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January 2019

Mother Daughter Dresses: 11 Winning Style Tips To Own The Twinning Look

If you’re thinking of twinning with your little one this Chinese New Year, get inspiration from these mother-daughter dress ups!

One (extra) reason why mummies love their daughters is probably because they can play dress up together! It’s always heartwarming to see mothers dress up in matching mother daughter dresses with their little ones. Not only does it make for good photo opportunities, it can be really fun to plan outfits together!


For starters, dresses are always a good idea because you don’t need to worry about matching the top and the bottom. Not sure where to start? Here are 11 tips to easily rock mother daughter dresses without looking too cheesy or over-the-top.

1. Check out mummy bloggers for inspiration

Several local bloggers and influencers have recently become mummies, and they definitely do not shy away from posting cute pictures with their daughters. Sometimes, they even put on ‘Mummy & me’ matching outfits for the perfect ‘gram photo!

Lifestyle Blogger and entrepreneur, Audrey Tan put together a matchy outfit with her daughter by throwing on a denim jacket over white dresses.


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Hello from Denmark! Explored colourful Copenhagen the past two days and heading to Legoland today 🤗❤ . Everyone’s been so nice to us and everything is sooo clean 😍 Kayla is mega happy cos there’s literally playgrounds everywhere and the theme parks here are amazing haha 🎡🎠🏰 Only downside for me is I lost my laptop 😭 Heartpain cos a lot of unposted photos are gone 😞 Still hoping it will somehow make its way back to me 🙏🏻🙏🏻✨ . . Twinning in matchy denim jackets from 🙆🏻🙆🏻 Head on over to #zaravivocity to check out more beautiful outfits on 11th May 7pm – they are having a fun shopping event!! 💖 . . #exploredenmark #beautifulcities #travelblogger #travelwithaudt #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #travellersnotebook #familytravel

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Here, we see another power mommy, Cindy and her daughter, both dressed dreamily in similar white outfits — but not exactly the same.


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Everyday is Mother’s Day whenever I’m with you @aftersbakerysg Bespoke Penelope strawberry shortbread cake & Emma earl grey lavender & rose lychee cupcakes were not only a sight to behold, but every bit worth the calories! ❤ . . . . #aftersbakerysg #sgbakery #sgeats #lecinlurve #chrisellefaithtay #mothersday2018 #happywhenimwithyou

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Quite simply, the possibilities are limitless! Not to mention, it’s super adorable to witness.

2. Mommy wear, daughter do

Wearing the exact same dress is probably the easiest way to jump on this trend’s bandwagon and the most literal way of interpreting the term ‘Mother Daughter Dresses”. This is perfect if your daughter aspires to look like you and if both mother and daughter have the same taste in fashion. If your daughter is always stealing your dresses and imitating your looks, get her a smaller version of your favourite dress!


3. Same same but different mother daughter dresses

Want to wear a matching outfit but don’t want the two dresses to look exactly the same? Choose dresses in the same prints or colour but with a different cut! This way, you and your daughter can showcase your own unique style and personality, while still letting the world know she’s your baby girl.

For instance, you can wear the same colour scheme with different bottoms…


Or colourblock in the same style!


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4. Dress up as her favourite character

Disney always has a way of enchanting us, both the young and the old. When you make a trip to Disneyland together, be sure to dress up for the perfect photo together!

Let your little one live up her princess dreams! Like they say, once a princess, always a princess. Get in on that fun together and play dress up for the day. Also, check out this mom who handmade gorgeous Disney costumes and dresses for her daughter.


5. Flower power

Bring out the lady in her when you dress up your daughter in florals!

Wearing floral prints can sometimes be tricky though, as not all patterns and prints are suitable for every lady. Large block prints work better for women with smaller frames. Therefore, choosing dresses with smaller prints is usually the safer option and easier to accessorise too!

These mother daughter dresses are perfect for summer, don’t they just make you go “awww…”?

Images: and

6. Stripe up

As one of the most common prints around, stripes are simple, classic and are suitable for almost everyone. The best thing about stripes is that they can be used to achieve a slimmer look. Contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes do not make you look bigger but actually help to conceal your wider areas so you appear slimmer.

When choosing stripes, the more important point to note is how thick they are. Thin, narrow stripes have a slimming effect while thick stripes give an illusion of width. Know your body shape and choose the style that makes you look the best!

For starters, if you are pear-shaped with narrow shoulders and wider hips, wear thick stripes on your upper body to make your shoulders look broader and vertical stripes on the bottom half so your hips appear slimmer. Those with more weight in the mid-section should consider diagonal stripes to bring the gaze away from the mid-section. Ladies with fewer curves can go for thick stripes in the areas around the waist and the bust to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Images: and

7. Tartan, not Tarzan

Perfect for Christmas time, this festive look never fails to leave onlookers feeling warm and fuzzy. A similar print would be plaids, which often come in various colours and should not be mistaken for table cloths.

Images: and

8. It’s all in the details – accessorise!

Usually, it’s the details that bring a dress from 0 to 10. Pick a number with a unique design at the back for a sweet little surprise. It would definitely turn heads and warrant a second look!


Wear the same accessories, like a floppy hat and similar footwear.

Image: bibitoys

Or decorate her crown of glory with a floral crown or headbands!


9. Give the cold shoulder

We’re not telling you to give your daughter the cold shoulder, but you two can certainly wear an off-shoulder dress to show just the right amount of skin! In Singapore where it’s summer all year round, the off-shoulder trend is definitely not going anywhere.

Baring the shoulders allow you to elongate your neck to create an attractive silhouette. Who said mummies and their daughters cannot look sexy?

Image: and

10. Denim forever

Arguably the trend that never goes out of style, denim dresses is definitely worth every buck. Mother daughter dresses in denim is a look that can be recreated in the future when your daughter grows up! Perfect for a #ThrowbackThursday photo. Not only easy to accessorise, they’re also ideal for any time of the year and available in different washes, so that no two denim dresses will look the same.

Images: milkundmayhem and

11. For the not-so-girly girls

Who said mother daughter dresses had to be all pink and sweet? If full-on girly is not your thing, go for some black printed dresses and complete the look by accessorising with sunglasses, boots and a long chain necklace. Remind your daughter that she might just become a rock star someday!


Or consider a military print and instil some patriotism in your little one!


If your little one is into working out and exercising, then wearing the same workout attire works too! A walk in the park together could be the perfect mother daughter bonding time.

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Hopefully this has inspired you and given you some ideas on how you can play dress up with your daughter without looking tacky!

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Mother Daughter Dresses: 11 Winning Style Tips To Own The Twinning Look