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August 2017

Singapore Night Festival 2017: 20 Magical Highlights for Families and Kids

The Singapore Night Festival celebrates 10 magical years! We checked out the must-see highlights that families and kids should discover over the next two weekends.

As the sun sets on the Bras Basah.Bugis (BBB) precinct this 18 to 26 August, the Singapore Night Festival sparks new life into the arts and heritage district. It takes place from 7.30pm to midnight nightly, with performance nights happening on the last three nights. Families and friends are invited to come together to create new magical memories among the unconventional light art installations, immersive activities and roving street performances.


Celebrating its 10th edition, this year’s Singapore Night Festival is rekindling the romance of the Night Lights that Singaporeans young and old have come to expect. Previous crowd favourite performance artists are also making a much-anticipated return to mark the occasion. In fact, more than 65 local and international artists are delivering over 70 programmes spread across five zones.

As time is always limited for parents, we’ve narrowed down the list for you. Below, you’ll find outlines of festival highlights in each zone that will appeal most to families with children. So do try to take the kids there at least once during the festival. Oh, and even though most of the action only happens on the two Friday and Saturday nights, the outdoor light installations can still be experienced throughout the week.

Here’s the festival map that shows where everything is taking place (click here for the interactive version):Singapore Night Festival 2017 - festival map

ZONE 1: National Museum of Singapore & SMU School of Accountancy

1. Convolutions by EZ3kiel

National Museum of Singapore façade
18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnightSingapore Night Festival 2017 - convolutions2

Head to the front of the National Museum of Singapore and watch as the architecture appears to fall apart then spring into life! This contemporary light, laser and music projection show is set to transform the iconic façade and ignite kids’ imaginations. This spectacle is definitely top on our list of must-sees.

2. Tessellations of Time by LiteWerkz x 3M

National Museum of Singapore, Main Ground
18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnightSingapore Night Festival 2017 - tessellations of time2

Inspired by precious bridges between people and time, this installation involves digitally fabricated pods with fluctuating coded lights. Tip: Have friends and family members interact with different pods at the same time and watch magic unfold!

3. The Flower of Life and the Infinite Self by Starlight Alchemy

Stamford Green (head up the escalator behind National Museum of Singapore)
18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnightSingapore Night Festival 2017 - flower of life

On the outside, a geodesic bamboo dome with a tessellated fabric roof resembling the flower of life. Within, interior walls hold geometrically arranged convex mirrors – walk around the dome and watch your infinite reflections form dynamically.

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ZONE 2: Armenian Street, The Peranakan Museum, The Armenian Church & Singapore Philatelic Museum

4. Armenian Street Carnaval Bloc by Bloco Singapura

Main Stage, Armenian Street
25-26 August, 7.30pm to 8.15pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - bloco singapura

It’s gonna be dancing in the street for the whole family. Combining the magic of Carnaval and the spirit of Bahia, Bloco Singapura brings their special brand of energy to Armenian Street. No feet will be able to resist the good vibrations!

5. LED Juggler by Singapore Philatelic Museum

Main Stage
25 & 26 August, 9.45pm to 10pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - led juggler

Every child in history has tried to juggle tennis balls at least once in their lives. Let Jimmy the Juggler inspire your kids as he performs some of his coolest juggling tricks and most breathtaking acts before their eyes.

6. A Night of Magic at Singapore Philatelic Museum

Singapore Philatelic Museum
24 August, 8.30pm to 9pm
25 August, 10.30pm to 11pm
26 August, 9pm to 9.30pm, 11pm to 11.30pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - jasper lee

Keep your eyes wide open as Jasper, the fast and fearless magician, tries to bamboozle you with his unique blend of entertainment. While you’re there, get a family photo taken in the museum’s customised stamp frames and Be Your Own Stamp!

ZONE 3: Cathay Green & School of the Arts

7. GLOBE by Close-Act Theatre

Cathay Green
24- 26 August, 8pm to 8.30pm, 10.30pm to 11pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - globe

Last year, Close-Act had dinosaurs invading our world. This year, they bring us GLOBE, a fairytale spectacle of circus techniques, pyrotechnics and video projection. Explore the real world from a child’s perspective and don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself part of a fantasy world.

8. Enchanted Garden – Arts Busk 2017 by PoMo

PoMo Walkway
24-26 August, 7pm to 9pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - enchanted garden

The walkways of PoMo will be sprinkled with pixie dust this year. Shop at the fairytale-themed flea market, journey through a magical tunnel with Intune Music, and watch crystal glass balls being juggled in the air. Furthermore, spend a minimum of $20 at PoMo to redeem a $10 GRAB voucher.

ZONE 4: Singapore Management University (SMU)

9. String Fling Puppet Show by Frankie Ye

The Pit, SMU Campus Green
25 August, 6pm to 6.45pm
26 August, 6pm to 7pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - string fling puppet show

Don’t miss this fun-filled interactive performance starring talents from all over the world, including marionette star Bruno, the juggling clown. He can perform unbelievable stunts, even while having trouble keeping his pants on!

