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May 2014

Meet My Mum! : Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten

This Mother’s Day, we asked local celebrities to tell us about the women who come first in their lives. For actress, host and model Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten, that’s her 61-year-old civil servant mum, Patricia Goh, who has a fabulously wicked sense of humour. Says the 25-year-old Eurasian beauty who has starred in television commercials, theatre productions, and who was a Top 20 finalist in The New Paper New Face 2009 competition, “I once asked her what she would have named me had she been the one choosing and her answer was inspiring – Meaghan Maggot.”


What is your first memory of your mother?

I was three. I remember being fascinated with her belly because she was pregnant with my brother and although I didn’t understand what was happening, I remember thinking that it was pretty cool that her belly was suddenly so big!

What characteristics have you inherited from your mother?

I have my mother’s eyes and cheekbones and also her stumpy fingers and toes, haha! Perhaps because we were both born in the year of the Dragon, we share a lot of character traits. She’s a very strong, forthright person who loves fiercely and protectively. I’m the same way. We are both quick-tempered too, but we’re mellowing with age!

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother each year?

Usually we just have a meal together! And my brother and I try to bring her flowers too. It’s a very simple affair at home.

Which was the most memorable and why?

I think this year will be our most memorable one – my brother and I are going to attempt to cook a meal for her!

What is the best lesson that you have learnt from your mother?

That you are far stronger than you think you are. The adage “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have left” rings true for us.

Vanessa AnnArtiste image courtesy of FLY Entertainment

I really love it when my mum… tells me she is proud of me!

My mum always says to me… “So late already still never sleep? How can?”

It makes her happy when… the house is clean. We are both clean freaks!

My mum loves to relax by… staying home and watching TV. (And I’m exactly the same way.)

Her favourite TV show is… whatever is playing on the Korean channel. And Bao Qing Tian!

When my mum shops she likes to buy… Nescafe coffee (for me) and lots of vegetables.

I like it when she… cooks! There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal.

The best thing she cooks is… Shepherd’s pie. Anyone who has tasted it will agree with me, it’s out of this world.

If she could go on a trip my mum would go to… Japan or Korea!

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Meet My Mum! : Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten