprise that provides single mums and underprivileged women with work-from-home job opportunities. Besides these retractable badge reel ID card holders, there are many other options for Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10, such as tissue pouches, wristlets, hair ties, and compact mirrors.


10. Socially Conscious Gift Voucher – Social Gifting

Social Gifting offers even more ideas for Teachers’ Day gifts under $10. These can range from handsewn pouches to fabric face masks and stationery sets. There are so many options, we couldn’t just pick one. If you’re like us, then the Social Gifting gift voucher might be the answer. Ranging in denominations from $5 to $100, these will allow your teachers to pick out their own gift. You can even personalise the artwork on the e-voucher.

A not-for-profit social enterprise spearheaded by undergraduates from SUSS, Social Gifting empowers those with special needs, terminal illness, women, seniors in isolation, and people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Together with NorthWest CDC, they partner with 12 charities and social enterprises to support differently abled crafters.

From $5,

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10 Teachers’ Day Gifts under $10 that #SupportLocal and #GiveBack