10. Reprizzo Circus by Vlad Bond

The Pit, SMU Campus Green
26 August, 7.30pm to 8pm, 8.45pm to 9.15pm, 10pm to 10.30pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - reprizzo circus

Have a ball of time with award-winning circus performer Reprizzo! Kids will be captivated by his quirky and comedic charms, combining quirky humour, peculiar choreography, unusual equipment and unique technical skills.

11. Festival Village: Eat & Shop

SMU Campus Green
24-26 August, 6pm to midnightSingapore Night Festival 2017 - festival village

With over 20 specially curated food and beverage stalls – think The Raclette Factory, NINJA CUT, What The Fish! and more – at this year’s Festival Village, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Which is great considering everyone will be hungry and thirsty after exercising both the feet and the imagination. You’re bound to find unique goodies for the shopping bag as well, with almost 20 flea market stalls on site.

ZONE 5: Singapore Art Museum, Waterloo Street, National Design Centre, CHIJMES & Bras Basah Complex

12. Les Hommes Debout (The Standing Men) by AADN

Singapore Art Museum
18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2017 - les hommes debout

Inquisitive little ones will enjoy interacting with Les Hommes Debout, an interactive art installation of 16 human-sized figurines. Talk to them, whisper into their ears, even touch them, and the illuminated statues will come to life in a most unexpected way.

13. Lunisolar Vibes by ZingO Festival Drum Group

24 August, 7.30pm to 7.45pm, 9pm to 9.15pm
25 August, 7.30pm to 7.45pm, 8.30pm to 8.45pm
26 August, 7pm to 7.15pm, 8.30pm to 8.45pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - lunisolar vibes

Catch Singapore’s leading Chinese drumming troupe ZingO as they perform a show inspired by the sun and the moon. The youngest drummer is a six-year-old boy! Look out for him drumming his heart out!

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14. Flock by KMA

National Design Centre
18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2017 - flock

Step into the spotlight and find yourself in Tchaikovsky’s 1876 ballet, Swan Lake. Dance around and watch the magic happen beneath your feet, and projected on the screen. Flock is an immersive combination of light, sound and live motion tracking technology.

15. Phosphene by Praxis+

National Design Centre, Design Gallery I
18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2017 - phosphene

Enter a winding cavern of twinkling lights and unexpected turns. Phosphene celebrates the beautiful memories and experiences throughout the Singapore Night Festival’s decade-long journey. Spark off your own new memories – this will definitely be a favourite for Instagrammers!

16. Nights of Wonder by OneMaker Group

National Design Centre, Prototyping Lab @NDC
18-19 & 24-26 August, 7.30pm to midnightSingapore Night Festival 2017 - nights of wonder

Take part in dazzling workshops where light takes centrestage. Learn how to create light painting photography, build an infinity mirror, light up your bedroom with an IoT cloud lantern and even create your own lightsaber! Do note that material costs apply.

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17. Yantronomy by Tina Fung and Reza Hasni

18-26 August, 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2017 - yantronomy

Sitting in the middle of the CHIJMES lawn is an iridescent cube that beckons to all. Step inside the monolithic structure and become part of the Yantra, a kaleidoscope that shows you the possibility of alternate realities. Need a break from exploring? Flop into one of the Doob beanbags or Airmocks dotting the lawn.

Roving Acts

18. The Bulb Heads by Sans Compagnie Fixe

National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, SMU
24-26 August, 7.30pm to 8pm, 9pm to 9.30pm, 10.30pm to 11pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - bulb heads

With the more eco-friendly LED lights taking over our world, filament bulbs are going extinct. But until then, The Bulb Heads will be lighting up the festival grounds with well, huge bulbs in place of their heads! You won’t miss them, that’s for sure.

19. The Time Minders by La Galerie Mobile

SMU, National Museum of Singapore, Cathay Green, Armenian Street
24-26 August, 7.30pm to 8pm, 9pm to 9.30pm, 10.30pm to 11pmSingapore Night Festival 2017 - time minders

Imagine magical illuminated clocks walking among you. Inspired by Salvadore Dali’s Persistence of Memory, this dazzling performance is a symphony of real working clock faces complete with nursery rhyme mouse (hickory dickory dock!) and a cuckoo clock hat.

20. Singapore Night Festival Night Lights Bicycle Trail

Level 1, Outdoor deck of Stamford Gallery, National Museum of Singapore
18-23 August, 7.30pm to midnightSingapore Night Festival 2017 - bicycle trail

Become a roving act yourself! This year, Hello, Bicycle! offers festivalgoers a whole new way to explore the Night Lights installations – on two wheels! For those over 18 years, hop on a bicycle for free (first-come-first-served basis, last rental at 11pm). Or simply bring your own wheels – bicycles, skate-scooters, skateboards, roller-blades…you get the idea. Don’t forget to put on protective helmets and remind the kids to keep left on walkways. Happy rolling!

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Singapore Night Festival 2017

Singapore Night Festival 2017 - SNF2017

When 18-26 August 2017, 7.30pm to midnight (performance nights on 24, 25, 26 August)
Where Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct
Admission Free (selected workshop and programme fees may apply)

Selected images courtesy of #SGNightFest and respective artists

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Singapore Night Festival 2017: 20 Magical Highlights for Families and Kids