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May 2014

Meet My Mum! : Munah

This Mother’s Day, local celebrities give us a sneak peek into the women who’ll always think of them as “my baby”. Maimunah Bagharib, better known as Munah, is one-half of Munah & Hirzi, a wacky duo who’ve gained an online following for their musical spoofs and parodies. The 25-year-old entertainer says that her mum Azeezah Aidid, 58, is a “superwoman”.


What is your first memory of your mother?

My first memory, mainly because she tells me this story all the time, is when I was about two or three years old and my mum had just neatened up my cot and placed me in to rest. She walked away and a few moments later, turned around to see if I was okay. Then she saw that the whole cot had been messed up again and there I was, giggling at her. She said this happened quite a lot when I was younger. Heh.

What characteristics have you inherited from your mother?

We were born on the same date (29 November)! So yes, I made her stay in the hospital on her birthday. One characteristic that we share is the need to have things organised. My mum likes to pack things according to type, numbers, dates, memories and I inherited that trait from her. It’s good because it keeps me organised but it also makes me extremely irritable when things are messy. Also, my mum and I are the only ones in the family who have curly hair. So we share curly hair woes with each other!

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother each year?

My mum and I celebrate anything by spending the day together shopping, eating, and doing anything that gives us some quiet down-time, just as long as it’s a peaceful day together. We hardly have time for each other anymore so any time I am able to spend with her, I do.

Which was the most memorable and why?

I think it mum was when I surprised her by bringing her to a really nice spa. I think spas are such an amazing way to let go and pamper yourself and I wanted mum to be able to experience that as well. She’s such a busy woman and once in a while, I need to force her to rest! She was so happy and relaxed, she even fell into a deep sleep during the session. I had to wake her up after.

What is the best lesson that you have learnt from your mother?

To always be grateful for the things I have and to have respect for others, no matter who they are. She inspires me to be a little more optimistic and more understanding.

munahArtiste image courtesy of FLY Entertainment

If you were to interview your mother, what would you ask her?

I know quite a lot about my mum and we are close and open with each other. So I don’t think I have any burning questions that need answers. But if I do interview her, I think I would turn it into a little series and make her do all the things that’s she’s ever wanted to do. Things like taking a hot air balloon ride or performing a piano piece in a concert. My mum used to be a piano teacher and is still an amazing music student and piano player. I’d also probably make her drive a fancy little sports car because she’s actually quite the driver. I got that from her too. Haha.

I really love it when my mum… hugs me because it reassures us that despite having so little quality time now, we both are still there for each other.

My mum always says to me… Mun, be safe and make sure you eat. Till today, I still call her when I’m out just to tell her where I am. Heh.

It makes her happy when… we finally get to go out together like we did when I was younger.

My mum loves to relax by… watching TV or just sitting down and heaving a meal with the family.

Her favourite TV show is… Ellen and American Idol! She’s always telling me what happened in the episodes.

When my mum shops she likes to buy… things for me but I will secretly choose something for her and surprise her!

I like it when she… sits down to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with me.

The best thing she cooks is… fried rice. Considering that she doesn’t cook, she makes the best fried rice ever! I have never tasted anyone else’s that is as close to how she does it.

When my mum shops she always buys… shoes and bags.

If she could go on a trip my mum would go to… London because that’s her dream destination. One day London, one day.

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Meet My Mum! : Munah