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August 2018

Singapore Night Festival 2018: 12 High-Lights Families and Kids Will Love!

Our pick of 12 electrifying highlights that families and kids shouldn’t miss as the Singapore Night Festival 2018 sparks to life this weekend.

It’s time to Bring on the Night as the Singapore Night Festival sets Bras Basah.Bugis (BBB) alight once again. The annual festival returns to the arts and heritage district for its 11th edition from 17 to 25 August. It runs from 7.30pm to midnight nightly, with brilliant performances happening on the last three nights. While this list isn’t exhaustive in the least, we’ve picked out what we think are the high-lights – excuse the pun! – that families with kids will especially love.


This year’s #SGNightFest encompasses nine nights, five zones and endless fun to be had across them all. With kids in tow, it’s a good idea to start planning your route before you even get there. Here’s the festival map that shows where everything is taking place. (You can click on the map for the detailed version, or click here for the interactive map.)

Singapore Night Festival 2018 - map

NIGHT LIGHTS (17-25 August)

Once again, the focus of the SNF2018 throws a spotlight on the Night Lights scattered around BBB. This year, 14 light installations by both local and international artists are featured. Some are found in unique pockets of space, while others turn iconic building façades into surreal works of wonder. (Sensible walking shoes and water bottles are a good idea.) Here’s where to find our favourites:

1. Aquatic Dream by Lekker Design and Auditoire

ZONE 1: National Museum of Singapore Lawn
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Aquatic Dream

Explore the luminous Arctic Ocean, glowing Coral Gardens and Volcanic Sea in this surreal marine world…on land! Join the students from LASALLE College of the Arts School of Dance and Theatre as they mimic fascinating deep-sea creatures in interactive performances. Although we were there in warm and humid weather yesterday evening, the misty atmosphere made it feel a lot cooler!

2. Pulse by Galina Mihaleva, Hedren Sum, Pat Pataranutaporn, Kathrin Albers & Audrey Ng

ZONE 2: Armenian Church
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Pulse

Hidden away in the backyard of the historic Armenian Church is one of our favourite installations. Pulse is an interactive cloud made of fabric designed to reflect humanity and how digital media influences our lives. Encourage the kids to speak, clap and even sing, and watch the magic happen. But be careful, there are eyes watching you too!

3. The Leap of Faith by Teng Kai Wei

ZONE 3: Handy Road open space (outside The Cathay)
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - The Leap of Faith

Festival-goers are invited to take The Leap of Faith. The kids will have fun hopping, skipping and jumping across interactive floor pads that light up and change colours. The artist behind it hopes to remind us of the importance of every step we take. No matter how uncertain the path, we can learn from experiences along the way, if only we have faith.

4. Ember Rain by Starlight Alchemy

ZONE 3: Cathay Green
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Ember Rain

Life-changing innovations often begin with a single spark. Inspired by the human mind’s ability to ignite ideas and innovation, Starlight Alchemy invites visitors to create Ember Rain. Simply start by pedalling a bicycle, which sends chunks of charcoal up to the top of a five-metre-tall tower. We watched in awe as sparks showered down from its peak, and you will too.

5. Orbit by LiteWerkz x 3M

ZONE 3: Dhoby Ghaut Green
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Orbit

The field that’s dominated by shining orbs just invites you to step in. Inspired by the solar system, a bright beam of light a.k.a. the Sun is surrounded by planets. Help them on their orbits and watch as lights create different patterns, colours and images from every angle. Insider tip: Flash a light (eg. your smartphone camera flash) at them and see how they respond!

6. Light Wave by Max Lab Pte Ltd

ZONE 4: Reflection Pool above Bras Basah MRT
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Light Wave

Visitors are invited to move and twist a series of light rods suspended on the Reflection Pool in Light Wave. You’ll trigger a wave motion which changes dynamically according to how you manipulate them. Remember to get your photos of not just the light rods, but their reflection beautifully mirrored in the water too. Sadly, we didn’t get to put it in action ourselves last night, but we can’t wait to go back this weekend!

