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47 Top Maternity, Newborn, Children & Family Photography Studios in Singapore

Image: Jen Pan Photography

Your pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks. Those tiny newborn facial features? Not even 40 days. And as your children grow, every milestone along the way is yet another experience to treasure. Don’t let these fleeting moments be lost to time. From dreamy maternity photoshoots to fun family portraits, put yourself and your family in the spotlight. These 47 top maternity, newborn, children, and family photography studios in Singapore can help make those moments unforgettable — literally!

1. Cherubfoto

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Owner and head photographer Shiv of Cherubfoto is an outstanding newborn and kids photographer. Himself a father of two, he is known to be a baby whisperer, combining extreme patience with the utmost level of proficiency accumulated through working with an average of 400 babies in a year. Even after attending international workshops on newborn posing and safety, Shiv is constantly polishing his skills and perfecting his craft via online courses. Living by their tagline that reads “Moments Made Forever”, the husband-and-wife operation behind Cherubfoto believes in delivering exceptional photographs that will last you and your family a lifetime.

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Rates From $450
Web www.cherubfoto.com
Instagram @cherubfoto | Facebook @cherubfoto
Call 9116 9591 | WhatsApp 8767 3854 | Email [email protected]

2. White Room Studio

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White Room Studio - family photography
White Room Studio
White Room Studio

Promising to bring out the best side of your family, White Room Studio is a boutique family-run team that focuses on family values. Their biggest asset — besides thoughtful and talented photographers — is the finest natural light photo studio in Singapore. Picture an intimate maternity album or spontaneous family moments captured in over 2400 sq ft of beautifully restored heritage space in a two-storey Peranakan shophouse overlooking Fort Canning Park. It’s no wonder over 7,000 families have chosen White Room Studio since its inception in 2009.

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Rates Family Natural Light Studio Session from $490 for 1.5 hours
Web www.whiteroomstudio.com.sg
Instagram @whiteroomstudio | Facebook @whiteroomstudio
Call 6235 7037 | WhatsApp 8769 6003 | Email [email protected]

3. 3 Little Pics

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3 Little Pics - family photography

For those looking for kids, family, and maternity photography with a little mix of art and fun. 3 Little Pics delivers classical portraits that capture unique moments and showcase the family bond.

Rates Family sessions from $350 for 1 hour
Web www.3littlepics.com

4. 52 Photography

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52 Photography

Be it indoors or outdoors, night or day, 52 Photography aims to capture your special moments. You’ll be smiling at the pictures for years after the photography session is over.

Rates Upon request
Web www.52-photography.com

5. ABC Photography

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ABC Photography

Capture unique experiences in your life, from maternity and newborn days to magical family moments. ABC Photography’s affordable pricing help make the memories sweeter.

Rates From $358
Web www.abcphotography.com.sg

6. Anna Panchenko Photography

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Anna Panchenko Photography

Working with newborn babies leaves Anna Panchenko feeling truly happy. She wishes to bring the same joy into your homes in the form of tender photographs of these fleeting moments.

Rates From $500
Web www.happiness-in-hands.com

7. Ashley Low Photography

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Ashley Low Photography

Specialising in thoughtful use of props and colours, Ashley Low Photography ensures each photo of your newborn evokes immeasurable emotions. They also offer fine art photography with a canvas painting effect.

Rates Newborn photography from $300
Web www.ashleylowphotography.com

8. Ashley Mak Photography

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Ashley Mak Photography - family photography

Between photographing celebrities from Barack Obama to Victoria Beckham, Ashley Mak loves capturing family portraits and milestone celebrations.

Rates Upon request
Web www.ashleymak.com

9. Atas Photo

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Atas Photo - family photography

Atas Photo is made up of a talented team of photographers ready to capture real people, real stories, real moments.

Rates Upon request
Web www.atasphoto.com

10. Babygraphy

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Babygraphy offers photography services dedicated to families — from maternity to newborn and every family milestone. Be it babies, kids, or parents, you won’t see a lack of candid smiles in every shot.

Rates From $350 for up to 2 hours
Web www.babygraphy.com.sg

11. Bambini Photography

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Bambini Photography

Photography styles at Bambini Photography range from minimalist to romantic to fun. Even various looks in a single session. Its dreamy maternity milk bath photoshoots are particularly popular.

Rates From $250
Web www.bambiniphoto.sg

12. Bespoke Photography

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Bespoke Photography

Understanding that everyone is different and every occasion unique, Bespoke Photography cares about preserving your stories for a lifetime.

Rates From $250 per hour
Web www.bespokephotography.sg

13. Bows and Ribbons Photography

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Bows and Ribbons Photography

A natural light boutique studio, Bows and Ribbons Photography specialises in newborn, maternity and baby milestone photography in a rustic and vintage-inspired style.

Rates Newborn session $980
Web www.bowsandribbons.photo

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14. Confetti Peektures

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Confetti Peektures

Confetti Peektures is a female photographer studio that specialises in maternity and thematic family and children photography. Its style is light-hearted, bright, and cheery.

Rates Thematic Family & Children Photography from $520
Web www.confettipeektures.com

15. Dragonshutter Photography

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Dragonshutter Photography - family photography

Discover the magic of visual art in its simplicity by Dragonshutter Photography. They shoot beautiful portraits for the family in a style that is natural, modern, and candid.

Rates Maternity or Baby session from $200 for 2 hours
Web www.dragonshutter.com

16. Fion Boon Photography

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Fion Boon Photography

Behind Fion Boon Photography is husband-and-wife tag team, Fion and Elmer, capturing life’s precious moments. They’re your go-to professionals for maternity, newborn, and one-year-old cake smash photography.

Rates Maternity session from $450 | Newborn session from $640 | One-year-old session from $490
Web www.fionboon.com

17. Firefly Photography

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Firefly Photography - family photography

Experienced family photographers at Firefly Photography provide more than just a photography session. They ensure you have fun bonding while capturing those glowing moments.

Rates From $150
Web www.fireflyphotographysg.com

18. Five Stones Photography

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Five Stones Photography

Compelling family, kids, friends, and pet photography by the award-winning photographers from the Lightedpixels Collective. COVID-19 restrictions aside, they do destination shoots too.

Rates Upon request
Web www.fb.com/fivestonesfamilyphoto

19. Irina Nilsson Photography

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Irina Nilsson Photography - family photography

A session with Irina Nilsson Photography is a great way to press pause, gather as a family in a favourite location, and take portraits that show your family just as you are.

Rates From $150
Web www.irinanilsson.com

20. Jen Pan Photography

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Jen Pan Photography

A boutique newborn and family photography studio, Jen Pan Photography is a husband-and-wife team with two kids and the mastery of timeless newborn portraits under their belt. White, grey and hints of pastel colours are their go-to style.

Rates From $1,500
Web www.jenpan.photography

21. Karyin Pictures Photography

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Karyin Pictures Photography - family photography

Simplicity is key with Karyin Pictures Photography. Whether it’s maternity, children, or family photography, she sets out to capture your most natural side.

Rates Upon request
Web www.karyinpictures.com

22. Kith & Kin Studio by Pierre Ooi Photography

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Kith & Kin Studio by Pierre Ooi Photography

Popular wedding photographer Pierre Ooi brings his creative expertise to the world of mums and bubs. Expect photos that are tender and heartfelt as they are unexpected.

Rates Upon request
Web www.pierreooi-photography.com

23. Knotties Frame

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Knotties Frame

Parenthood is an important milestone worth documenting. Knotties Frame approaches maternity and family shoots in a natural, light-hearted, and fun way, which you can look back on fondly in years to come!

Rates Family Photography session from $450 for 1 hour
Web www.knottiesframe.com

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24. Koji Photography

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Koji Photography

The strength of Koji Photography lies in a creative team of photographers, desktop artists, and visual artists working together. Led by Koji, they produce unique maternity, newborn, kid, and family photography.

Rates Upon request
Web www.koji.photography

25. Littleones Photography

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Littleones Photography

Award-winning British photographer Kate Griffiths of Littleones Photography creates artistic portraits that you fall in love with and cherish forever.

Rates Upon request
Web www.littleonesphotography.com

26. Lyrical Moments

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Lyrical Moments

Another award-winning wedding photographer, Stephen Loh of Lyrical Moments brings the same poetic essence into his newborn and family photography.

Rates Upon request
Web www.lyricalmoments.com

27. MamaMiyo Photography

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MamaMiyo Photography

With a bright and airy style, MamaMiyo Photography showcases the calmness of pregnancy and the playfulness of babies, complementing the early days of a newborn’s life.

Rates Newborn Photography from $498 for 2 hours
Web www.mamamiyo-photography.com

28. MamaRazzi

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Japanese MamaRazzi (mama + paparazzi) Junko takes great pride in capturing moments of happiness as seen through a mother’s eyes. Kimono shoot, anyone?

Rates From $300
Web www.mamarazzi.sg/en

29. Mita Kelder Photography

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Mita Kelder Photography

Backed by her experience and expertise as a former full-time model, Mita Kelder understands how to get the perfect shot. She puts children and families at ease while she works her magic behind the camera.

Rates From $388
Web www.mitaphoto.com.sg

30. Momo Studio

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At Momo Studio, photography style focuses on people and their relationships. They’re big on you having fun, enjoying one another, and the various expressions that a child or parent would have that shows their personalities.

Rates $150 per session; packages from $499
Web www.momostudio.sg

31. Mount Studio

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Mount Studio - family photography

Mount Studio’s modern, fresh, and clean lighting style gives family photos a refreshing look. Packages include professionally retouched photos, including skin and hair retouching, complete with high-resolution soft copies.

