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July 2022

Why you should bring your children to watch SRT’s Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记

Growing up is lots of fun, especially when there’s a brother or a sister to grow along with you. But what happens if you don’t really want a sibling? In SRT’s new production of Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记 kids find out what it’s like for Gretel when she gets a little brother Hansel — whom she doesn’t really want at all!

First staged in English in 2019, this heartfelt and humorous reimagined production of the beloved Grimm Brothers fairy tale is perfect for children aged four and above. This time round, the show is performed in Mandarin — a great opportunity to expose children to the language in a fun and non-threatening way. Furthermore, kids can also learn some important life lessons as they watch the play. But first, what’s it all about?

The Story Behind Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记

Gretel is happy being an only child until one day, her new brother Hansel arrives, and Gretel’s life turns upside down. Little Hansel gets all the attention, the cuddles, and the kisses, leaving her with none. Gretel is a “big girl” now, and she has to “grow up”, she’s told. But Gretel is not ready to be “big”. What’s more, she never even wanted a little brother in the first place!

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One day, the two siblings get lost in the forest, and Gretel must decide whether having a little brother is better than not having one. Eventually the siblings learn that working together as a family could be their only hope of making it out out of the forest. Along the way, they also demonstrate some awfully good values that our little ones can learn. We’ve put them into short talking points here so you can chat with your children about them after watching the play:

1. Understanding

It’s dark in the forest at night and Hansel is frightened and worried. Gretel feels the same way, and it is hard for her to keep calm and carry on. But instead of losing her temper and snapping at her younger brother when he fusses, she tries to comfort him as much as she can.

2. True courage

When the siblings are captured by a wicked witch who places little Hansel into a cage to fatten him up so she can eat him, Gretel looks the witch in the eyes and says, “You think we’re scared of you? Well, we are not!” Like a brave big sister, Gretel shows courage by standing up to the witch instead of giving up.

3. The importance of teamwork

The siblings work together to trick the witch and plot their escape. Gretel gives Hansel a chicken bone which he uses to fool the witch into thinking that he is not fat enough for her to eat. (Watch the play to find out how he does this!)

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4. Family love

Throughout their forest adventures, Gretel and Hansel have one aim in mind: to return home to their parents who love them, and be reunited as a family again. This thought bolsters their courage and helps them find the strength to go on.

Most importantly, Gretel and Hansel also learn about…

5. Appreciating your sibling

Overcoming their differences to find a way home together has helped the siblings appreciate each other. Hansel praises his sister for helping them escape from the wicked witch and find their way home safely. “It’s Gretel who saved me… (she was) so clever…,” Hansel says.

A Show for Everyone in the Family

Performed over 50 minutes, Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记 is best for children aged four and above. But there’s much for parents to learn too, such as the importance of preparing a child for the arrival of a younger sibling, and being aware of and acknowledging a child’s feelings. So bring your little ones to join Gretel and Hansel on their adventures. We’re sure it’s an experience everyone in the family will love!

Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记

When: From 27 July
Weekends & Public Holiday(s): 11am, 2pm
Duration: 50 Minutes
Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT
Tickets: Weekends (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
Standard: $39, $36 | Family Package of 4: $133 (Prices quoted exclude booking fee)
Promotion: Purchase the Family Package of 4 to enjoy 15% off | Passion Card members enjoy 10% off

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Why you should bring your children to watch SRT’s Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记