7. Odyssey by Arnaud Pottier & Thimothée Mironneau (WB Show)

ZONE 5: Singapore Art Museum Façade
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Odyssey

If the kids enjoyed the Imaginarium exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum, then they’ll love this. This immersive journey through space is designed to trick visual and aural senses on both cosmic and atomic scale. Projection mapping installations have definitely been one of the biggest highlights in previous editions of the festival, and this one on the SAM façade is no less mesmerising.

8. The Search by The Search Party

ZONE 5: National Design Centre, Design Gallery 1
17-25 August: 7.30pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - The Search

Which child hasn’t folded at least one paper aeroplane? The Search pays homage to this with an installation of over 400 paper planes. Made of 100 per cent recyclable materials, it celebrates our journey of self-discovery − and does so sustainably! Singapore-based pianist Eric Chiryoku composed the accompanying soundscape that complements the installation perfectly. Psst…this is also a superb selfie op!


It’s definitely worth heading down to BBB (again) during the last three days of SNF2018. For one thing, there’ll be 27 interactive street performances by dynamic local and international artists going on. The SMU Campus Green will also be transformed into the happening Festival Village, perfect for a fun family night out! Here are some highlights:

9. FierS à Cheval by Compagnie des Quidams

ROVING ACT: National Museum of Singapore to Campus Green
23-25 August: 7.45pm to 8.15pm (Capitol Singapore), 9.15pm to 9.45pm (NMS to SMU Campus Green), 10.30pm to 11.00pm (SMU Campus Green to Queen Street)
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - FierS a Cheval

Don’t be surprised when you bump into a team of luminous giant horses prancing around the BBB precinct! The roving act FierS à Cheval (French for Proud Horses) involves bizarrely dressed science fiction Venetians transforming into their equine counterparts in a wordless magical musical. The performance will transport kids to a fantasy world where their wildest dreams come true.

10. The Duel by Lords of Lightning

ZONE 3: Cathay Green
23-25 August: 7.45pm to 7.51pm, 9.15pm to 9.21pm, 10.30pm to 10.36pmSingapore Night Festival 2018 - The Duel

Star Wars movie fans will love this one. Remember how much fun it was whenever Sith lords used force lightning against the Jedi? Now experience it in real life, as Lords of Lightning harness multi-million volts of white-hot electricity in battle. It’s inspired more by Nikola Tesla than Darth Sidious, but the crackling bolts of lightning are just as spectacular. Don’t get singed…just kidding!

11. Shop, Eat and Play at the Festival Village

ZONE 4: SMU Campus Green
23-25 August: 6pm to midnight
Singapore Night Festival 2017 - festival village

Over at the SNF2018 Festival Village, there’ll be booths offering artisan crafts by local makers. The kids will love Angel Wings Workshop’s adorable sock toys while mums can check out mrphy’s quirky home accessories. Can’t get enough of those IG-worthy street foods? Then you’ll be glad to know that over 20 of your favourite pasar malam stalls will be popping up. Enjoy everything from Uncle G’s Handmade crackling roast pork to Rainbow Works’ unicorn-themed treats. While shopping and snacking, be serenaded by the performers gracing the Festival Village Stage. Getting the groove going will be DJ Tang, Krysta Joy by Invasion, ELECTRYX by ONYXFire and many more.  It’s the perfect setting for a family picnic on the green, so remember to bring a picnic mat along!

12. Automatarium by David Berga

ZONE 5: Queen Street (SAM Courtyard)
23-25 August: 8pm to 9pm, 10pm to 11pm
Singapore Night Festival 2018 - Automatarium

Inspired by the fairground attraction of coin-activated automatons, this clever interactive installation will amaze the little ones. Let them insert a coin into the ‘machine’ and watch their jaws drop as it comes to life. Coloured bulbs light up and circus music plays, even as the performers within begin their storytelling magic. Have a few coins at the ready, parents!

Singapore Night Festival 2018

Singapore Night Festival 2018 - SNF2018

When 17-25 August 2018, 7.30pm to midnight (performance nights on 23, 24 & 25 August)
Where Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct
Admission Free

Selected images courtesy of #SGNightFest and respective artists

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Singapore Night Festival 2018 - The Leap of Faith -featured

Singapore Night Festival 2018: 12 High-Lights Families and Kids Will Love!