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June 2019

Rainforest Lumina 2019 (Season 2): A Multimedia Night Walk at the Singapore Zoo

If you missed the first edition of Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo last year, here’s your second chance. Nightly from now till 9 February 2020, the multimedia experience comes to life after the zoo animals have gone to bed. The dazzling IG-worthy adventure also offers interactive stations the kids will enjoy.

Walk on the Wild Side

There’s always a certain mystery to a rainforest at night, and Rainforest Lumina 2019 only serves to heighten this feeling. You’ll know what we mean just approaching the entrance arch, what with changing coloured lights, hanging vines and mists.

Rainforest Lumina Arch

As we ventured in during the media preview on the eve of opening night, we could feel our senses tingling. It was really quite dark at first, and it took our eyes a moment or two to adjust. But it’s neat how our other senses such as our hearing and smell seemed sharper. We wondered if the sounds of frogs and cicadas were real or part of the experience too!

While the experience seems very similar to last year’s inaugural event, there are a few differences overall. For instance, they’ve incorporated ‘zone enhancement’ technology, choreographed lights and sounds adding a fresh dimension throughout. The projections seem to be more sophisticated as well – even the adults were mesmerised by the cute ‘animals’!

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Join the Creature Crew

Rainforest Lumina Creature Crew

Speaking of cute animal projections, Rainforest Lumina 2019 is helmed by an adorable Creature Crew. It comprises eight animals, each representing a unique virtue to give back to the rainforest. Your job? To pick the one that resonates most with you, and become part of their Crew! Remember to pick up the corresponding wristband at Garden of Virtues.

If you can’t decide which you identify with the most, click here to take the Creature Crew Personality Quiz. You’ll also learn more about their individual stories and charming personalities too. The eight animals and the virtues they represent are:

  • Maya the Orangutan – Creativity
  • Waja the Pangolin – Resilience
  • Poncho the Flying Fox – Generosity
  • Tairee the White Tiger – Courage
  • Casquette & Colette, a pair of Hornbills – Teamwork
  • Bob the Otter – Playfulness
  • Bisou-Bisou the Chameleon – Passion
  • Slip the Sloth – Patience

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Rainforest Lumina Luminous Pathway

The Creature Crew will lead you through the more than 10 multisensory zones along the walking trail. Despite personally identifying best with Waja the Pangolin and Slip the Sloth, we also fell in love with Tairee the super-adorable White Tiger, who bravely shows us the way, and Bob the Otter, who stars at the Water zone.

Near the end of the trail, stop by Wall of Fame. Scan the QR code on your wristband and pose with your favourite Creature Crew buddy. No, you don’t have to pay for a souvenir photo print. Simply scan the QR code an hour later to download a soft copy keepsake. Besides making it easy to share your Rainforest Lumina experience via social media, it truly captures the essence of the Creature Crew’s motto: “We are One” too!

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Sing, Watch, Frolic and Play

Call of the Wild

To be honest, most of Rainforest Lumina 2019 is more an Instagrammer’s dream than anything else. Luminous Pathway and Light Huts are particularly ideal for photo ops. Also, younger kids may be frightened by the darkness, occasional thick mist and some tribal music, so keep them close. However, a number of kid-friendly zones deserve a special mention.

Call of The Wild – Watch how the Creature Crew bands together to overcome challenges and protect the rainforest. Be wowed and touched by the visual spectacle projected onto a rocky landscape.

Play Like An Animal

Play Like An Animal – The Creature Crew invite you to join in their fun and high jinks. Jump from lily pad to lily pad to get the animals frolicking along with you. Maya the Orangutan is surprisingly acrobatic!

Sing Like An Animal – Listen to the music of the rainforest and sing along into the microphones with your little ones. Your voices will draw the Creature Crew out from the jungle. It’s really quite magical!

Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo

As much as we enjoyed Rainforest Lumina 2019, it did feel a little strange to go to the zoo and not see real animals. So if your family and kids are anything like us, here’s a solution. Simply head to the Singapore Zoo earlier or throw in a visit to the Night Safari. Disney’s The Lion King-themed Circle of Life Festival is also currently going on – win-win!

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Rainforest Lumina 2019 (Season 2)

Rainforest Lumina map

When 14 June 2019 to 9 February 2020, 7.30pm-12am (last entry 10.30pm)
Admission From $12.60 per child aged 3 to 12 years | From $16.20 per adult (Or top up $10 with regular park admission)
Where Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Road

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Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo

Rainforest Lumina 2019 (Season 2): A Multimedia Night Walk at the Singapore Zoo