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April 2019

Baby Aiden’s Doubly Delightful Newborn Photoshoots with Fion Boon Photography & Bows and Ribbons Photography

Who doesn’t love oohing and aahing at a bonny baby discovering life in the earliest days? This adorable double bill of newborn photography will surely set your hearts a-flutter!

Baby Aiden was born in late-2018 (his parents prefer to keep details private), and his angelic little face at birth has changed as he’s grown into a handsome chappie these past months. His parents, Audrie Soh, 32, Sub-editor of SingaporeBrides, and Eugene Cheong, 35, Marketing Programs Specialist, are really glad that they managed to capture those early days in not just one, but two separate newborn photoshoots. The glowing first-time Mummy shares about both photoshoots, and offers a snapshot of Baby Aiden’s journey into our world.

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Credit: Bows and Ribbons Photography

Could you share a little about your pregnancy journey and how you prepared for baby’s birth?

My pregnancy was smooth-sailing. I had no morning sickness and was spared of most aches and pains until the last trimester. I also slept exceedingly well, bump and all!

I read up a lot on everything from breast pumps to diapers, but with so many options and differing opinions, I decided to stick to tried-and-tested recommendations from friends and family. I also collected lots of goodie bags from baby fairs and signed up for samples online. It’s a great way for first-time mums to try different products without spending on trial and error.

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In the final few weeks, I did squats, walked a lot, and took raspberry leaf tea to induce labour. I was hoping to have baby out slightly ahead of schedule – preferably on a handful of dates, but none of them worked out. Still, I did pop a week ahead of my EDD!

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newborn photoshoots - eugene
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Credit: Fion Boon Photography

Tell us about Baby Aiden’s grand entrance!

Here’s a funny story: The day before I delivered, I had false contractions and thought I was going into labour. I quickly ordered McDonald’s delivery, just in case. But the false contractions stopped right after I placed my order and I finished my meal uneventfully.

Turns out the real deal was the following morning. I was actually pretty calm – I timed my contractions for a good two hours (they were pretty bearable). Once I was convinced they were here to stay and were getting stronger, I woke Eugene up – it’s D-day! I even had time to take a relaxing shower, have breakfast and watch Hannibal on Netflix!

My labour was pretty short – roughly 18 hours from the first contractions to the moment Aiden made his entrance. I also opted for an epidural once the pain became unbearable. Pushing was the hardest part – it felt like my veins were going to burst and my eyes would pop out! Luckily, neither happened and the baby was safely delivered.

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Credit: Bows and Ribbons Photography

How has motherhood been so far?

Motherhood has been a steep learning curve. It has been since the first day, and I believe it will continue to be in the future. At every stage of baby’s development, there are new things to read up on, learn and do, even before you’ve figured out the last developmental phase. Sleep deprivation aside, there are also the constant doubts that you’re not doing something right.

The first two weeks were particularly challenging. My confinement nanny insisted on feeding baby on a strict schedule, against my wishes and the advice of my doctors and nurses. She quit on me halfway through my confinement, leaving me with a newborn I barely knew how to care for. Thankfully, family and friends stepped in – they say it takes a village to raise a child, and it truly does. I’m also grateful to have a 100% hands-on husband who willingly cares for our baby so I can take breaks.

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Despite knowing that motherhood would be tough, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realised just how tough. But although things may not be easy, I’m rewarded whenever I see Aiden smile or hear him coo contentedly. Aiden can be quite fussy and it’s often a struggle just trying to coax him to sleep. Yet it is very satisfying when I manage to rock him into sweet slumber.

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newborn photoshoots - fionboon2
Credits: Fion Boon Photography

Why did you decide to do newborn photography, and not once but twice? Tell us more about the process.

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant, I wanted to do a newborn shoot. Babies are known to change drastically within the first few months, and I wanted to immortalise the way he looked in the first few days of his life.

After shortlisting a couple of photographers I came across on Instagram, Eugene and I decided on Fion Boon Photography. We liked the clean, natural light look of her photography and the price point was also comfortable for us. Aiden was just 10 days old during that first photoshoot.

Aiden can’t tolerate any noise or light when he sleeps, and he doesn’t like being touched when he’s asleep either. So despite the photographer using white noise to calm him, Aiden was frowning and resisting being moved into certain poses.

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Credit: Bows and Ribbons Photography

The second photoshoot was with Bows and Ribbons Photography, another photographer on my shortlist. That came about because I was lucky enough to win an Instagram contest that they ran. This photoshoot took place three days after the first.

In both cases, we just went with the flow and let the photographers decide on the concept and sets. Both were done at the home/studio of the photographers. I didn’t have to prepare any outfits or props; the photographers provided everything.

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The photos are definitely adorable! Do you have a favourite?

I love that both sets of newborn photography turned out very differently. The first with Fion Boon is very natural and full of light, while the one with Bows and Ribbons is more rustic and warm-looking.

newborn photoshoots - favourite1
Credit: Fion Boon Photography

A favourite photo? They are all my favourite! But if I had to choose, it would be this one (above) where Aiden has his hands behind his head, and he’s smiling like a boss. Another one I love is the one (below) where he’s in a basket, chin leaning on hands.

newborn photoshoots - bowsnribbons10
Credit: Bows and Ribbons Photography

I’m so glad we decided to do newborn photography for Aiden. He looks so different already, and you can hardly see that brand-new baby in him now. Except through these photos. So I definitely have no regrets. I have two photos displayed at home, and plan to have more.

newborn photoshoots - fionboon4
newborn photoshoots - fionboon5
Credit: Fion Boon Photography

More babies too, perhaps?

Before I gave birth, I wanted another child – hopefully a daughter. But all thoughts of number two are shelved for the time being! For now, I just hope to be able to parent Aiden well enough, and instil the right values in him. I want him to grow up healthy and happy, responsible and filial, confident and kind. I hope that he will travel the world, broaden his perspectives, and pursue his own dreams and passions.

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Credit: Fion Boon Photography

Photography & Styling Fion Boon Photography & Bows and Ribbons Photography

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Feature image: Bows and Ribbons Photography

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Baby Aiden’s Doubly Delightful Newborn Photoshoots with Fion Boon Photography & Bows and Ribbons Photography