Rates Family Photography Package from $380 for 1 hour
Web www.mountstudio.com.sg

32. My Precious Diary Photography

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My Precious Diary Photography

At My Precious Diary Photography, newborn photography isn’t just a fad. Rather, it’s about capturing those beautiful fleeting moments before a child begins to grow, and remembering how precious that tiny little baby was in their first days of life.

Rates Newborn Photography from $438
Web www.mypreciousdiary.com

33. Orange Studios

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Orange Studios

Orange Studios is a boutique portrait studio specialising in maternity, newborn, children, and family photography. Its style is clean, simple, and timeless.

Rates Maternity portrait session from $399 | Family portrait session from $499 | Newborn portrait session from $650
Web www.orangestudios.sg

34. P.S. I Love You Photography

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P.S. I Love You Photography

Unconventional and free-spirited, photographer and mum-of-three Patricia embraces new ideas and is not afraid to try something new. Now you can conceive your dream maternity, newborn, children, and family photos with P.S. I Love You Photography.

Rates Upon request
Web www.psiloveyouphotography.com

35. Perfect Light Photography

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Perfect Light Photography - family photography

Perfect Light founder Derrick Choo is an award-winning professional photographer who specialises in documentary-style photoshoots. His aim is to produce compelling, authentic, and timeless images.

Rates Birthday Party & Family Shoots from $450 for 2 hours
Web www.perfectlight.biz

36. Picspirations Photography

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Picspirations Photography - family photography

Babies grow up so fast. Let Picspirations Photography help freeze these memories with creative newborn, baby milestone and family portraits.

Rates From $200
Web www.picspirations.sg

37. Picture with Love Photography

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Picture with Love Photography

The first accredited newborn photographer in Singapore, Picture with Love captures family memories — pregnancy, newborn, and milestones — using photos, focusing on individuals’ natural expressions.

Rates Maternity photography from $688 | Newborn-only photography from $520 | Newborn & family photography from $820 | Milestone photography from $628
Web www.picturewithlove.photos

38. Red Bus Photography

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Red Bus Photography - family photography

Kerry Cheah of Red Bus Photography documents relationships — between loved ones, and between subjects and their environments. Her goal is to document your life in raw and emotive images that celebrate who you really are.

Rates $995 for 1 hour all-inclusive
Web www.redbusphotography.com

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39. Smittenpixels Co.

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Smittenpixels Photography - family photography

The Smittenpixels Co. team applies the same raw, honest, and mood-driven style of photography they use to shoot weddings to maternity, newborn, and family portraiture.

Rates Upon request
Web www.smittenpixels.com

40. studio Baby U

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studio Baby U

Singapore’s first Korean concept photo studio, Baby U offers a wide range of creative themes. They combine superior interior furnishings, custom props, and the latest fashion to create timeless photographs with a mother’s heart.

Rates From $199
Web www.babyu.com.sg

41. StudioPlay

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An award-winning newborn, baby, and family photography studio, StudioPlay focuses on creating images that tug at your heartstrings.

Rates From $250
Web www.studioplay.com.sg

42. The Love Co. Studio

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The Love Co. Studio - family photography

Founded with the belief of capturing treasured, timeless moments with loved ones, The Love Co. Studio curates uniquely themed set designs across a wide range of styles for families and babies.

Rates From $400
Web www.theloveco.studio

43. The Studio Loft

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The Studio Loft

The all-women team at The Studio Loft create ridiculously cute newborn photography, tasteful portraits, and hilarious family shoots. They also offer magical handmade sets you won’t find anywhere else.

Rates From $250
Web www.thestudioloft.com.sg

44. Theresa Olesen Portraits

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Theresa Olesen Portraits

Want relaxed portrait sessions without time limit? Theresa Olesen shoots maternity, newborn, baby, children, family, and outdoor portrait sessions — personalised in exactly the style you want.

Rates From $449
Web www.theresaolesenportraits.com

45. Tomato Photo

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Tomato Photo - family photography

A customer-centric family photography studio, Tomato Photo focuses on providing a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Master photographer Hart Tan offers busy parents a way to preserve precious memories, with no limit on time or number of subjects.

Rates From $450
Web www.tomato.sg

46. Xiaoyun Photography

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Xiaoyun Photography

Xiaoyun Photography creates stunning newborn and maternity photography portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

Rates Newborn Photography from $250
Web www.xiaoyunphotography.com

47. Yew Kwang Photography

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Yew Kwang Photography - family photography

From weddings to travel, corporate to lifestyle, Yew Kwang Photography is always versatile, never stagnant. The same is true when it comes to creating memorable family, baby, and maternity portraiture.

Rates From $250
Web www.yewkwangphoto.com

Featured image: Jen Pan Photography

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